Presidents Message – December 2016

To Our Members:

December has arrived and another year passes.  We have had a successful year in many of our membership areas and, while I will supply some brief details, reports from those areas will supply the rest.
We have seen new work at our Henry range as members work at creating a new range for both shooters and archers.  This is an ongoing project lead by John Willson and ahead of schedule.  The new accessible washroom is finished with help from volunteers.

Dorman has found a great use for the forklift they purchased this year with a lot less heavy lifting and ease of organization.  Hopefully the derelict shed will either be taken down or fall down this year to finish the job of replacing the old structure.

Archery is growing at a great rate.  The ranges at Dorman and Henry are being used and the church hall range is drawing large numbers on winter nights.  Hopefully the furnace keeps working as it does get cold.
Our youth shooters have done well in competition and will enjoy the new rifles they received this year.
We often forget about the Marian Baker hatchery and all of the volunteers that help out there.  We also need to thank the French Creek pub and other sponsors of the annual fund raiser that helps out these facilities

Our website has been taken over by Beth Hurst who has taken on the job of updating the site and communicating to members via the club email.  If you have an item for all members, she is the contact.

We need to thank Mark Hurst, our membership chair, for taking on this job. In the past Wayne Beck took on this job and we need to thank him for the work he did.  Mark has introduced an online membership procedure.  You can go to our website, fill in the membership form, pay online and have a membership certificate at the same time.  We are hoping members will take advantage of this offer and save both time and cost for the club.
We will continue offering in-person membership sign up at the ranges and with archery and other locations.  Details will be supplied by Mark.  This means we will still accept cash or cheque payment for those who feel they do not want to do electronic payment.

Capital requests for new equipment are being created now so if you have any suggestions see your range committee.

Finally some dates to remember.  February 23 is our AGM.  Please plan to come out and give your opinions on what the club is doing.  We have openings on the Board so if interested, either let me know or be prepared to put your name forward at the meeting.

Finally the date all members want to hear.  Our Annual Banquet is scheduled for March 5th.  Jean Sanderson has volunteered to return as chair of the committee but we will need volunteers for all areas.  This one night event raises over $13,000 for capital expenditures such as new equipment, landscaping and upgrades to current facilities.

Enjoy the holidays and we will see many of you at the AGM and Banquet.

Richard Thompson
President, PQFG