2017 AGM Agenda


When – Tuesday 28th February 2017
What time – Doors open at 6pm – meeting will be called to order at 7pm
Where – Parksville Community Centre, 132 Jensen Ave E, Parksville

Nomination for your 2017 Board are as follows:

President – Richard Thompson
Vice Pres – Doug Kitts
Secretary – Rod Wiebe
Treasurer – Tina Wilson

Directors for 1 year
Ron Card
Don McIIhargey
Bob O’Brien
Bob Patterson
Rion Porteous

Directors for 2 years
Gord Gebhardt
Phil Charlebois
We are still looking for a Director for 2 years. Your name can be put forward on the night.

You must be a member in good standing (have paid your 2017 dues) to vote. Please ensure that you have renewed your membership ahead of time where possible at www.pqfg.org or with our custodian at the Henry Range (available hours are listed on the website).

2017 AGM Agenda below

2017 Banquet – if you haven’t purchased your banquet tickets yet you still have a little time. The few remaining tickets will be available for sale at the AGM. Don’t miss out!

Thank you for your continued support of
Parksville-Qualicum Fish and Game Association


AGM Agenda 2017

A note from your President on volunteering


My family and friends keep asking why I want to keep volunteering.

I guess it is because it makes me feel that I am continuing to contribute to my community without needing that pay cheque each month.  It is my time and my energy that goes into it.  I get to choose whether to do it or not.  I can leave or stay.

More importantly I get to stand back and say to myself that I have done something important even if it only encompasses a single person helped or an entire group such as we are as a club.

I have been asked to volunteer to run for President for another year which I have agreed to do. Friends have asked why would I do it.

The answer is that I’m proud to stand back and see the work completed over the time I have been President.  The volunteers from archery have built a dynamic program bringing in new members while constructing the new storage building.  Henry range, with their dedicated volunteers like John Willson, have rebuilt the rifle range and constructed a new range, much of it using volunteers. The archery group also gained a new range at Henry. Henry has now taken on a mobile home to maintain for club security.

Dorman range likewise counts on their volunteers to maintain their range.  Lead by Bob and Ron, they have constructed a large addition to the existing storage unit to offer security and storage to their range.  Work around the range makes the range work.  They too have taken on a mobile home to ensure range security.

These are examples of how club volunteers, many more than I can list, make the club work.  Yet there is always a need for new members and new ideas.  Any club that falls back unto itself only to supply new directions is doomed to failure eventually.  That is why I ask that you consider coming out to a range and volunteering even a few hours for a work party, to sit on the range committees or bring forth ideas at the General Meetings that can help the club.  Try visiting the “other” range than a surprising number of members know nothing about.  You will find that each range and location has willing volunteers to work with you to try something new. Shooting times and locations are on the Web Site.

Maybe you might be the next Robin Hood!

Richard Thompson

President, PQF&G

BCWF/PQFG Report – January 2017

BCWF Report Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assoc. Feb, 2017

There is some false information being circulated about how much PQF&G club money is shipped off to “BCWF coffers” every year. Something like $34K is being kicked around. Who knows how that figure is arrived at but your Club Treasurer will address this clearly at the upcoming AGM as this issue seems to be what is driving those who think our club should disaffiliate with the BCWF, maintain dues at current levels and use that $34K to hire a club “Manager” to do all that work our volunteers are failing to do.

The fact is that the costs for BCWF being the voice for the anglers, hunters and shooters of our club is not nearly $34K. Regardless of BCWF affiliation all our assets, facilities, events and Directors still require insurance coverage. For 2017 our budgeted cost for this service is $6991 paid to Capri Insurance Group and that will never change much BCWF affiliation or not. It is an annual cost of doing business.

Our club dues for 2017 are $19,500 based on a membership of 977 at the end of 2016. Our club also pays $150 annual dues to the VI Region of the BCWF. So the total PQF&G dues to the BCWF for 2017 is $19,650.

Discretionary costs like attending the BCWF Convention in Nelson, the Region AGM, donations to both events and VI Region Kids Camp is budgeted at $4650. The club does not have to spend this money by participating in these events but has chosen to do so. For over thirty consecutive years the PQF&G club has sent delegates to the BCWF Convention everywhere in BC.

The $2891 that was earned at the Dorman Range in 2016, or in years past, for the BCWF Action Fund cost the PQF&G club nothing. This event is hosted by sporting clay shooters and pays all the costs it incurs and is outside of any regular club function. If the PQF&G were not a BCWF club affiliate this event simply would not happen so there would be no revenue gain from disaffiliation here. This shoot has excellent support from the shooters at Dorman Rd and its Range Committee has recorded a unanimous vote of support for continued BCWF affiliation in the minutes of a recent meeting.

On Jan 26 there were five BCWF representatives present at a special meeting in Parksville where a few over 60 of our 977 members showed up. Maybe not many care but they care a lot. The presentations were mostly very informative but there were likely few minds changed. Some members continue to feel they get their money’s worth while others do not.

In the past our members have always respected each others interests and supported each other. It’s been the key to our success. Many hunters in our club, like myself, pay our $30 annual Henry Range fee for the privilege of using it maybe a half a dozen times a year; and are happy to do it. And, like all other PQF&G members we pay our BCWF dues (less than $30) for the BCWF; and are happy to do it. The BCWF is our voice listened to by all levels of government for resident priority in access to public lands or allocations of fish and wildlife resources, habitat protection, hunter/firearms education and to assure opportunity for future generations of anglers, hunters and shooters.

Respectfully submitted Rod Wiebe – PQF&G Past President (1992 – 1998)

A note from your treasurer – January 2017

A note from your treasurer – January 2017

Please mark your calendars for our AGM on Feb 28, 2017 our year ended Nov 30, 2016 and the report will be presented by Mr. Jason Moore, partner with McIntosh Norton and Williams. Mr. Moore also files our requirements for our Corporate Income Tax report along with our Non-Profit report to Canada Revenue Agency.

The Budget to operate for 2017 has been discussed, accepted and approved by the Budget Committee and the Executive on Jan 24, 2017. This will be presented to the membership for approval at the AGM.

Please plan to attend.

Tina Wilson, Treasurer 1995 – 2017

Presidents Report – January 2017

Presidents Report – January 2017


The special information meeting at the Parksville Civic Centre was attended by more than 60 club members. Thank you to all of you who came out. The reason for the meeting was to supply information on the workings of the BCWF and where our dues to them went. The request for the meeting goes back to last spring when a general meeting asked the Federation to supply speakers to speak about Federation programs. Members seemed to find the information useful. It’s always good to be able to speak directly to the people spending your fees and making decisions that relate to our enjoyment of the outdoors. Notes will be available of the proceedings later this week.

Our next General Meeting is January 31 at the Legion in Qualicum, followed by our AGM on Feb 28th at the Parksville Centre again. Leonard Krog will speak to members at that meeting. Finally, on March 11th we will have our annual fund raiser banquet at the Qualicum Civic centre. Tickets are $50 and available from either range or members of the banquet committee. This is our major fund raiser that helps supplement our fees for the year. Attached is a comparison of fees for the largest clubs on the island. It is supplied to give you an idea of how much it costs to run our club as compared to similar sized ones in Region 1.
Richard Thompson PQFG President

2017 Anaysis of Members for Van Isle Clubs

Henry Range Report – January 2017

Henry Range Report – submitted January 2017

2016 turned out to be an extremely active year at the range. 561 range pass keys were purchased by renewing and new members. All of the weekend organized shoots were well attended with a lot of new members participating. Daily range activities continue to increase and this keeps our now officially appointed Range Warden, Richard busy. (Apparently interfering with his T.V. watching, nap time and dog walking).

Range rentals have generated about $3900.00 this past year and the R.C.M.P. have requested and been given additional exclusive time which is every Thursday morning. Just a note here: it is important to check the events calendar on the web site to verify range activities before proceeding to the range, particularly if you are not a frequent user. Range closures are normally always posted at the range and on the web site calendar with the exception of emergency Microwave Tower repairs.

We had the opportunity to host several students and teachers on three occasions from Ballenas Secondary school who were given a concentrated short course in firearms safety and handling by Firearms Safety Instructor Larry Blair and then they participated in a couple of hours of .22 rifle target shooting. Lots of good targets shot and plenty of smiles all around. A great way to give back to the community.

The construction of the new 50 yd. range is well under way. The berms have been constructed and the proper elevations for the range floor will be established when dryer conditions occur in the spring. The local R.C.M.P. are anxious to have this range in operation as soon as possible to accommodate practice drills with their new carbine firearms.

Accolades go to our perennial group of faithful volunteers who continue to look after all of the grunt work required to maintain the smooth operation of the rifle and handgun ranges and also to those who organize and conduct the various shooting events.

Did You Know !! -Henry Range was originally called Chattell Range. It sits on approximately 14 acres which was purchased from the Village of Parksville for the sum of $2,342.55 in 1969. This was all due to the efforts of Henry Estlin who was a provincial judge and ardent rifle and hand gun shooter who wanted to establish an officially, recognized and controlled range. In 1999 the name of the range was officially changed to the ”Henry Range” as a tribute to its founding member.

-Rifle shooting and handgun shooting both took place at the same time at the existing rifle range until 2001.

-Financing for the start of construction in 2000 of the existing handgun facility was from donations of $100.00 each from about a dozen or so enthusiastic handgun shooters.
Many hours of volunteer labour and donated material and equipment time did the rest. Completion 2001. (Source: Historical Journal PQFGA)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551, e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca