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President:                 Richard Thompson        250-954-2086

Vice President:        Douglas Kitts          

Secretary:                 Rod Wiebe                         250-468-7686

Treasurer:                Tina Wilson                      250-752-6176

Henry Range:          John Willson                   250-954-3830

Dorman Range:      Ron Card                 

Fishing:                    Paddy Brown                   250-586-7506

Archery:                    Brandy Presley     


Mark & Beth Hurst

Henry Range caretaker - Rick Gammon.

Rick will be available on site for memberships and queries as follows:

Wednesday and Saturday: 9am - 11.30am & 1pm - 5pm.
All other days between 2pm - 5pm but please call ahead first!
Landline - 250-248-0304  (cell - 250-734-3335)