Nanoose Archery Range: 

Is still CLOSED



Please be advised that members must still book shooting times with Range Warden Rick Gammon by calling (250)248-0304.

The Henry range will now be open with the following additional conditions:

      • RIFLE RANGE 100 YRD, now has a LIMIT OF 5 MEMBERS allowed in the building at any given time. That means no additional people can wait in the firing line building. Once someone leaves, you may enter.
      • PISTOL RANGE now can accommodate 4 people and the same conditions apply as above.
      • 50 YRD RANGE may now accommodate 4 members, and the same conditions apply as above.

The Range Committees and the Board of Directors are working continuously to ensure that we can get things back to normal operations, however we still must observe COVID-19 procedures and distancing recommendations.


Dorman Range

Limited Re-Opening – Social Distancing Guidelines

Submitted by Bob Davenport

The Dorman Range will be re-opened for Trap and Skeet on the regularly scheduled days: Sundays from 10 a.m. and even-dated Wednesdays from 11 am. The following Regulations are to be followed to maintain the health and safety of our members and volunteers:

  • Only current PQFG members will be allowed to shoot at this time.
  • The club house and toilets will remain closed.
  • Drive to the range in your own truck/car.
  • Guns stay with your truck/car. Do not use gun racks.
  • No shells will be sold.
  • A table will be set up on club veranda for sign up. One person will be dedicated for sign up.
  • On arriving at the club proceed to sign-in table while observing social distancing.
  • Give your name, membership number, and phone number (for future contact if needed).
  • You will be assigned to a squad. No picking and choosing whom you shoot with.
  • The squad sheet will stay at the sign in table for record-keeping purposes and post-shoot paperwork.
  • There will be no score keepers.
  • There will be no Mics. A push/call button will be used. Gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided for each push/call button volunteer. A receptacle will be provided for used gloves.
  • Only one person in trap house for filling trap machine. When leaving the house please wipe the control switches for the next volunteer. Gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided at the house for each volunteer. A receptacle will be provided for used gloves.
  • When your squad number is called, proceed to the designated trap observing social distancing.
  • Traveling from station 5 to station 1 use the 23 yard marker.
  • Please pick up your OWN shells.
  • After your shoot, you can go to the sign-in table and apply for another round and/or return to your truck/car.
  • Help the lines to keep moving by being ready when your squad number is called.
  • At the end of your shooting day, go to the sign in table and pay for your rounds.
  • A box will be provided for payment at the sign in table.
  • Exact cash is required i.e. $5.00 bills or personal cheque. No change will be given. This box will remain with the sign in person or in the safe until the next shoot then tallied with the squad sheets.
  • No punch cards will be accepted at this time.

This is mainly written for Trap but can easily be interpreted for Skeet .

Please observe social distancing at all times while on club grounds, and please follow the above as these regulations are for our safety and shooting enjoyment. Failure to follow them may result in closure of the range. 


Dorman Range Committee.