Important Notice


At the General Meeting of the Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game, held on October 25th 2016,  a motion was passed by a vote of 14 – 5 that the club vote on whether or not to retain it’s affiliation status with the British Columbia Wildlife Federation.

The vote will take place at the Annual General Meeting on February 28, 2017.  You must be in attendance to vote.

The question will read;

That  Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game reaffirm it’s current status as an affiliate of the British Colombia Wildlife Federation

Yes will mean the current relationship will be retained.  No will mean that we severe our relationship.

The Pro’s and Con’s of this action will be presented over the next 4 months.  In January representatives of the BCWF will be attending a meeting in our region to present reasons to remain.  Club members opposed to membership will also present their case for leaving.

Further information will be circulated by email, web page and postings at club properties.

We encourage all members to take time to consider these options for the club and to talk to others members about  future directions.

Richard Thompson, President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game

BCWF Report – October 2016

BCWF Report

Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assoc. Oct, 2016

At our last General Meeting I reported on the status of a blockade by a splinter group of the Tahltan First Nations in the Dease Lake area of BC.  On Sept 14 BCWF representatives were informed that resident hunters were being denied access to the Ealeau Lake Road into the Klappan River area.  Some of these hunters had LEH authorizations and were denied their opportunity by ill informed people.  The blockade was not supported by the Tahltan Central Government or the Chief from Iskut but there was no effort on their part to remove it either.

The BCWF immediately put out information re member conduct around blockades such as this and instructions on what steps to take so that the Federation could launch the legal action necessary to address the offense.  It should be noted here that the RCMP or CO Service would not interfere in an illegal picket line (blockade) without a Court injunction.

Well, it seemed to take a long time before a resident hunter would actually come forward and sign an affidavit for submission to a judge who could then issue a court order to remove the blockade.  But, it finally did happen and on October 4 the RCMP attended and enforced the injunction ordering removal of the blockade.  This area has been a trouble spot over recent years and it appears we must be well prepared to deal with it again should an illegal action present itself again.

All the legal costs associated with this action were paid by the BCWF Action Fund which was formed specifically to fight this kind of battle on behalf of our members.  Our club has been an active supporter of the Action Fund with our annual shoot at the Dorman Range in June and so should take some pride in direct support of access for resident hunters in the Province.  Our effort and influence goes far beyond our immediate community.

Respectfully submitted

Rod Wiebe, PQF&G Past President (1992 – 1998)

Ducks Unlimited Report – October 2016

Youth waterfowl hunting on Waterfowl Heritage Day

This years training and shoot was a major success at the end of September. The Parksville Qualicum Fish and Game and Ducks Unlimited Canada in a true collaboration staged a day of hunter training and shooting skills practice at the Dorman Rage September 25 followed by a field shoot October 1. Eighteen Young man and women between the age of 12 and 18 participated along with 8 mentors. The program was overwhelmed by the number of young people wishing to participate.

The young hunters received input on the ethics and principals of fair chase and the importance of being familiar with the regulations governing this sport as well as practical skills of Waterfowl decoy spreads and calling. The combination of classroom and field experience hopefully wetted their appetites to pursue the CORE designation.

I wish to extend my thanks to the mentors who assisting with the event and the Club for staging the training.

Wayne Pritchard

Director Ducks Unlimited Canada


comox-shoot-1 comox-shoot-3

Henry Range Report – October 2016

Henry Range Report (Summer 2016)
Activities at Henry Range continue to increase largely due to the number of new members and the number of range pass keys that have been purchase to date this year. Range pass keys sold to date is 554 keys which have generated $16620.00 in revenue for the range coffers.

All weekend organized shoots are well attended and have attracted some new participants. Accolades are in order to the various people who faithfully continue who organize, coordinate and ensure the safety disciplines required for these events. Mid August saw the start of a fairly heavy influx of the hunting fraternity sighting in new and “old faithful” rifles and developing and testing new hand loads for the upcoming hunting season, and this activity still going on now.

Range rentals by the R.C.M.P., Brinks Armoured Car Service, the Provincial Parks Service and the C.O. Service also continues to generate revenue for our cause. All members are advised to carefully check our website calendar and or the range notice boards for range closure times and dates.

There were several organized work parties held this summer which included: removing the three sheds that were located on the Hydro right-of way, one was salvaged and relocated to our property and the other two which were in a lot of distress were dismantled and disposed of; the building of another wood shed; two sessions of cutting ,splitting and stacking fire wood (approx 6 or 7 cords); general range cleanup and repairs.
Construction of the new 50 yd. handgun range is still work in progress, but is nearing completion as far as berm construction and the range floor is concerned. There is still some grader work required on the range floor to establish the required elevations. The required documentation and approvals from the Chief Firearms Officer are now being addressed. In conjunction with the new range construction we were able to establish an improved setup and parking area to the archery range.
Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551; e-mail

Presidents report – October 2016

A message from your President:
October 2016

While many members are off hunting or fishing, quite a few have remained behind. This article is to update members to what is happening within the club.

As some of you know, the club has purchased the mobile unit at Dorman Range. Carol, the past caretaker, resigned in June and we are in need to a watchman at the range. We also will need a number of volunteers in November to clean up the unit and prepare it for a new tenant. Ron Card will have more information on this as well as how a new caretaker will be chosen.

Finally, members have asked to have someone from the Federation to speak to a meeting about why the club and its members should remain as part of the Fed. I have contacted the Region 1 President and the Federation to start arranging a forum that will satisfy the request of members.

Finally, we need new members to step forward to run for the Board and Executive next year. Much has occurred this year and we need members to carry on what has happened to improve the club.

Richard Thompson, President PQFG

Oceanside Stroke Recovery – Garage Sale November 26th 2016

Garage Sale in aid of the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society

November 26th 2016

Our club has benefited from help at the Dorman Range from volunteers from the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society and here’s a chance to help them out.  They need a pickup truck and one or two people to load rummage sale items from three separate locations, all in Parksville, and delivered up to the Brandley Center in Coombs ahead of the garage sale on November 25.

Meeting time at the three locations is 2:00 pm on Friday Nov 25.  Set up will be done by Stroke Society volunteers with the actual sale the next day, Saturday Nov 26.

More is better, though, so if anybody can contribute in any way please contact Kathleen at / 250-586-6766 or Rod / (250 240 – 7685)

For donations: they can be delivered to Bernice Prier’s place, 117 S. Moilliet St. Parksville.  Items can be left in her carport and she will move them to her storage shed until the sale. Alternately, items can be dropped off at the Bradley Centre on the Friday afternoon preceding the sale, (Nov. 25) between the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Many thanks in advance

Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society