What makes it different? – Archery Report – Bob O’Brien

What makes it different?

The BC Indoors was in Armstrong on Easter weekend, 133 archers.  I
am always intrigued at how different I feel shooting an event compared to
the regular shooting we do at the range.  The distance is the same,
targets, scoring, timing, all the same, the lighting is much better (see
photo of target lights) and it was even warm, and same as at the range,once you let go there is no getting it back…good or bad.

If you are interested in trying out shooting at events please let me know and I will pass on the information I have on what is coming up this summer (BC Outdoors will be hosted in Duncan on the Labour Day weekend).

Miranda Mail also shot in Armstrong.  She did very well , winning, setting a BC Indoor record, and most impressively shooting well enough to qualify for a FITA Target Award (Federation of International Target Archers). – Congratulations to Miranda for a great shoot.

May is the last month of indoor shooting, we will open again in
September.  There is outdoor shooting available at both the Henry and
Dorman ranges.
I would like to hear from the members of what they thought went well and what we could improve for the next season.  Please send me your comments directly to bobob@telus.net and we will see what we can accomplish next.

Shoot Strong
Bob O’Brien