BCWF/PQFG Report – January 2017

BCWF Report Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assoc. Feb, 2017

There is some false information being circulated about how much PQF&G club money is shipped off to “BCWF coffers” every year. Something like $34K is being kicked around. Who knows how that figure is arrived at but your Club Treasurer will address this clearly at the upcoming AGM as this issue seems to be what is driving those who think our club should disaffiliate with the BCWF, maintain dues at current levels and use that $34K to hire a club “Manager” to do all that work our volunteers are failing to do.

The fact is that the costs for BCWF being the voice for the anglers, hunters and shooters of our club is not nearly $34K. Regardless of BCWF affiliation all our assets, facilities, events and Directors still require insurance coverage. For 2017 our budgeted cost for this service is $6991 paid to Capri Insurance Group and that will never change much BCWF affiliation or not. It is an annual cost of doing business.

Our club dues for 2017 are $19,500 based on a membership of 977 at the end of 2016. Our club also pays $150 annual dues to the VI Region of the BCWF. So the total PQF&G dues to the BCWF for 2017 is $19,650.

Discretionary costs like attending the BCWF Convention in Nelson, the Region AGM, donations to both events and VI Region Kids Camp is budgeted at $4650. The club does not have to spend this money by participating in these events but has chosen to do so. For over thirty consecutive years the PQF&G club has sent delegates to the BCWF Convention everywhere in BC.

The $2891 that was earned at the Dorman Range in 2016, or in years past, for the BCWF Action Fund cost the PQF&G club nothing. This event is hosted by sporting clay shooters and pays all the costs it incurs and is outside of any regular club function. If the PQF&G were not a BCWF club affiliate this event simply would not happen so there would be no revenue gain from disaffiliation here. This shoot has excellent support from the shooters at Dorman Rd and its Range Committee has recorded a unanimous vote of support for continued BCWF affiliation in the minutes of a recent meeting.

On Jan 26 there were five BCWF representatives present at a special meeting in Parksville where a few over 60 of our 977 members showed up. Maybe not many care but they care a lot. The presentations were mostly very informative but there were likely few minds changed. Some members continue to feel they get their money’s worth while others do not.

In the past our members have always respected each others interests and supported each other. It’s been the key to our success. Many hunters in our club, like myself, pay our $30 annual Henry Range fee for the privilege of using it maybe a half a dozen times a year; and are happy to do it. And, like all other PQF&G members we pay our BCWF dues (less than $30) for the BCWF; and are happy to do it. The BCWF is our voice listened to by all levels of government for resident priority in access to public lands or allocations of fish and wildlife resources, habitat protection, hunter/firearms education and to assure opportunity for future generations of anglers, hunters and shooters.

Respectfully submitted Rod Wiebe – PQF&G Past President (1992 – 1998)