Presidents Message – October 2015

This year we have seen one of the longest dry periods in local memory. Island rivers were closed to fishing and have only recently opened for angling. Please remember when fishing the rivers that conservation is the key to maintain and improve our recreational fisheries.
Some of you may have heard or read about the arrest of elk poachers on the island. Possible illegal guiding and angling has also taken place and charges laid. Please remember it is important to report any illegal hunting or angling to the local RCMP or CO. It takes little time to wipe out a small herd of elk or an endangered run of steelhead.

The last few months have seen a number of projects being worked on by our members. These include;

    • Doug Harris and his land acquisition committee have been meeting with forest companies and searching for other sources for a new location for the club. There continues to be a fear that either range may face new regulations that will severely impact their usage. While nothing has materialized, it will always remain a worry. This was a problem identified back in 2010 when a study was done of the needs and wants of members in regards to facilities.
    • Pam Bottomley has been working with her committee to re-do our by-laws and we hope to have them ready for the 2016 AGM. It has been many years since this was done but Pam has a group of volunteers working with her with extensive experience, both with club operations and organization.
    • The club is looking at new procedures for membership renewal and first time members. We will be considering an online process that will simplify the current system while allowing for those without internet access to still receive their membership documents. Doug Kitts, First VP, is working with Mark Hurst on this project and information will be coming directly from them.
    • Our webpage is also getting an update. We will be the source for any information on DFO regulations, hunting news, membership renewals and club events. Beth Hurst is handling this. If you have questions on it or a problem, let her know. All club contact information is available on the club site.
    • Updates on these will be available from the committees.
    • John Wilson at Henry Range continues to secure fill for the new multi-purpose range. More is still needed but it is coming along well.
    • The archery section will be using the new multi-purpose range and the new range created by the building of this facility.
    • The volunteers at each range have been working to maintain or upgrade the facilities this year.
    • New procedures have allowed the archery section to utilize Dorman on a regular basis after working out a mutually agreeable schedule that allows work parties to access the range safely.


Enough on what is happening. Enjoy the fall hunt. Fishers are still hunting for coho off the beaches from French Creek north with only minor luck so the main run is still to come.

Richard Thompson (250-954-2086)
President – Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association