Henry Range Report – January 2017

Henry Range Report – submitted January 2017

2016 turned out to be an extremely active year at the range. 561 range pass keys were purchased by renewing and new members. All of the weekend organized shoots were well attended with a lot of new members participating. Daily range activities continue to increase and this keeps our now officially appointed Range Warden, Richard busy. (Apparently interfering with his T.V. watching, nap time and dog walking).

Range rentals have generated about $3900.00 this past year and the R.C.M.P. have requested and been given additional exclusive time which is every Thursday morning. Just a note here: it is important to check the events calendar on the web site to verify range activities before proceeding to the range, particularly if you are not a frequent user. Range closures are normally always posted at the range and on the web site calendar with the exception of emergency Microwave Tower repairs.

We had the opportunity to host several students and teachers on three occasions from Ballenas Secondary school who were given a concentrated short course in firearms safety and handling by Firearms Safety Instructor Larry Blair and then they participated in a couple of hours of .22 rifle target shooting. Lots of good targets shot and plenty of smiles all around. A great way to give back to the community.

The construction of the new 50 yd. range is well under way. The berms have been constructed and the proper elevations for the range floor will be established when dryer conditions occur in the spring. The local R.C.M.P. are anxious to have this range in operation as soon as possible to accommodate practice drills with their new carbine firearms.

Accolades go to our perennial group of faithful volunteers who continue to look after all of the grunt work required to maintain the smooth operation of the rifle and handgun ranges and also to those who organize and conduct the various shooting events.

Did You Know !! -Henry Range was originally called Chattell Range. It sits on approximately 14 acres which was purchased from the Village of Parksville for the sum of $2,342.55 in 1969. This was all due to the efforts of Henry Estlin who was a provincial judge and ardent rifle and hand gun shooter who wanted to establish an officially, recognized and controlled range. In 1999 the name of the range was officially changed to the ”Henry Range” as a tribute to its founding member.

-Rifle shooting and handgun shooting both took place at the same time at the existing rifle range until 2001.

-Financing for the start of construction in 2000 of the existing handgun facility was from donations of $100.00 each from about a dozen or so enthusiastic handgun shooters.
Many hours of volunteer labour and donated material and equipment time did the rest. Completion 2001. (Source: Historical Journal PQFGA)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551, e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca