Henry Range Report – Summer 2018

Henry Range Report
It has been awhile since our last Henry Range Report, but this is to advise that all organized shooting activities, casual participation, and range rentals continue to flourish. The organized shoots continue to attract new members and both the rifle range and handgun range are busy with casual shooters on a daily basis. There has been 463 range pass keys purchased to date and at $30 per key, this has generated a substantial amount of revenue for the range operating budget.
The new 50 yard range was inspected and approved for use by the Chief Firearms Officer just in time to accommodate the local RCMP Detachments annual firearms training and qualifications at the end of April. The 50 yard range is ideal to accommodate the use and training with their new carbines. There is still some fine-tuning to be carried out on the range and that  will be an ongoing project as budget allows. We have enthusiastic volunteers standing by to do the work. We have to recognize club member KEVIN KIVELA for his time and donation of equipment time to this project. His effort and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated !!
We recently hosted a group of the local Boy Scouts for a session of firearms safety and training. The boys and girls along with the leaders and some parents shot many rounds of .22 cal ammo at reactive steel targets at 30m at the handgun range. The group reported at the end of the session that it was a valuable learning experience and a lot of fun. This kind of effort on our part not only is a good way to give back to the community,but also to promote the shooting sports.
Handgun Safety and Orientation Course
A two-hour session dedicated to handgun safety and orientation and shooting technics is being offered to club members. The sessions will be held at the handgun range on prearranged evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The sessions will be limited to six (6) participants only. For information and registration please contact Rick Gammon at 250 248-0304.
Our gang of perennial volunteers (and thankfully some new ones)have been busy with some much needed range buildings and general range maintenance projects. The inside of the rifle range canopy has been painted white which makes it much brighter and aids in better sighting, especially with open sights. The handgun building has had a new coat of paint to the exterior and is looking pretty spiffy. A major roof repair and some other preventative maintenance was also carried out to the roof on the handgun building. Brushing at the base of the berms on both ranges was also carried out recently. This is an annual event due the invasion of black berry and broom bushes growing further up the berms. Due to the increased amount of activity at the ranges, we are incurring an increased amount of target frame damage, please use cardboard and staple your targets to it and not the wood frames, makes life easier for us frame fixer guys. We intend to have firewood cutting work party in the near future,we will keep you posted.
Have a great summer, safe shooting and good luck in the LEH draw.
Submitted by Len Fong, Member PQFG Range Committee.