ParticipACTION 2015: National Day Of Sport Across Canada!





A note from the Arrowsmith Archers:

This is just a brief email to invite you and your family and friends from the Oceanside area to try your hand at archery!

We are offering an Open House on Saturday, November 21 2015 at the Nanoose Pentacostal Camp to drop in the gym from 12-4 pm…

We welcome all those who have ever wanted to try archery, are interested in participating more in the sport, or even curious about joining the club (Membership forms will be available)

We do have a limited amount of equipment to share about, with experienced coaches to help get you started!

Please pass this on to others that may be interested, and if possible, can this be put in the school newsletters as well.  It would be much appreciated!

Click on the link above to see further information about our local archery club participating in the National Day of Sport!

Check the PQB News on Nov 12 and Nov 19 for additional details!

Hope to see you there

Arrowsmith Archers

Presidents Message – October 2015

This year we have seen one of the longest dry periods in local memory. Island rivers were closed to fishing and have only recently opened for angling. Please remember when fishing the rivers that conservation is the key to maintain and improve our recreational fisheries.
Some of you may have heard or read about the arrest of elk poachers on the island. Possible illegal guiding and angling has also taken place and charges laid. Please remember it is important to report any illegal hunting or angling to the local RCMP or CO. It takes little time to wipe out a small herd of elk or an endangered run of steelhead.

The last few months have seen a number of projects being worked on by our members. These include;

    • Doug Harris and his land acquisition committee have been meeting with forest companies and searching for other sources for a new location for the club. There continues to be a fear that either range may face new regulations that will severely impact their usage. While nothing has materialized, it will always remain a worry. This was a problem identified back in 2010 when a study was done of the needs and wants of members in regards to facilities.
    • Pam Bottomley has been working with her committee to re-do our by-laws and we hope to have them ready for the 2016 AGM. It has been many years since this was done but Pam has a group of volunteers working with her with extensive experience, both with club operations and organization.
    • The club is looking at new procedures for membership renewal and first time members. We will be considering an online process that will simplify the current system while allowing for those without internet access to still receive their membership documents. Doug Kitts, First VP, is working with Mark Hurst on this project and information will be coming directly from them.
    • Our webpage is also getting an update. We will be the source for any information on DFO regulations, hunting news, membership renewals and club events. Beth Hurst is handling this. If you have questions on it or a problem, let her know. All club contact information is available on the club site.
    • Updates on these will be available from the committees.
    • John Wilson at Henry Range continues to secure fill for the new multi-purpose range. More is still needed but it is coming along well.
    • The archery section will be using the new multi-purpose range and the new range created by the building of this facility.
    • The volunteers at each range have been working to maintain or upgrade the facilities this year.
    • New procedures have allowed the archery section to utilize Dorman on a regular basis after working out a mutually agreeable schedule that allows work parties to access the range safely.


Enough on what is happening. Enjoy the fall hunt. Fishers are still hunting for coho off the beaches from French Creek north with only minor luck so the main run is still to come.

Richard Thompson (250-954-2086)
President – Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association

Dorman Range Report – October 2015

Hi everybody.  Welcome back from summer.  It has been a great summer for weather although it did get very dry and the forests were subject to major fire hazards.

We cancelled sporting clays for July and August due to the high fire hazard and signs were posted warning people from going into the woods.  The trap and skeet fields are comprised of grass, minimizing the fire hazard, and were easily monitored.  Thus we were able to shoot throughout the summer.

We had some heavy rainy days in September, so we were able to stage sporting clays on September 26.  The weather was sunny and warm and we had a roster of 70 shooters.  It was a delightful day.  We had some high scores, low scores and everything in between.  A shooter from Campbell River shot a 94 for the day.  There were several others that shot 49 out of 50 during one of the morning/afternoon shoots.  A suburb lunch was provided by Andy and Joanne.

Our next sporting clays will be held on October 24 and November 28 (the fourth Saturday of the month).  There will be no sporting clays in December but we do hold turkey shoots on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  (And, no, we don’t shoot turkeys, we give them away as prizes to the winners of various experience levels.  We also give away hams as prizes.)

Other events to watch out for are the reinstated “5-Stands” on the second Sunday of the month.  These will occur on October 11, November 8 and December 13.  The “5-Stand” is remotely related to Sporting Clays.  However, it is held entirely on the skeet field.  Shooters line up in 5 positions and birds are thrown from machines that are set up around the field.  Again, it is a fun event.

This is the time of year when many of our members head out on hunting trips.  Several of our members were up in the Caribou in early September and they did quite well on grouse (as well as a rabbit and some trout from some small lakes).  Now others are headed out for deer and moose.  One of our lady shooters just returned from a moose hunt and she was successful.  In fact their party got two moose.

I have to apologize for no pictures this month – my computer crashed at a critical time and I haven’t been able to get it back up running.  This report has been written on another computer that has a different operating system, and I have coloured the air blue around it.

We have had a work party out on the range lately, cutting the broom from under the nets.  The nets catch the unbroken birds and we then use them again (both the birds and the nets).

Our newly acquired fork lift has come in very good use lately.  We received a truckload of “birds” and it took only 3 people a half hour to unload, using the fork lift and the pallet jack.  We will be receiving a load of shotgun shells shortly and the “new” equipment will also be a great benefit.

Cheers everybody.  Come out to the Dorman Range and try your hand at trap or skeet (and sporting clays and “5-Stand”).  We have people that will guide you in the handling of shotguns and in the art of shooting.  AND coffee pot is always on.

Ron Card

Henry Range Report – Summer 2015

Activities at the range continue to be increasing and the organized weekend shoots are well attended and have even attracted some new participants, probably due to the increase of new club members. Due to the extreme dry conditions this summer, Black Powder firearms were not allowed to be used and this restriction has now been lifted, otherwise it was shooting as usual. The new 50yd. range is still a “work in progress” project and we have been fortunate to get a lot of free clean fill recently. The rifle range buildings have recently received a new coat of paint thanks to the always faithful Henry range maintenance crew volunteers. The recent second of the year “Gun Show” that was held at the Coombs Agricultural Fair Grounds was another resounding success. Show co-ordinator Graham Alexander, reports a profit of approximately $2200.00 which all goes into the Henry Range coffers. On behalf of all of the Henry Range users, I extend our “THANKS” to Graham and his group of volunteers.

Shooting Results:

Military (June) 1st Clive 310; 2nd Graham 297; 3rd Rion 296.
Military (July)  1st Lee 257; 2nd Bob 253; 3rd  Clive 252.
Military (Aug.) 1st Clive 247; 2nd Lee 238; 3rd John Will. 230.
Military (Sept) 1st Clive 254; 2nd Bruno 242; 3rd Alex 240.

Duty Pistol (June) 1st Clive; 2nd Gord; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (July) 1st Crystal; 2nd Clive; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (Aug) 1st Jay; 2nd Graham; 3rd John.
Duty Pistol (Sept) 1st Graham; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Bench Rest Scope (July) 1st Tammy 796 (more x`s) 2nd Dave 796; 3rd Andrew 794.
Bench Rest Aperture (July) 1st John Will. 796; 2nd Nigel 785; James 778.
Bench Rest Scope (Aug) 1st Dave795; 2nd Tammy 793; 3rd Gerry 788.
Bench Rest Aperture (Aug) 1st James 800; 2nd John Wht 797; 3rd John Will 796.
Bench Rest Scope (Sept) 1st Frank 788; 2nd Alex 782; 3rd Pam 782.
Bench Rest Aperture (Sept) 1st John Will. 800 (more x`s) 2nd Wayne 800; 3rd Chris 799.

.22 Fun Shoot (July) 1st John& Len 312; 2nd Andrew & Nigel 310; 3rd Lee & Bob P. 299.
.22 Fun Shoot (Aug) 1st Gord & Frank 251, (Team Mossberg); 2nd Warren & Bob 241, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Alex & Andrew 217, (Team Remington).
.22 Fun Shoot (Sept) 1st Alex & Gerry 444, (the Dynamic Duo); 2nd Barry & Ken 416; 3rd John Will. & Bob 402.
.22 Fun Shoot (Oct)  1st Olive & Alex 444, (Team Ruger); 2nd Ken & Bob 416, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Pam & Bob 344,(Team Unknown)

.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot ( June) 1st Bob L. 137; 2nd John Will 114; 3rd Lee 113.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (July)Trial shoot with clay pigeons. Top score Lee 130; 8 other shooter average score 99.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (Sept) 1st Bob L. 138; 2nd Grant B. 115; 3rd John Wh. 82.

 VISL Rifle Shoot:
This is not a PQFG organized shoot, however some of our members compete in this shoot regularly and the annual Championship Match was recently held at the Nanaimo Range. Some scores out of a possible 600 attained by our members are as follows:
Bench rest: 1st Dave 600; 2nd Frank 599; 3rd Tammy  598; 4th Dave 595; 5th John 592.
Prone: 1st Clive 596; 3rd Andrew 563.
Note: I am advised that this group is looking for more competitors to participate in this shoot. For further information regarding this shoot please contact me as indicated at the end of his report.

Black Powder (Sept) 1st Don 95; 2nd Barry 66; 3rd Ken 63;   Note: Don put 9 shots from his muzzle loader in the same hole at 25 yds. The tenth shot was not far away. A tremendous effort with a muzzle loader.

To all of the hunters out there, I hope you all have had or will have a safe, successful hunting experience this year.

Submitted by: Len Fong (Henry Range Committee Member)
Ph:250 468-1551. E-mail: lenbar@shaw. ca

Archery Update – October 2015

We had our first night of archery on October 5th with about 50 people attending.  Lots of returning members and lots of new faces as well.  Our shooting will be the same nights, times and location as last year, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm for both youth and adult archers in the gym of the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp.    We have found that both groups really enjoy having the input and interaction from each other and that families really enjoy being able to shoot together.  We welcome any members who would like to give archery a try to come down and check it out.

We are planning lots of fun activities for the group and our coach Bob O’Brien is looking forward to working closely with the youth who are interested in participating in the BC Winter Games!  He is currently in Utah competing at the Huntsman World Senior Games.  We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see the results and hear all about it.

Outside user groups have already began booking with us.  We have Blade Runners coming later in October and Cub Scouts booked in mid November.  We would like to extend a big thank you to our volunteers who have already stepped up to welcome these groups and show them what archery is all about.

For more information about archery please feel free to contact us at