Presidents message – January 2016

January 2016 Newsletter Article from the President

Fellow Members:

A year has passed since you elected me as president.  I am going to let the volunteers detail  the year’s happenings as they have the details.

One of the items I am going to address is the problem we have with our bank of volunteers.  Each of our 4 focus areas has had a strong years yet each year their number dwindles.  While our newest area, archery, continues to grow, it too looks for volunteers.

It’s great to go to a range and see a group working but we must also look at the age of those working and ask ourselves why we have such a small group of volunteers with a membership of 800+.  Are we facing a time in the near future when we simply do not have enough volunteers to do the work?  Do we need to consider paying for much of the work being done today?

We face this issue now with our membership person.  While we are slowly changing over to electronic renewals or new memberships, we still are faced with entering over 500 members into our data base by hand.  While Lynn and Mark have been great to offer to work on this, do we need to hire someone to do this type of work?  We can spend the money on hiring people or have members come forward to volunteer so that funds can be directed where most members can access them.

The same issue exists for the Board of the club.  We have a very good group of representatives but again it is the same people time and time again.  New or younger members see the repeat each year of the same thing and want new ideas.  Yet that requires they step forward which most are reluctant to do.

Please consider running for the Board.  New ideas, while possibly hard to implement, are needed if we are to continue as a club.  For further details you can contact Len Fong at 250 468 1551 for answers to any questions you may have about what the Board does.

A final note.  The Fish and Game banquet is on!  Mark down March 5th, Qualicum Hall.  Tickets will be available from Lynn at 250 468 7686, Rick Gammon at Henry Range 250 734 3335 or Keith at Coast Sport Fish on the Island Highway. 202 891 Island Highway 250 586 6622. They are will be $45, a bargain when Victoria charges $65 as does the Salmon Foundation.

We will be looking for volunteers so if you want to help out, contact Jean Sanderson at, 250 586 6634

See you on February 23rd.  We will be having John Shepherd,  BCWF treasurer and a member of the Courtney club, at the meeting toc explain where your fees go and what the Fed does for us.  He will take questions so be kind.  He is a volunteer too!