A note from your President on volunteering


My family and friends keep asking why I want to keep volunteering.

I guess it is because it makes me feel that I am continuing to contribute to my community without needing that pay cheque each month.  It is my time and my energy that goes into it.  I get to choose whether to do it or not.  I can leave or stay.

More importantly I get to stand back and say to myself that I have done something important even if it only encompasses a single person helped or an entire group such as we are as a club.

I have been asked to volunteer to run for President for another year which I have agreed to do. Friends have asked why would I do it.

The answer is that I’m proud to stand back and see the work completed over the time I have been President.  The volunteers from archery have built a dynamic program bringing in new members while constructing the new storage building.  Henry range, with their dedicated volunteers like John Willson, have rebuilt the rifle range and constructed a new range, much of it using volunteers. The archery group also gained a new range at Henry. Henry has now taken on a mobile home to maintain for club security.

Dorman range likewise counts on their volunteers to maintain their range.  Lead by Bob and Ron, they have constructed a large addition to the existing storage unit to offer security and storage to their range.  Work around the range makes the range work.  They too have taken on a mobile home to ensure range security.

These are examples of how club volunteers, many more than I can list, make the club work.  Yet there is always a need for new members and new ideas.  Any club that falls back unto itself only to supply new directions is doomed to failure eventually.  That is why I ask that you consider coming out to a range and volunteering even a few hours for a work party, to sit on the range committees or bring forth ideas at the General Meetings that can help the club.  Try visiting the “other” range than a surprising number of members know nothing about.  You will find that each range and location has willing volunteers to work with you to try something new. Shooting times and locations are on the Web Site.

Maybe you might be the next Robin Hood!

Richard Thompson

President, PQF&G