Henry Range Report – February 2016

Henry  Range  Report – February 2016.

Activities continue to increase at both ranges. I am advised that over three hundred range pass  keys  have been purchased already this year.

We have recently received a substantial quantity of fill suitable for constructing  berms, so when we have some dryer weather, more construction on the new 50 yd. range will probably take place. We certainly need another handgun/.22 rifle facility.

On Feb. 16th. we hosted a large group (33) of students from Ballenas Secondary School along with several teachers and parents for a day of .22 rifle shooting. We had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. Both groups including the teachers and parents were given a comprehensive mini course on firearms safety and range rules, by Larry Blair, Firearms Safety Instructor and Qualified Range Officer prior to the shooting events. The participants shot at paper targets and at reactive steel target at our handgun facility. I am sure it was a valuable learning experience for all of them, in the safe handling and use of firearms and the skill required to hit the intended target. They all left smiling and took home some pretty impressive targets. We had a real good turnout of volunteers to help and give instruction on a one on one basis. Thanks to all. !!

Shoot Results

.22 Pistol Fun Shoot – Jan. 31st.

The shoot was held under dreary skies, however the cheeriness of the shooters made it seem like a summer day. It was the largest turnout I recall with 16 plus shooters. Instead of shooting individually we decided to team up. We even had to go and pickup more cookies. It was a really enjoyable time for all the shooters and spectators. It was great to see all of the new shooters come out and participate.


1st. Lee & Colin 133;  2nd. Wynn& Grant 119;  3rd. John& Olive 97.

Note: The next shoot will be held on Sunday Feb. 28th. at 10:00 am.   (Submitted by Rick and John)

Black Powder Shoots:

Jan.30th. Results.   1st. Grant M. 180;  2nd. Bob P. 169;  3rd. Walter R. 153.

Feb. 13th. Results  1st. Larry B. 39;  2nd.( Tie) Don H. & Grant M. 37;  3rd. Gerry E. 28.

.22 Rifle Fun Shoot: Feb 6th.

The shoot had a large turnout again this month, with over22 shooters. Everyone had a great time and at the halfway point all enjoyed another beautiful and delicious birthday cake to celebrate Olive`s 39th. birthday. Alex had the place toasty and warm and made another great pot of coffee, actually had to make two pots.

Results: 1st. John Will. & Dave 417; 2nd. (tie) Alex & Gerald “the dynamic duo” and Andrew, Graham and Nigel 411;  3rd. Jim & Clayton 370.

We are looking forward to the next shoot which will be held on Sat. March 5th., see you there. (Submitted by Rick)

.22 Precision Shoot: Feb 13th.

Aperture: 1st. Fritz  800;  2nd.(tie) John Will. & Rick 799;  3rd. John W. 750.

Scope: 1st. Tammy 799;  2nd. Dave 797;  3rd. Alex 792.

.22 precision shoot

(.22 precision match)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551  e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca