Presidents Message – December 2016

To Our Members:

December has arrived and another year passes.  We have had a successful year in many of our membership areas and, while I will supply some brief details, reports from those areas will supply the rest.
We have seen new work at our Henry range as members work at creating a new range for both shooters and archers.  This is an ongoing project lead by John Willson and ahead of schedule.  The new accessible washroom is finished with help from volunteers.

Dorman has found a great use for the forklift they purchased this year with a lot less heavy lifting and ease of organization.  Hopefully the derelict shed will either be taken down or fall down this year to finish the job of replacing the old structure.

Archery is growing at a great rate.  The ranges at Dorman and Henry are being used and the church hall range is drawing large numbers on winter nights.  Hopefully the furnace keeps working as it does get cold.
Our youth shooters have done well in competition and will enjoy the new rifles they received this year.
We often forget about the Marian Baker hatchery and all of the volunteers that help out there.  We also need to thank the French Creek pub and other sponsors of the annual fund raiser that helps out these facilities

Our website has been taken over by Beth Hurst who has taken on the job of updating the site and communicating to members via the club email.  If you have an item for all members, she is the contact.

We need to thank Mark Hurst, our membership chair, for taking on this job. In the past Wayne Beck took on this job and we need to thank him for the work he did.  Mark has introduced an online membership procedure.  You can go to our website, fill in the membership form, pay online and have a membership certificate at the same time.  We are hoping members will take advantage of this offer and save both time and cost for the club.
We will continue offering in-person membership sign up at the ranges and with archery and other locations.  Details will be supplied by Mark.  This means we will still accept cash or cheque payment for those who feel they do not want to do electronic payment.

Capital requests for new equipment are being created now so if you have any suggestions see your range committee.

Finally some dates to remember.  February 23 is our AGM.  Please plan to come out and give your opinions on what the club is doing.  We have openings on the Board so if interested, either let me know or be prepared to put your name forward at the meeting.

Finally the date all members want to hear.  Our Annual Banquet is scheduled for March 5th.  Jean Sanderson has volunteered to return as chair of the committee but we will need volunteers for all areas.  This one night event raises over $13,000 for capital expenditures such as new equipment, landscaping and upgrades to current facilities.

Enjoy the holidays and we will see many of you at the AGM and Banquet.

Richard Thompson
President, PQFG

Membership & IT News Report

The new facility to take online payments launched successfully on December 1st and it seems to be pretty popular. For those accustomed to dealing in an online world, the facility to join or renew membership online is certainly a huge step forward in terms of convenience and the benefits include much faster processing of your application. On the back-end, using the online facility helps the club a great deal by reducing the considerable workload of the volunteers involved. Of course, you can still join the club using cash or cheque and the details of how and when to do that can be found here.

Over the holiday period, we will be migrating the website to a new hosting provider and platform which will provide far greater flexibility in how we use the site to engage with our members. In the initial phase we have added some commonly requested improvements including a new calendar and classified ads and there are further developments planned over 2016. Unfortunately, the website will experience some downtime while the Internet ‘updates its phonebook’ but this should be less than 24 hours for the majority of people. We will post notice of when this is likely to occur on the site itself and also on our Facebook page.

If you have content that you would like to see or you would like to submit an article for the site – maybe a report on your hunt or fishing trip – we would love to hear from you. Drop an email to

Seasons greetings to you all and a very happy new year!

Mark and Beth Hurst

Henry Range Update – December 2016

A comprehensive year-end report regarding the activities, financial status and proposed future projects and activities will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in February. However as most members do not attend the AGM, this is a brief report for the past year regarding Henry Range.

General range use, organized shooting events, range rentals and volunteer participation at various work parties far exceeded all expectations. Approximately 600 members purchased range passes and access keys. (Our total club membership is about 800). Work was started and is well under way for the construction of a new 50 yd. handgun range. In association with this project the existing archery range was relocated and upgraded. The rifle range buildings were enhanced with a new coat of paint. The washroom in the rifle range club house has now been upgraded to physically challenged standards. Projects that will be included in the 2016 budget will be: the completion of the 50 yd range, hopefully, depending on getting more free fill ; the painting of the rifle range shooting structure inside; painting of the handgun range building and an addition to the present wood shed.

A volunteer appreciation pot luck dinner was held on Nov. 27 at the rifle range club house attended by most of the people who always show up for the work parties held during the year and who do other things required to help provide a pleasant, safe environment for our membership. John Willson, Henry Range Committee Chairman, presented fleece vests displaying the club crest to Alex Stoimans, Bruno Kraft and Rick Gammon in appreciation for their extra effort.

Shooting Results
Precision .22 Shoot.(Nov.)  Scope – 1st  Pam, Andrew (tie) 792; 2nd Frank 788; 3rd Alex 785.
Iron –    1st John Will 800; 2nd James 798; 3rd Rick 797.

Precision .22  Shoot – Medal Awards. High Scores for Six Rounds.
Scope – 1st  Dave 4764; 2nd  Frank 4740;  3rd  Tammy 4702.
Scope – Ladies.  Pam 4719
Prone – Andrew 3689
Iron – 1st John Will  4790; 2nd  James  4769; 3rd  John W.  4745.

Military Match (Nov). 1st. Larry; 2nd Graham; 3rd Mike.
Sniper – 1st John Will;  2nd Clive;  3rd Bob.
Military Match (Dec). 1st John Will; 2nd Don; 3rd Gord.
Sniper: 1st Grant 97; 2nd Clive 96; 3rd Frank 95.
Military Match Annual Awards: Overall Annual High Score: Clive 3079; John Will 2974; Dana 2813.
Rifle by Class Average Scores: Pre 1900: Graham 252; WW1:
Ken 285;  WW2: John Will 262;  Sniper: Clive 96.

Duty Pistol (Nov)  1st Gord; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Black Powder Shoot (Nov) Rifle – 1st Grant 70; 2nd Bob 60; 3rd Gerry 52;  Pistol – Walter 25

.22 Fun Shoot (Dec)     1st Pam & John Will 219;  2nd Gerald & Alex 195; 3rd Lee & John J. 180.
Rainy windy day and only one round was shot. This was followed by a            great lunch of all sorts of goodies and good coffee in the warmth of the club house.

Notice: It is time to renew your membership, pay for your range pass and be issued a new gate key for 2016. You can renew your membership online on our website or at the trailer office at the range. Please note that the gate keys are only issued from the trailer office. New gate keys will be required commencing on the morning of January 04, 2016.

The Annual General Meeting is to be held in February 2016. There will be opportunity to step up and offer your service to become a board member for a one or two-year term and it is important that we have  good representation from Henry Range on the board. Remember, “things get done by those who show up”.

From the Range Committee to you and yours, “Merry Christmas and may all of your shots be in the 10 ring in the New Year”

Submitted by Leonard Fong, Henry Range Committee Member.
Ph. 250 468 -1551;   e-mail

Dorman Report – December 2016

The end of the year is upon us.  Where did that year go.  Fortunately, we keep getting older.

Throughout the year we have held many fun events and we propose to do the same in the New Year.  Please feel free to join us – scores don’t matter as long as you have fun.
We would especially like to thank Bill Simpson for running our raffles at all of our various functions throughout the year.  This helps the Club, as well as always being a fun event.And while we are at it, we would also like to thank Don Wilson for setting up and running the turkey boards.  There are other people who have helped with the distribution of these “boards”.  Thanks everybody.
And while we are thanking people, there are a lot of people that have helped to keep the range operating and in good maintenance condition.  The names are too numerous to mention but one person who does a top-notch job that should be mentioned, is Dianne Upper.  See the photo.  Dianne is always there on Sundays whether it is the regular practice shoot, sporting clays, 5 Stand, or any other event.  As well as being a great friend to everybody, she keeps the bookkeeping records, takes in money, and is often preparing lunches for us.  Thanks Dianne.  Another person to thank for a job well done is our caretaker, Carroll Davis.  She treats the range facilities as if they were her own.  Thanks, Carroll.


Photo 1 – Dianne Upper & Jim Guthrie   Photo 2 – Bob Urquhart, Rob Wesson, Ron Card        Photo 3 – Remember this from several years ago?
Recently the club held its annual shooting competition for the Range’s intermediate shooters.  89 year-old Bob Urquhart, on the left in Photo 2, won the Club trophy.  Rob Wesson and Ron Card posed in their “finest” winter gear.  Photo 3 is just to remind you what this winter could look like.
Recently we held some more fun events: a PITA Multiplex, an Annie Oakley, a Bushwacker, and an Argentinian shoot (similar to 5 Stand).  For more details on what these shoots are, please talk to one of the persons at the range.  (I am trying to keep this as short as possible.)
On November 28 we held our “food bank” sporting clays shoot.  We had 94 shooters who brought foodstuffs and cash for the food bank.  It was very successful.Don’t forget the turkey shoots on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.   It will be 10 birds for $7.50, shooting in the relevant skill level.

Trap Shooting – For all the Club members that don’t shoot shotguns, or for our newer range members, I include a long-winded explanation of trap shooting.  Enjoy.

 Trap shooting, often called “American trap shooting” to distinguish it from other forms of trap shooting, is but one of many sports based on shooting small disks launched into the air. These disks are of various sizes. Clay pigeons are commonly called “birds”. In addition to trap shooting, people also shoot other games involving these disks, such as skeet, sporting clays, 5 stand and wobble trap. This last is like trap shooting, except the trap machine is set up to vary both the direction of the clay pigeon’s flight and the angle of elevation.


A trap range has at least one, and perhaps many, trap fields, each of which has a little structure called the “trap house” that houses the machine that throws the birds into the air. This is called the “trap machine,” and sometimes just the “trap.” The trap machine throws the birds in a random pattern limited to a 44 degree horizontal arc, with the birds exiting the house at speeds varying from about 44 miles per hour up to over 50 mph depending on the governing jurisdiction around the world.  The birds travel about 50 yards before hitting the ground. The trap range uses “speakers” that respond to the shooters’ voices to send an electric signal that causes the trap machine to launch a bird. Each trap field has five shooting stations in an arc, each station being 11 degrees away from its neighbor. The shooting stations are paths radiating out from the trap house with distances from the house marked from 16 to 27 yards. A round of trap is 25 birds, 5 birds being shot from each station in rotation.Trap shooters commonly shoot three events: singles, handicap and doubles. Singles are single birds shot from the closest distance, 16 yards from the trap house. Since the birds are usually about 15 to 25 yards out by the time the shooter fires, even the 16 yard singles are 31 to 41 yards away. Handicap is like singles, except it is shot from various distances, depending on one’s ability, between 19 and 27 yards. These birds are 35 to 52 yards away, depending on one’s handicap and reaction time. Since very few shooters with slow reaction times ever earn a 27 yard handicap, that 52 yard figure is an exaggeration. 27 yard shooters actually shoot their birds at 47 yards or less. As you might imagine, a little disk, 40+ yards away and flying at 40+ miles per hour can be a difficult target. Doubles are two birds launched simultaneously, shot from 16 yards. Doubles are even more difficult and are, by far, the most fun. A round of doubles is usually 25 pairs, or 50 birds.

You can use any shotgun gauge, up to 12 gauge. Using anything smaller than a 12 gauge entails a loss of hitting power. Some do choose smaller guns for their lower weight and reduced recoil. Note: in shotguns, a larger numerical gauge designation refers to a smaller bore. A 20 gauge is smaller than a 12 gauge. This holds true for all shotgun bore sizes other than the .410. “.410” refers to a bore that is .410 of an inch in diameter. Unless you are truly crazy, you will not be using a .410 to shoot trap. It is just too small. You may use up to 1 1/8 ounce of shot in 12 gauge.  I don’t know what the weight limit is in 20 gauge, but typical commercially available target loads are 7/8 ounce. You may use shot sized 7 1/2 and smaller. Like gauge sizes, a lower shot size number refers to a larger shot size. The maximum velocity allowed is 1250 feet per second for 1 1/8 ounce loads. You may use slightly higher velocities for lighter loads, and the whole thing gets really complicated. Why bother with all that? Just get some 1 1/8 ounce #8 shot target loads.

Trap shooting has some simple, straightforward rules. Always practice safe gun handling. Only load your gun when it’s your turn to shoot. Only load one shell unless you’re shooting doubles. For doubles, you may load two. If, while you’re on the trap field, the staff needs to tend to the trap house, to reload the machine or otherwise adjust the machine, unload your gun. In trap shooting, the gun’s safety is ignored. Do not bother with it. Your gun is either loaded and ready to shoot, or unloaded. The only “safety” is an unloaded gun.

There are several interesting rules about gun failures, broken birds and so on. Your fellow shooters and/or the score keeper will help you with them. Just don’t get flustered. While shooting doubles, remember that you are only allowed one shot at each bird. If you miss your first bird, you must switch to the second bird and try to break it instead of shooting at the first bird again. Even though a round consists of 25 birds, and a round of doubles consists of 50 birds, you should carry some spare shells in addition to the 25 or 50 you expect to shoot. If a bird is broken in the process of being thrown, you’ll get another bird to shoot. If you shoot at that broken bird, you’ll need a spare shell. If you shoot out of turn, you’ll need to reshoot that turn. If, in doubles, you shoot the first bird without noticing that your second bird broke while being thrown, you’ll have to reshoot that turn. If your gun fails to fire after you hit your first bird in doubles, you’ll have to reshoot that turn. Obviously, if you miss your first bird, a failure to fire on your second bird counts as a lost pair. Otherwise, sly shooters would tend to have a lot of “fail to fire” episodes after lost first birds.

“Lost birds” are birds you didn’t break. “Dead birds” are the ones you did break. A dead bird means you definitely broke the bird. Knocking a little dust off it isn’t enough. You must at least knock a chip out of the bird. Ordinarily, the score keeper announces the lost birds but not the dead birds. Among trap shooters, dead birds are the norm, and therefore not worthy of mention. In doubles, the score keeper announces the results of every shot: “dead pair,” dead, lost,” “lost, dead,” or “lost pair.” “Lost pair” is never a pleasant sound.

Best of the Season to everybody.

Ron Card

Archery Update – December 2016

Archery has wrapped up for the remainder of 2015 taking a break to enjoy the holiday season.  We had our wrap up party on December 16 with a fun shoot where 36 shooters, including parents, siblings and coaches, competed in 12 different challenges!  A whole lot of fun was had by all.  Thanks to Coach Bob for setting up all of the challenges!  And thank you to everyone who brought goodies to share for the potluck and donations to our local food bank.

We will resume shooting on January 4, 2016.  In response to the increase in membership, we have extended our hours and archers are now welcome to shoot from 6pm to 7pm or from 7pm to 8pm.

Planning is underway for the annual Harry Tutton Memorial 3D shoot on February 21, 2016.  This will take place at the Dorman Range where we will welcome shooters from all over the island and the lower mainland.  For more information on the shoot or how to volunteer please contact  We had 120 shooters last year and are looking forward to welcoming as many if not more this year!

We hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone back in January.

Winter Recreational Prawn & Shrimp Closure Notice – Effective Midnight Dec 31st

Fishery Notice – Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Subject: FN1320-RECREATIONAL – Shellfish: Prawn and Shrimp – Areas 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 23, 25, 28 Closures and Area 23 “Pulse Fishing” Continued

Recreational prawn and shrimp by trap harvesters are advised that the harvest of prawns and shrimp by trap, ring net, or spear while diving, will close from 00:01 hours January 1 to 23:59 hours March 31, 2016, in the following Subareas as described in the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations:

Subareas 13-12, 13-13, 13-15 (Quadra Island area)
Subareas 15-2, 15-3 (Powell River, Lund)
Subareas 16-1, 16-2, 16-5, 16-6, 16-8, 16-9, 16-10, 16-11, 16-16 to 16-18
(Malaspina Strait, lower Jervis Inlet, Sechelt Inlet)
Subarea 17-5, 17-6, 17-9 (Stuart Channel)
Subareas 17-12, 17-13, 17-15, 17-16, 17-18 (Nanaimo)
Subareas 19-7 to 19-12 (Saanich Inlet)
Subareas 25-1 to 25-5, 25-16 (Nootka Sound, Muchalaht Inlet, Tahsis Inlet)
Subareas 23-1, 23-3, 23-4 (Alberni Inlet, Barkley Sound)
Subareas 28-1, 28-3, 28-4 (Howe Sound)

These 3-month winter closures are in place to allow the prawn spawning period to complete. These areas will re-open on April 1, 2016.

Recreational Prawn and Shrimp by Trap fishers are also advised that the harvest of prawns and shrimp by trap, ring net, or spear while diving, will
continue “pulse fishing” in Subarea 23-2 (portion of Alberni Inlet).

Subareas 23-2 will be closed for the following periods:

From 00:01 hours December 1 until 23:59 hours December 15, 2015
From 00:01 hours January 1 until 23:59 hours January 15, 2016
From 00:01 hours February 1, until 23:59 hours February 15, 2016
From 00:01 hours March 1 until 23:59 hours March 15, 2016
Subarea 23-2 opens 00:01 hours March 16, 2016 until further notice.

Recreational Prawn and Shrimp by Trap fishers are reminded that Subareas, 17-5, 17-6, 17-9 (Stuart Channel), 19-7 to 19-12 (Saanich Inlet) and 23-1 to 23-3 (Alberni Inlet) are “pulse fishing” through to December 31, 2015. Please see Fishery Notice FN0749.

Recreational prawn fishing in all other coastal areas remains open until
further notice.

Variation Order No. 2015-573. Variation Order No. 2015–569 is revoked.

These actions are in accordance with the Recreational Harvest Plan, Appendix 2 of the 2015-16 Prawn and Shrimp by Trap Integrated Fishery Management Plan.

Refer to the B.C. Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Guide for further information on daily bag, possession and trap limits.

Archery Update

Hi  all,

I’m hoping everyone out there is staying warm and dry!  Just a quick few items to mention and remind everyone regarding archery.

First, our Christmas Potluck/Fun Shoot will be taking place next Wednesday Dec 16th.  Shooting to begin right at 7 pm, so if you could arrive a little bit earlier that would be great!

Please bring a dish to share (savoury, sweet, whatever you wish) and it will be added to our potluck table to enjoy once the shooting is complete.

Please also bring an item or two for donation to our local food bank….every little bit helps!

This will also be our last night of shooting until January, so if a few of you could stick around after to help with clean up, it would be very much appreciated!

Our date for our annual Harry Tutton Memorial 3D shoot, has been set for Sunday Feb 21 2016.  This is our biggest yearly fundraiser and we hope that the majority of you can help out.  Either in set up on the Saturday, final set up Sunday morning, helping in the concession, with score tallying, baking goods, soliciting for prizes….we NEED your help!  Please see Brandy or myself for this and let us know where you think you can help…it seems far away but really it’s just around the corner!  We had over 120 archers last year and hope to have as many if not more again this year!

We welcome all the new faces that have recently joined archery and we hope you are enjoying the club thus far.  Thank you to everyone for their patience as we adjust to the new numbers and figure out how things are going to go in the New Year.   Please see Brandy’s email about the time/schedule options.

Lastly, I wish to thank Coach Bob, Coach John, Terry, Don, Mike, Imke and Brandy for the great help they have been throughout the year…we couldn’t have done it without you!

See you all on the 16th!



New Bill Supports Resident Hunters

MLA for Oak Bay – Gordon Head Andrew Weaver introduced a private members bill in the legislature on November 17th entitled: Wildlife Amendment Act (No. 2), 2015. The purpose of this Bill is to reduce the preferential treatment of non-resident hunters.
The Bill seeks to eliminate the minister’s discretion to make separate rules for Limited Entry Hunt (LEH) permits so that resident and foreign hunters will all be required to enter a lottery for their LEH tags. Currently residents must enter the lottery draw but others can simply buy their way in.
Dr. Weaver successfully moved that the Wildlife Amendment Act Bill be placed in the Orders of the Day for second reading at the next sitting of the House. BCWF members in favour of the proposed amendments should contact their MLA to express their support.
For more information, visit: