Due to the poor attendance of our Youth Shooting section, the club will be temporarily suspending Youth Shooting activities at the Henry Range.

We are asking members if they are willing to assist us by volunteering to sit on a committee to re-structure the program  AND to encourage our youth to enjoy shooting sports again.  We can book times and supply equipment.

If we are unable to find volunteers to help us, then we will cancel the program as we cannot continue to fund very few participants.

Richard Thompson

President, PQF&G

Volunteer Finance/Accounting Person Required

The Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association is looking for a Volunteer Finance/Accounting person to replace our retiring Treasurer of 22 years needed in February, 2018.  Smooth transition of orderly books, with year end Accounting Firm in place and Budget planning assistance.  Please contact Tina Wilson, Retiring Treasurer through website email address for further information. or

Highlights of the General Meeting of the PQF&G, September 27th, 2017.

Highlights of the General Meeting of the PQF&G, September 27th, 2017.

To All Members:

Several important decisions were made at the General Meeting on September 27th.  I would like to summarize them as some are time sensitive.

  1. Section 14.1-3 – Shooting Club and Shooting Ranges Regulations

This deals with Restricted or Prohibited Firearms.

Regulations specify that the club must keep a record of member names addresses and phone numbers, club membership card numbers and the number of the licence to possess firearms.(PAL)  This information must be retained for a period of 6 years.

The meeting was unwilling to endorse these provisions, The arguments were that it may conflict with the Privacy Act and that since these regulations had not been enforced since inception in 1998, the government may not see them as an issue worth pursuing..

We will be checking PAL documents, but not recording them or checking for expiry dates.

  1. Youth Shooters – Our youth shooters program has declined to a point where we have very few youth involved. The club has cancelled the current reserved times for youth shooters and is asking for volunteers to come forward to revitalize the program.  We have the equipment and funding but need mentors to work with the youth.  We can supply guidance through the club and funding.  A curriculum exists to help.

Please let the club know if you are able to help.  If we cannot secure volunteers, we will need to cancel the program.  The youth are our future in the club and we need to ensure they see the value of our programs.

  1. We need to develop a Privacy Policy for the club. To do that we have set up a committee to work on this and to bring it back to the AGM in February.

Please contact Larry Blair either directly or through our website if you are interested in helping out on this issue.

A few minor items.

We will require members to put their names forward for Board elections next year. To this point we are looking at selecting a new President, (the current one is stepping down) Treasurer (Tina is stepping down) and additional members as they declare.  Please think of offering to run.

Please be considerate when smoking on the ranges.  We have posted inside signs as required.  Smoking outside and on the firing line, while legal, can also make it very uncomfortable for members using these areas.

We have had reports of members becoming lax in terms of range safety..  Rick has tried to enforce basic rules but cannot be everywhere at all times.  We need to police ourselves.

So if you see someone violating long standing rules (which are posed both online at the ranges), take a moment and say something to them.  These are our ranges and we want them to be safe for all.

Next Board meeting October 17th and next General Meeting October 24th.


Richard Thompson

President PQF&G


A THANK YOU from Graham Alexander

A message from Graham Alexander :
Hi Beth
I would like to post on the website a big thank you to all those that helped in the setting up and tearing down of the gunshow. As well as the help I had with 50/50 and door and my family who all were there when needed.
This wouldn’t be possible without those that donate their time‎.
16 years of doing this and the same people are ‎helping and I thank them all.
The results are in and we had over 500 people through the doors‎ and both the vendors and the kitchen were extremely happy with the results which means we will probably be doing this again next year, god willing, and as long as the venue cost stays in line‎.
Thank you all
Graham Alexander

Section 14 – 1 of the Federal Firearms Regulations – Update

All Members. PQFG

August 9, 2017

Section 14 – 1 of the Federal Firearms Regulations – Update

All users of the Henry Range and restricted/prohibited firearms must possess a valid PAL or register their name and address for our files.

Rick Gammon has offered to check usurers of the range for this information.

All guests and visitors will need to sign in with either their PAL number (if they possess one) or name and address.

This is basically what we have currently.

Starting with 2018 membership renewals, all purchasers of a range key for use of the range for restricted or prohibited firearms must supply their membership number as well as their PAL number.  The club will record this but it is for our files only and to meet the regulations of the Act.  It will not be shared with other organizations, such as the BCWF, or any commercial entity but be retained within our club.  This information will be kept for a period of 6 years as required by the regulations.

If the range user states he or she will not be using the range for restricted or prohibited firearms then the PAL will not be recorded.

If a member does decide to use it, they will be considered a visitor/guest until they register with our volunteer range person.

Rick will continue to spot check users but will have a list, by membership number, of those having registered their PAL.  There would be no need to show it again at our range.

The procedures for guests and visitors will remain the same requiring the PAL from those possessing one or name and address for our records.

Richard Thompson – PQFG President