Henry Range Report – March 2017

Henry Range Report

I am writing this report on the first day of spring and although it is not hot, the weather conditions are   better than what we have encountered for the past three or four months particularly as it affected our various shooting events. Two of the organized events were cancelled due to snow, a first in my memory over the past twenty years. Some of the military shoots were all shot from the covered firing line due to heavy rain conditions and a lot of whining and sniveling, ( some of these Military wannabes aren’t as tough as they look).lol  However, participation at all of the organized and casual shoots continues to increase. Range pass keys sales are brisk and 364 have been purchased to date.

Donations for the upcoming PQFG Gun Show Club Table

We are requesting donations from the PQFG members for the May gun show club table. If you have any thing  lying around which is surplus to your needs such as firearms parts, reloading stuff, fishing or hunting related items or anything else we could sell at the table, we would love to have it.

If you would like us to sell a firearm for you at the table, we would take a commission of $15. for a firearm up to $200. and $20. For a firearm over  $200. All money from this sale will go directly to the club.

Lets make this event a success, we would really appreciate your donation. Call Alex at 250 752-1875 for pickup or drop off your donation at Henry Range trailer, see Richard or call him at 250 734-3335.


Shooting Results

Military Match –January                              February                             March

1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 309

2nd. Lee B 243                      2nd.Clive C 243                2nd. Lee B 302

3rd . Bob P 239                  3rd.Lee B 238                       3rd. Mike S 289


Sniper                  1st. Clive C 98                     1st Clive C 99                      1st. Clive C 98, Grant M 98 (tie)

2 nd Bruno K 95                 .2nd. Grant M 95                2nd.Bob P 93

3rd. John Will 85                3rd. Bruno K 92                 3rd. Bruno K 88

Scores from other events will be published in the next news letter.


50 Yard Range Update.

All of the necessary paper work has been submitted to the Chief Firearms Officer, but there has been no response to date. We have recently received an additional few loads of fill and when the material dries out, final grading of the range base can be completed. Hopefully we will be able to use this range soon.

Range Maintenance

This is to advise that our Range Warden, Richard Gammon is currently dealing with some fairly serious medical conditions and will have difficulty carrying out some of his normal range maintenance duties. It will be appreciated if all range users clean up their shooting area, return target stands, place cardboard in the appropriate racks and place garbage in the garbage receptacles provided after your shooting session. Rick is scheduled to have surgery in early May. We wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery. 

Note: If God wanted us to be Vegetarians he would have made kale and broccoli more fun to shoot!!

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph 250 468-1551   e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca