Dorman Range Report – October 2015

Hi everybody.  Welcome back from summer.  It has been a great summer for weather although it did get very dry and the forests were subject to major fire hazards.

We cancelled sporting clays for July and August due to the high fire hazard and signs were posted warning people from going into the woods.  The trap and skeet fields are comprised of grass, minimizing the fire hazard, and were easily monitored.  Thus we were able to shoot throughout the summer.

We had some heavy rainy days in September, so we were able to stage sporting clays on September 26.  The weather was sunny and warm and we had a roster of 70 shooters.  It was a delightful day.  We had some high scores, low scores and everything in between.  A shooter from Campbell River shot a 94 for the day.  There were several others that shot 49 out of 50 during one of the morning/afternoon shoots.  A suburb lunch was provided by Andy and Joanne.

Our next sporting clays will be held on October 24 and November 28 (the fourth Saturday of the month).  There will be no sporting clays in December but we do hold turkey shoots on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  (And, no, we don’t shoot turkeys, we give them away as prizes to the winners of various experience levels.  We also give away hams as prizes.)

Other events to watch out for are the reinstated “5-Stands” on the second Sunday of the month.  These will occur on October 11, November 8 and December 13.  The “5-Stand” is remotely related to Sporting Clays.  However, it is held entirely on the skeet field.  Shooters line up in 5 positions and birds are thrown from machines that are set up around the field.  Again, it is a fun event.

This is the time of year when many of our members head out on hunting trips.  Several of our members were up in the Caribou in early September and they did quite well on grouse (as well as a rabbit and some trout from some small lakes).  Now others are headed out for deer and moose.  One of our lady shooters just returned from a moose hunt and she was successful.  In fact their party got two moose.

I have to apologize for no pictures this month – my computer crashed at a critical time and I haven’t been able to get it back up running.  This report has been written on another computer that has a different operating system, and I have coloured the air blue around it.

We have had a work party out on the range lately, cutting the broom from under the nets.  The nets catch the unbroken birds and we then use them again (both the birds and the nets).

Our newly acquired fork lift has come in very good use lately.  We received a truckload of “birds” and it took only 3 people a half hour to unload, using the fork lift and the pallet jack.  We will be receiving a load of shotgun shells shortly and the “new” equipment will also be a great benefit.

Cheers everybody.  Come out to the Dorman Range and try your hand at trap or skeet (and sporting clays and “5-Stand”).  We have people that will guide you in the handling of shotguns and in the art of shooting.  AND coffee pot is always on.

Ron Card