14th Annual Rod and Gun Show – Sunday May 27th


14th Annual Rod and Gun Show

Sunday May 27th, 2018

Arrowsmith Hall

Coombs Fairgrounds on Ford Rd.

Behind the Coombs General Store

Many Great Deals on new and used items for the outdoors person

Doors open at 8:00 AM

Pancake breakfast and Lunch available

$5.00 admission to males over 16; free for women


Call for Details or Table Rentals

Graham Alexander  250-240-0459


Bill C-71: Information & Assessment

Bill C-71 has been introduced by the federal Liberal Party to amend several parts of the current laws governing firearms. There is much debate and opinion so for the benefit of our PQFG membership and the wider firearms community in general, we have tried to collate some educational material to allow users to create an informed stance. Normally, we would seek the views of informed supporters and detractors but in the case of Bill C-71, we have been unable to find any supporting view that is ‘informed’. While we recognise the bias of an organisation such as PQFG in assessments of this nature, it would have been enlightening to find at least some material supporting C-71 for the purposes of critical thought. Regrettably, we have been unable to do so.

The assessments below are made by recognised experts in the shooting sports community.

Canadian Shooting Sports Association:
Team CSSA News Release | Bill C-71 | March 20, 2018

Team CSSA Special Report | Bill C-71 – Another Liberal Betrayal of Canadians | March 23, 2018

TEAM CSSA TALKING POINTS | Bill C-71 | March 25, 2018

Canadian National Firearm Association:
The NFA to mount campaign against Liberal Bill C-71

C-71: NFA executive summary and analysis by Guy Lavergne

Ian Runkle – Firearms Law & Criminal Defence (Facebook blog)

Response to Liberal claims of increased firearm crime by expert statisticians | CBC

If you find other reputable analysis either supporting or criticising C-71, please submit them to info@pqfg.org and we will look at including them here.

ACTION NEEDED: Bill C-71 – Amendments to Firearms Regulations

As most firearms owners will be aware, the federal Liberal government has tabled changes to firearms laws that will affect anyone in Canada that legally owns a firearm. This bill is labelled C-71.

As misguided as the proposed legislation is – and there are numerous assessments provided from multiple sources which make clear that it is misguided – the urgency for action relates to the attempts by the Liberal government to ‘fast track’ the changes without debate. With Parliament expected to be pressed to approve this afternoon, 27th March, it is imperative that you take a few minutes to make a couple of phone calls to the representatives below and state that you object to the bill in general but particularly to the attempts to push this through Parliament without debate. Time MATTERS, this could occur as early as this afternoon.

    Ralph Goodale – Minister for Public Safety

Parliament Hill: 613-991-2924
Saskatchewan: 306-585-2202

    Gord Johns – Member of Parliament – Courtenay-Alberni

Parliament Hill: 613-992-0903
Vancouver Island: 1-844-620-9924

Please take the time to call and have your feelings heard on this matter.

Ralph Goodale’ phone is ringing out but so keep trying both numbers.

I (Mark Hurst) spoke with Gord Johns secretary and her understanding is the vote to ‘fast track’ has taken place this morning but is not aware of the outcome. She will endeavour to find more information and let me know so that I can share with the membership. She did inform me that Gord also objected to the ‘fast track’ and was intending to vote against it along with the Conservative Party.

BCWF Report April 25, 2017 – Rod Wiebe

BCWF Report

Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assn

April 25, 2017

It has been almost a year since I distributed a BCWF report to the membership.  There is no explanation for this other than reports from any of our Club Committees to our general membership have been few and far between.  Possibly, our club has become so large that the sub-cutures that have developed tend to communicate most with those who share their primary interest and ignore the rest of our membership.  Still, the majority of our members do care how all the components of our club are doing.

The BCWF has a database of email addresses that club members have included in their contact information.  These members get a weekly member update so a lot of BCWF information does get out there, at least, to those who want it.  My job will be to fill in some blanks with that, hopefully, with some consistency.  I also have to confess it is Beth, our newsletter person, who is nagging us back to action with our reporting.

Last weekend our club sent delegates to the BCWF Region 1 AGM held at the Courtenay club facility on Comox Lake.  There are 17 Vancouver Island clubs forming Region 1 with delegates from Victoria to Campbell River in attendance.  All the committees, Tidal Fisheries, Access, Firearms, Aboriginal Relations, etc reported on their activity over the last quarter.  The major item of discussion on the agenda was around access to private lands here on V.I.  There is actually a bit of controversy going on within club ranks around a consistent position in discussions with logging companies regarding increased public access to their lands.

Basically, the difference comes down to an absence of a clear Region policy, supported by all the V.I. clubs, regarding public access to private land.  The BCWF, Provincially and Regionally, have always advocated for public access to public lands but, other than the BCWF Outdoor Passport Program for access to private lands by BCWF members, there is no clear policy regarding advocacy for general public access to those same lands.

Logging companies have increased their outreach to local F&G clubs, ATV clubs, fisherfolks, horse people, etc in the recent past.  Their focus has been, understandably, on groups that have demonstrated responsible use of our landscape most with liability coverage for their members.  Usually these invitations have been to local clubs separate from the V.I. Region who has been the spokesman for us.  This has resulted in some disconnect between the V.I Region Access Committee and some clubs with the Victoria F&G club negotiating an access agreement for their members only exclusive of other BCWF affiliated club members.  This separation is contrary to the principle of inclusion which is at the very heart of BCWF service to its members.

Unqualified access to the general public has been a non-starter for any private land owner and any group advocating this starts out on the wrong foot in discussions with private land holders regarding access to their properties.  Some conditions to accessing private lands can be negotiated; others must be accepted and restrictions on who is admissible are to be expected.

Our club has ongoing discussion with Island Timberlands around access to their lands.  We have leaned towards access for any BCWF member, not just our club members in the expectation that a neighbouring club would speak likewise.  As a club we have good intuition regarding private landowners interests and been fairly silent on access for the general public.  Our Region representatives, however, are more vocal about allowing access on a broader scale.  So far we are all getting along but it would be a sad day if the clubs get Balkanized by different agreements on access to Private lands.  All the clubs, except the Victoria club it would seem, realize this and support getting together with our Regional representatives to review the current policy around access to private lands for mutual support.

This subject is currently the main subject of discussion and action by the F&G clubs on Vancouver Island.

Respectfully submitted

Rod Wiebe, Past President PQF&G 1992 – 1998

Richard Thompson – final address March 2018

To All Club Members

From Richard Thompson, outgoing President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game

March 9th, 2018

Fellow Members:

I have not been producing a monthly article because it is the club volunteers that have been driving the club’s activities.  I would like to list a few that they have completed while I was president.

  • Archery continues to draw members, especially youth. They have upgraded their winter facilities and constructed a storage building to handle their targets. Our 2 ranges have welcomed their use as well.  They have been able to produce a number of members who have done well in provincial competitions.


  • Henry range upgraded its ranges and added a new one. This was a multiyear project lead by John Willson.  At this time we need to also mention that our community supporters have supplied hundreds of hours of labour and heavy equipment to make many of our projects come true.


  • Dorman Range has continued to upgrade its facilities to allow easier use by our challenged members and visitors. Cement walkways were put in by volunteers, financed by a grant from our MLA Michelle Stillwell.


  • Dorman has also seen a major upgrade in their storage facility on site. They have added equipment to help in the movement of the supplies that our located there.
  • Our hatchery continues to produce fry with help from members, outside volunteers and DF0. New pumps and waning systems have helped reduce loss by low water within the hatchery and much easier management of the hatchery.


  • We have moved to a more on-line program for registration. While some members still do not use it. A high percentage do, thereby reducing costs and volunteer time.


I can’t claim credit for any of these.


Yet it has not all been easy. We had to deal with the move to withdrawn from the BCWF.  Members spoke and voted overwhelmingly to remain.

We are starting to feel the effect of our volunteers aging.  This year, for the first time in many years, we had to cancel the banquet.  We found no one to take it on.  Our summer picnic has followed the same path.  While we can fund it, we cannot find the people to manage it.


We have attempted to work at increasing our focus on Fishing with no luck.  We have the volunteers but how to manage remains a problem.


We have dealt with disputes within the club and the need to follow club and range rules.  Some members still stray from these and everyone needs to police them.

Finally, we became landlords.  We purchased the mobiles at Henry and Dorman and have 2 great sets of people sharing the general upkeep of the sites.  Whether this was a good idea, time will tell.

I have had the privilege of serving with some very dedicated people over my 4 years.  Your Board has had representatives who wanted to see the club succeed

A final thank you to all those members who have done the work and allowed me the right to call myself President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game