Important Notice


At the General Meeting of the Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game, held on October 25th 2016,  a motion was passed by a vote of 14 – 5 that the club vote on whether or not to retain it’s affiliation status with the British Columbia Wildlife Federation.

The vote will take place at the Annual General Meeting on February 28, 2017.  You must be in attendance to vote.

The question will read;

That  Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game reaffirm it’s current status as an affiliate of the British Colombia Wildlife Federation

Yes will mean the current relationship will be retained.  No will mean that we severe our relationship.

The Pro’s and Con’s of this action will be presented over the next 4 months.  In January representatives of the BCWF will be attending a meeting in our region to present reasons to remain.  Club members opposed to membership will also present their case for leaving.

Further information will be circulated by email, web page and postings at club properties.

We encourage all members to take time to consider these options for the club and to talk to others members about  future directions.

Richard Thompson, President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game