Call for nominations – AGM 2018

Hi Folks,

We’re getting really close to Board elections at the AGM on March 29th 2018. This is your last chance to raise your hand and help shape the future of our association.

I’m looking for an,



This position is expected to be greatly simplified as our current treasurer is having conversation with our accountants for a data entry person who will look after financial obligations and prepare financial statements.


Some great folks have stuck their hand up for one of these four positions. This could be your chance to front your opinions. If you are interested call or write.

Being a board member requires a two-year commitment-but we’re bendable.


This person is usually chosen by other members of the executive but is open to any member to nominate an executive. Please reply to me in less than 150 words why you nominated this person.


This person, among all our membership can receive the coveted trophy as Member of the Year. Again please send you nomination to me replying with 150 words or less why you feel this person deserves recognition for outstanding service.


We have the ability to award special recognition to a person or organisation that has helped with the aims of PQFG or enhanced our reputation. Again the 150 words or less would be appreciated.

Please direct your replies to me at;


Or telephone at 250-752-6846

Thank you for helping me do my job


Rick Starling

Nominations Chair


Member Update – 01/29/2018 A Message from your President

To     All Members

Date  January 26, 2018

From Richard Thompson, President PQFG

Annual Banquet

I have the job of announcing that the Annual PQF&G Fund Raising banquet has been postponed indefinitely.

The Board and Banquet Committee have been unable to fill several vital spots in the organizational structure.  This was due to several key members being out of town at Banquet time and the inability to find members to fill the leadership positions needed for the event to succeed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported the event by attending faithfully each year.

Also, thanks to those people that did all of the little jobs that really made the Banquet a success, whether selling 50-50 tickets, setting up tables or the myriad of other small but essential jobs.

The end result is that our finances will take a hit of approximately $17 000.  Your Board will be looking at cost saving measures and consider utilizing funds accumulated from past financial periods.

It may be time we looked at other sources of revenue and your Board will be doing so.


The Board has moved the date of the Annual General Meeting until March 29th, 15 months after the last meeting.

The Meeting will deal with budgets, elections and reports from various group within the organization and other items required by the Societies Act.

Richard Thompson, President PQFG