Dorman Range – April/May 2017

Welcome to Spring.  We are still waiting for some extended periods of sunshine.  I guess the flowers and trees appreciate the frequent rainfalls but at least we haven’t had any snow for a while now, and the temperature has warmed up.

This report is a little lengthy as it goes back to the March 25 Sporting Clays.  That event was dedicated to the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  We had a record (or near record) turnout for the shoot, with 102 shooters.  The lunch for this event was prepared by the ladies of the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  They had also prepared the lunch for the February Sporting Clays.  Thanks very much, ladies; the lunches were delicious.

We were able to donate $2,865 to their program.

As in all our Sporting Clays shoots, the shooters are placed in various classes; Class A for the good shooters, right through to Class E for the novice shooters.  For the March 25 Sporting Clays, the high Class A shooters were Brian Royan with an 89, James Wicks with an 87, Jared Earthy with an 86, Ron Stubbings with an 81 and Tom Dawes with an 80.  For Class B, the high shooters were Bill McNeilly with an 84, Dane Hryhoryshen and Jack Morgan with 81’s, and Darren Perrens (our caretaker) with an 80.  All together there were 11 people in the 80’s and 12 people in the 70’s.  The average score was 59.

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Fishing Forever – May 26th Coombs Campground

                                      Fishing Forever

Fishing Forever began in 1989 after a broadcast journalist, Walt Liimatainnen was diagnosed with a debilitating disease.  He wanted to continue enjoying the great outdoors as he had for many years and wanted others to have the same opportunity.

Other clubs had preceded Fishing Forever by having events for the blind.

Over 20 years ago Pete Roberts, a long time member and possibly our elder statesman of the club, was the coordinator and the event took place at the French Creek Marina.  The club enlisted sports fishers who donated their craft and time to take the handicapped, (including the blind) for a day’s fishing in the waters off French Creek.  At the time there were many large salmon caught.  One resident of Trillium Lodge, Winni LaMarsh who was 93 years old at the time, hauled in two large salmon.

As time went on it became increasingly expensive for the boat owners and it was becoming difficult to load some wheelchair bound participants and it was decided to change the venue to a local lake.  This is where our former coordinator, Brian Borrett, came into the picture and held the first event at Spider Lake.  The lake wasn’t very friendly to those lining the shore and casting for either trout or bass.  Dan Siminiuk was able to land a few small bass but others were unsuccessful.  Brian then moved the event to the Coombs Campground which had a large fishing pond for camping guests.  He was able to arrange the event at the campground by having the pond stocked with trout raised at the Vancouver Island University facilities.

The event continued to be a great success and the club received accolades from the care givers and their charges every year.  In fact we were told that it is one of the high lights of the year for the residents.

After the 2015 Fishing Forever took place Brian suffered a stroke and subsequently became a resident of a Care Home in Victoria.  Unfortunately, he passed away last year.

Not wanting to see this important event end, Len Fong approached a number of members who were willing to take on the derby.

You may wonder why it took three coordinators to replace Brian but Brian told us he began preparations for the event in January!  We soon found out why he began so early because it entails quite a bit of arranging and the logistics to make the event a success takes time.

We hope to see our perennial volunteers attend the Care Home Fishing Derby on Friday, May 26th and we are praying for a nice, sunny day.

Len Fong

Gord Gebhardt

John Domovich



Summer Picnic – July 8th 2017


Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game

Dorman Range, July 8th/ 2017

We are getting ready to arrange our annual club picnic that will be help on Saturday, July 8th at the Dorman range.

This is a great event with attendance from all sections of the club.  We have great sponsors and volunteers.  All members need is to bring a “pot luck” item.  We supply the meat and beverages.

For this to work, we require a coordinator.  This is someone who can pull the pieces together and make sure we have everything done before hand.  We can supply the expertise, you the leadership.

Without someone to take this on, we may need to look at whether we can run such an event and produce something members will be proud off.

If you are willing to take this on or just want more information on what you would need to do, give me a call at 604 880 3393 or email at  We would need someone to step forward by the end of May/beginning of June or we will be forced to cancel it.


Richard Thompson

PQFG President

Kids Camp – Update

Kid’s Camp

It’s time for the annual Kid’s Camp registration in preparation for the camp.

This year the camp is again being held at the Courtenay Fish and Game site on Comox Lake.

The dates are July  17th to 20. Ages are 10 – 14.

This is a free event.  You supply the sleeping bag and personal items, we supply everything else.

What happens at camp?  Under the supervision of experienced club members, youth will do hiking, fly tying and fishing in the lake, archery, hand gun, shot gun and long gun under one on one supervision and an old fashion swim in the lake.  We even throw in a DVD movie night and story telling.

For more information contact Larry Blair at  Larry can pass on any further information and will be receiving all applications.  Cutoff date is May 31, 2017.

I can also be contacted at and 604 880 3393.

Enjoy the outdoors..

Richard Thompson

President, PQFG

BCWF – AGM – Nelson BC May 4 – 6 2017


The Annual General Meeting for the BCWF was held in Nelson, BC on May 4-6 2017.  As usual, we sent delegates and below you will find their meeting summaries.

Thank you


Nelson BCWF 2017_Tina Wilson


BCWF Report – April 2017

BCWF Report

April 25, 2017

With the Provincial election coming soon the BCWF has been hosting a series of “Town Hall Meetings” all over BC.  The purpose of these meetings is to bring some facts about the status of our fish and wildlife resources to the attention of our members and to offer questions to ask candidates for election.  Over the past fifteen years the funding for fish and wildlife resource management has remained flat while the overall Provincial budget has increased dramatically overall.  “We need more funding, more science and more social support” was the main message.

In the Times Colonist, on April 26, columnist Jack Knox wrote his insights from the BCWF Town Hall Meeting in Victoria. “Wildlife ‘train wreck’ goes largely unnoticed” was his heading.  The reason for this, Knox believes, is that with 48 of BC’s 87 electoral districts in the lower mainland and Fraser Valley the public will not hear about conservation issues.  The election will be won on issues like housing prices, bridge tolls, the homeless and not on action around vanishing woodland caribou.

Several of us PQ club members attended the Town Hall meeting hosted at the Nanaimo club facility.  It was well attended and the NDP and Green party candidates did a brief presentation.  But the meeting was all about the abysmal state of fish and wildlife populations throughout the province.  Staple game species like moose are down 50 – 70% in BC’s interior.  The world famous Thompson River steelhead are down to 430 fish.  Mule deer and elk in the interior are also in trouble.  So far this year two or three steelhead have been found in the Gold River.  All of this is because fish and wildlife resources are not a priority of our Provincial Government.  Managing bag limits and allowable catches amount to “management to zero.” Reprinted here are the five questions the BCWF suggests we might want to ask our future MLAs.


  1. In terms of fish, wildlife and habitat, British Columbia is one of the most diverse jurisdictions in North America. At the same time, B.C. is one of the most under-funded jurisdictions in North America and has no dedicated funding model.  Would you support increased funding for fish, wildlife and habitat (i.e. watershed, landscape) management?  Yes/No/How?
  2. Fish, wildlife and habitat management in B.C. are currently objectiveless. Many fish and wildlife populations are in decline, and some are at record lows.  Cumulative effects in parts of British Columbia from unsustainable resource extraction, invasive species, over-allocation of water resources, and road densities have left our landscape “in the red”.  Do you support legislated objectives for habitat, fish and wildlife populations? Yes/No/Why? How would you achieve them?
  3. Many mountain caribou populations are at a record low and moose populations are in significant decline in parts of B.C. Science has shown anthropogenic change as the leading cause, as wolf predation has become a major source of mortality.  Do you support predator management as a part of sustainable science-based wildlife management?
  4. First Nations negotiations in B.C. are ongoing. These negotiations are Government to Government with no public transparency or consultation.  This approach is divisive and is creating significant uncertainty and externalities due to a lack of public involvement.  Do you believe the public should be involved or consulted, related to negotiations? Yes/No/Why/How?
  5. Public access to public resources such as fish, wildlife, public roads, and campsites is a growing issue in British Columbia. Is public access to public resources, such as fishing, hunting, camping and hiking important to you? How will you deal with these issues?

Respectfully submitted

Rod Wiebe, Past President PQF&G 1992 – 1998

Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

If this is something you are concerned about, here is a printable letter to send to the Minister of Public Safety.

RSSCLetter to Minister March 2017

Link here to Victoria Fish and Game’s Call to Action /



Fish Farms

Interesting article –

Gord Gebhardt,

Mystery Solved – This Farm Salmon Disease Is In BC

February 25, 2017

Today, a team of scientists from the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, funded by Genome BC, published a scientific paper that put to rest the debate whether the salmon disease, heart and skeletal muscle inflammation, HSMI is occurring in BC farm salmon.

Could the piscine reovirus be harmful in one ocean, and harmless in another as was commonly believed? The answer is no.

Link to paper:

This team of scientists need our voice if they are going to keep working for us.  The fish farmers are not going to be pleased with this finding because 80% of their fish are infected with this virus and we were told it was harmless. Please see the bottom of this page on how to help.

Continue to full article – click here 

Henry Range Report – March 2017

Henry Range Report

I am writing this report on the first day of spring and although it is not hot, the weather conditions are   better than what we have encountered for the past three or four months particularly as it affected our various shooting events. Two of the organized events were cancelled due to snow, a first in my memory over the past twenty years. Some of the military shoots were all shot from the covered firing line due to heavy rain conditions and a lot of whining and sniveling, ( some of these Military wannabes aren’t as tough as they look).lol  However, participation at all of the organized and casual shoots continues to increase. Range pass keys sales are brisk and 364 have been purchased to date.

Donations for the upcoming PQFG Gun Show Club Table

We are requesting donations from the PQFG members for the May gun show club table. If you have any thing  lying around which is surplus to your needs such as firearms parts, reloading stuff, fishing or hunting related items or anything else we could sell at the table, we would love to have it.

If you would like us to sell a firearm for you at the table, we would take a commission of $15. for a firearm up to $200. and $20. For a firearm over  $200. All money from this sale will go directly to the club.

Lets make this event a success, we would really appreciate your donation. Call Alex at 250 752-1875 for pickup or drop off your donation at Henry Range trailer, see Richard or call him at 250 734-3335.


Shooting Results

Military Match –January                              February                             March

1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 309

2nd. Lee B 243                      2nd.Clive C 243                2nd. Lee B 302

3rd . Bob P 239                  3rd.Lee B 238                       3rd. Mike S 289


Sniper                  1st. Clive C 98                     1st Clive C 99                      1st. Clive C 98, Grant M 98 (tie)

2 nd Bruno K 95                 .2nd. Grant M 95                2nd.Bob P 93

3rd. John Will 85                3rd. Bruno K 92                 3rd. Bruno K 88

Scores from other events will be published in the next news letter.


50 Yard Range Update.

All of the necessary paper work has been submitted to the Chief Firearms Officer, but there has been no response to date. We have recently received an additional few loads of fill and when the material dries out, final grading of the range base can be completed. Hopefully we will be able to use this range soon.

Range Maintenance

This is to advise that our Range Warden, Richard Gammon is currently dealing with some fairly serious medical conditions and will have difficulty carrying out some of his normal range maintenance duties. It will be appreciated if all range users clean up their shooting area, return target stands, place cardboard in the appropriate racks and place garbage in the garbage receptacles provided after your shooting session. Rick is scheduled to have surgery in early May. We wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery. 

Note: If God wanted us to be Vegetarians he would have made kale and broccoli more fun to shoot!!

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph 250 468-1551   e-mail

HELP requested – Dorman Range

Dear membership,

Help is requested to provide lunch at our Sporting Clays events.  These occur on the 4th Saturday of each month beginning with April 22nd.

Details:   We need people to step forward and volunteer to buy, prepare and serve lunch for 40 to 90 guests.  We will provide lots of support including menu suggestions.

It would be best if we could get a crew that can work together and which can provide lunches when one or more are unavailable.  Volunteers should contact Bob Davenport by email  or if they do not have email then call 250 752 0562 or alternatively they can visit the range during shooting hours to discuss the job.

The ladies from the Stroke Recovery Society did the lunches for January through March and did a great job and had a lot of fun.  This is the type of crew we need….. THANK YOU