Henry Range Report – May 2016

Henry Range Report

There is apparently some concern and confusion regarding when and why the rifle and hand gun ranges are closed to the general membership to all firearm shooting activities.

The ranges are closed on occasion for the following reasons: Microwave tower maintenance and repair by Telus; RCMP qualifying and training; Brinks Armoured Car personnel training: BC Parks personnel training; ( all of the preceding agencies pay a $200.00 daily range rental fee); range work parties and some special occasion events.

The closures are always posted in advance on our web site calendar and on the notice boards and entrance gates at the ranges. (Emergency repairs to the microwave tower may be an exception)

The recently posted revised “Range Use Hours” was considered a pro active measure to minimise some of the noise for the adjacent residents and to create a definite range closure time.

The closure of the rifle or the handgun ranges and the recently revised posted ”Range Use Hours” do not apply to the use of the archery facility adjacent to the hand gun range. Archers are welcome to carry out their activities as they see fit.


Shooting Results:

Duty Pistol (March)
900 Match: 1st. Wynn; 2nd. Jay, 3rd. Walter.
1500 Match: 1st. Wynn, 2nd. Clive, 3rd. Len.
Duty Pistol (April).
900 Match: 1st. Len; 2nd. Graham; 3rd Jay.
1500 Match: 1st. Wynn: 2nd. Clive; 3rd Gord.
Bench rest (April)
Scope: 1st. Andrew 785; 2nd. Frank 779; 3rd. (Tie) Pam, Gerry, Alex 777.
Aperture: 1st. Rick 796; 2nd. Ken 795; 3rd John Will.794.
Military: (April)
1st. Graham 244; 2nd. Bruno 241; 3rd. Bob P. 238.
Sniper: 1st. Grant 97; 2nd John Will. 96; 3rd. Clive 95.
.22 Hand Gun (Submitted by Bob) (April)

The weather Gawds took pity on the last half of the shoot today. No attendance records were set(6 shooters). John did very well considering his shooting –eye cataract troubles. Olive provided healthy munchies. Unfortunately, I bought 2 dozen donuts based on last months turnout (16 shooters) , and the majority of the fat pills were not consumed by the present shooters. Win some – loose some.


Scores attained (Max possible 140)

Bob Lake 136
John Whitby 102
Olive Whitby 86
Gord Gebhardt 65
Rick Gammon 61
Peter Wartislav 60

Rick handed over monies ($39.60) collected over the period of my wintering in Arizona. This will help defray costs of today`s and future shoots. Whomever painted the silhouettes (Ken? Rick?)did a good job. I thank them.

Cheers, Bob.


Organized activities at both ranges continue to be well attended and daily casual shooting is definitely on the increase due to the increase in new members. To date, 420 range pass key have been purchased.

Submitted by Len Fong, Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551.

E-mail   lenbar@shaw.ca