Henry Range Report – Summer 2015

Activities at the range continue to be increasing and the organized weekend shoots are well attended and have even attracted some new participants, probably due to the increase of new club members. Due to the extreme dry conditions this summer, Black Powder firearms were not allowed to be used and this restriction has now been lifted, otherwise it was shooting as usual. The new 50yd. range is still a “work in progress” project and we have been fortunate to get a lot of free clean fill recently. The rifle range buildings have recently received a new coat of paint thanks to the always faithful Henry range maintenance crew volunteers. The recent second of the year “Gun Show” that was held at the Coombs Agricultural Fair Grounds was another resounding success. Show co-ordinator Graham Alexander, reports a profit of approximately $2200.00 which all goes into the Henry Range coffers. On behalf of all of the Henry Range users, I extend our “THANKS” to Graham and his group of volunteers.

Shooting Results:

Military (June) 1st Clive 310; 2nd Graham 297; 3rd Rion 296.
Military (July)  1st Lee 257; 2nd Bob 253; 3rd  Clive 252.
Military (Aug.) 1st Clive 247; 2nd Lee 238; 3rd John Will. 230.
Military (Sept) 1st Clive 254; 2nd Bruno 242; 3rd Alex 240.

Duty Pistol (June) 1st Clive; 2nd Gord; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (July) 1st Crystal; 2nd Clive; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (Aug) 1st Jay; 2nd Graham; 3rd John.
Duty Pistol (Sept) 1st Graham; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Bench Rest Scope (July) 1st Tammy 796 (more x`s) 2nd Dave 796; 3rd Andrew 794.
Bench Rest Aperture (July) 1st John Will. 796; 2nd Nigel 785; James 778.
Bench Rest Scope (Aug) 1st Dave795; 2nd Tammy 793; 3rd Gerry 788.
Bench Rest Aperture (Aug) 1st James 800; 2nd John Wht 797; 3rd John Will 796.
Bench Rest Scope (Sept) 1st Frank 788; 2nd Alex 782; 3rd Pam 782.
Bench Rest Aperture (Sept) 1st John Will. 800 (more x`s) 2nd Wayne 800; 3rd Chris 799.

.22 Fun Shoot (July) 1st John& Len 312; 2nd Andrew & Nigel 310; 3rd Lee & Bob P. 299.
.22 Fun Shoot (Aug) 1st Gord & Frank 251, (Team Mossberg); 2nd Warren & Bob 241, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Alex & Andrew 217, (Team Remington).
.22 Fun Shoot (Sept) 1st Alex & Gerry 444, (the Dynamic Duo); 2nd Barry & Ken 416; 3rd John Will. & Bob 402.
.22 Fun Shoot (Oct)  1st Olive & Alex 444, (Team Ruger); 2nd Ken & Bob 416, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Pam & Bob 344,(Team Unknown)

.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot ( June) 1st Bob L. 137; 2nd John Will 114; 3rd Lee 113.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (July)Trial shoot with clay pigeons. Top score Lee 130; 8 other shooter average score 99.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (Sept) 1st Bob L. 138; 2nd Grant B. 115; 3rd John Wh. 82.

 VISL Rifle Shoot:
This is not a PQFG organized shoot, however some of our members compete in this shoot regularly and the annual Championship Match was recently held at the Nanaimo Range. Some scores out of a possible 600 attained by our members are as follows:
Bench rest: 1st Dave 600; 2nd Frank 599; 3rd Tammy  598; 4th Dave 595; 5th John 592.
Prone: 1st Clive 596; 3rd Andrew 563.
Note: I am advised that this group is looking for more competitors to participate in this shoot. For further information regarding this shoot please contact me as indicated at the end of his report.

Black Powder (Sept) 1st Don 95; 2nd Barry 66; 3rd Ken 63;   Note: Don put 9 shots from his muzzle loader in the same hole at 25 yds. The tenth shot was not far away. A tremendous effort with a muzzle loader.

To all of the hunters out there, I hope you all have had or will have a safe, successful hunting experience this year.

Submitted by: Len Fong (Henry Range Committee Member)
Ph:250 468-1551. E-mail: lenbar@shaw. ca