Henry Range Update – December 2016

A comprehensive year-end report regarding the activities, financial status and proposed future projects and activities will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in February. However as most members do not attend the AGM, this is a brief report for the past year regarding Henry Range.

General range use, organized shooting events, range rentals and volunteer participation at various work parties far exceeded all expectations. Approximately 600 members purchased range passes and access keys. (Our total club membership is about 800). Work was started and is well under way for the construction of a new 50 yd. handgun range. In association with this project the existing archery range was relocated and upgraded. The rifle range buildings were enhanced with a new coat of paint. The washroom in the rifle range club house has now been upgraded to physically challenged standards. Projects that will be included in the 2016 budget will be: the completion of the 50 yd range, hopefully, depending on getting more free fill ; the painting of the rifle range shooting structure inside; painting of the handgun range building and an addition to the present wood shed.

A volunteer appreciation pot luck dinner was held on Nov. 27 at the rifle range club house attended by most of the people who always show up for the work parties held during the year and who do other things required to help provide a pleasant, safe environment for our membership. John Willson, Henry Range Committee Chairman, presented fleece vests displaying the club crest to Alex Stoimans, Bruno Kraft and Rick Gammon in appreciation for their extra effort.

Shooting Results
Precision .22 Shoot.(Nov.)  Scope – 1st  Pam, Andrew (tie) 792; 2nd Frank 788; 3rd Alex 785.
Iron –    1st John Will 800; 2nd James 798; 3rd Rick 797.

Precision .22  Shoot – Medal Awards. High Scores for Six Rounds.
Scope – 1st  Dave 4764; 2nd  Frank 4740;  3rd  Tammy 4702.
Scope – Ladies.  Pam 4719
Prone – Andrew 3689
Iron – 1st John Will  4790; 2nd  James  4769; 3rd  John W.  4745.

Military Match (Nov). 1st. Larry; 2nd Graham; 3rd Mike.
Sniper – 1st John Will;  2nd Clive;  3rd Bob.
Military Match (Dec). 1st John Will; 2nd Don; 3rd Gord.
Sniper: 1st Grant 97; 2nd Clive 96; 3rd Frank 95.
Military Match Annual Awards: Overall Annual High Score: Clive 3079; John Will 2974; Dana 2813.
Rifle by Class Average Scores: Pre 1900: Graham 252; WW1:
Ken 285;  WW2: John Will 262;  Sniper: Clive 96.

Duty Pistol (Nov)  1st Gord; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Black Powder Shoot (Nov) Rifle – 1st Grant 70; 2nd Bob 60; 3rd Gerry 52;  Pistol – Walter 25

.22 Fun Shoot (Dec)     1st Pam & John Will 219;  2nd Gerald & Alex 195; 3rd Lee & John J. 180.
Rainy windy day and only one round was shot. This was followed by a            great lunch of all sorts of goodies and good coffee in the warmth of the club house.

Notice: It is time to renew your membership, pay for your range pass and be issued a new gate key for 2016. You can renew your membership online on our website or at the trailer office at the range. Please note that the gate keys are only issued from the trailer office. New gate keys will be required commencing on the morning of January 04, 2016.

The Annual General Meeting is to be held in February 2016. There will be opportunity to step up and offer your service to become a board member for a one or two-year term and it is important that we have  good representation from Henry Range on the board. Remember, “things get done by those who show up”.

From the Range Committee to you and yours, “Merry Christmas and may all of your shots be in the 10 ring in the New Year”

Submitted by Leonard Fong, Henry Range Committee Member.
Ph. 250 468 -1551;   e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca