Richard Thompson – final address March 2018

To All Club Members

From Richard Thompson, outgoing President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game

March 9th, 2018

Fellow Members:

I have not been producing a monthly article because it is the club volunteers that have been driving the club’s activities.  I would like to list a few that they have completed while I was president.

  • Archery continues to draw members, especially youth. They have upgraded their winter facilities and constructed a storage building to handle their targets. Our 2 ranges have welcomed their use as well.  They have been able to produce a number of members who have done well in provincial competitions.


  • Henry range upgraded its ranges and added a new one. This was a multiyear project lead by John Willson.  At this time we need to also mention that our community supporters have supplied hundreds of hours of labour and heavy equipment to make many of our projects come true.


  • Dorman Range has continued to upgrade its facilities to allow easier use by our challenged members and visitors. Cement walkways were put in by volunteers, financed by a grant from our MLA Michelle Stillwell.


  • Dorman has also seen a major upgrade in their storage facility on site. They have added equipment to help in the movement of the supplies that our located there.
  • Our hatchery continues to produce fry with help from members, outside volunteers and DF0. New pumps and waning systems have helped reduce loss by low water within the hatchery and much easier management of the hatchery.


  • We have moved to a more on-line program for registration. While some members still do not use it. A high percentage do, thereby reducing costs and volunteer time.


I can’t claim credit for any of these.


Yet it has not all been easy. We had to deal with the move to withdrawn from the BCWF.  Members spoke and voted overwhelmingly to remain.

We are starting to feel the effect of our volunteers aging.  This year, for the first time in many years, we had to cancel the banquet.  We found no one to take it on.  Our summer picnic has followed the same path.  While we can fund it, we cannot find the people to manage it.


We have attempted to work at increasing our focus on Fishing with no luck.  We have the volunteers but how to manage remains a problem.


We have dealt with disputes within the club and the need to follow club and range rules.  Some members still stray from these and everyone needs to police them.

Finally, we became landlords.  We purchased the mobiles at Henry and Dorman and have 2 great sets of people sharing the general upkeep of the sites.  Whether this was a good idea, time will tell.

I have had the privilege of serving with some very dedicated people over my 4 years.  Your Board has had representatives who wanted to see the club succeed

A final thank you to all those members who have done the work and allowed me the right to call myself President, Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game