BCWF Report – October 2016

BCWF Report

Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assoc. Oct, 2016

At our last General Meeting I reported on the status of a blockade by a splinter group of the Tahltan First Nations in the Dease Lake area of BC.  On Sept 14 BCWF representatives were informed that resident hunters were being denied access to the Ealeau Lake Road into the Klappan River area.  Some of these hunters had LEH authorizations and were denied their opportunity by ill informed people.  The blockade was not supported by the Tahltan Central Government or the Chief from Iskut but there was no effort on their part to remove it either.

The BCWF immediately put out information re member conduct around blockades such as this and instructions on what steps to take so that the Federation could launch the legal action necessary to address the offense.  It should be noted here that the RCMP or CO Service would not interfere in an illegal picket line (blockade) without a Court injunction.

Well, it seemed to take a long time before a resident hunter would actually come forward and sign an affidavit for submission to a judge who could then issue a court order to remove the blockade.  But, it finally did happen and on October 4 the RCMP attended and enforced the injunction ordering removal of the blockade.  This area has been a trouble spot over recent years and it appears we must be well prepared to deal with it again should an illegal action present itself again.

All the legal costs associated with this action were paid by the BCWF Action Fund which was formed specifically to fight this kind of battle on behalf of our members.  Our club has been an active supporter of the Action Fund with our annual shoot at the Dorman Range in June and so should take some pride in direct support of access for resident hunters in the Province.  Our effort and influence goes far beyond our immediate community.

Respectfully submitted

Rod Wiebe, PQF&G Past President (1992 – 1998)