Bill C-71: Information & Assessment

Bill C-71 has been introduced by the federal Liberal Party to amend several parts of the current laws governing firearms. There is much debate and opinion so for the benefit of our PQFG membership and the wider firearms community in general, we have tried to collate some educational material to allow users to create an informed stance. Normally, we would seek the views of informed supporters and detractors but in the case of Bill C-71, we have been unable to find any supporting view that is ‘informed’. While we recognise the bias of an organisation such as PQFG in assessments of this nature, it would have been enlightening to find at least some material supporting C-71 for the purposes of critical thought. Regrettably, we have been unable to do so.

The assessments below are made by recognised experts in the shooting sports community.

Canadian Shooting Sports Association:
Team CSSA News Release | Bill C-71 | March 20, 2018

Team CSSA Special Report | Bill C-71 – Another Liberal Betrayal of Canadians | March 23, 2018

TEAM CSSA TALKING POINTS | Bill C-71 | March 25, 2018

Canadian National Firearm Association:
The NFA to mount campaign against Liberal Bill C-71

C-71: NFA executive summary and analysis by Guy Lavergne

Ian Runkle – Firearms Law & Criminal Defence (Facebook blog)

Response to Liberal claims of increased firearm crime by expert statisticians | CBC

If you find other reputable analysis either supporting or criticising C-71, please submit them to and we will look at including them here.