Nanoose Archery Range: 

Hi All

This email contains important information that you will require to shoot at the Nanoose Range this coming year.  There are many changes required to allow us to shoot using Covid-19 protocols.  Please remember as these protocols are being changed now and again so will the club rules be adjusted.  I am sure we will also see changes made as we as shooters get more efficient at how we shoot at the range.

Opening will be September 14th.  As in the past we will shoot on Monday and Wednesday.  New is that there will be 2 separate and distinct shooting sessions for each night.  The early session will be from 6:00 to 6:45.  The later session will be from 7:10 until 8:00.  Please note there will be limit numbers of shooters at each time (10) and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis, pre booking is required… drop ins at this time, if you arrive without booking and there is no available slot you will not be participating.

Archers are encouraged to as much as possible set up equipment off site.  The staging area behind the Waiting Line is to be used for setting up and taking down of equipment and for warm up and cool down routines.  Everyone is required to maintain 2m of social distancing from others.  To avoid any crowding archers are to leave as soon as possible after their shooting is done and come as close to their scheduled shooting time as possible.

Parking will continue to be at the rear of the building and the designated area towards the ocean.  Everyone will keep 2m minimum between themselves and others in the parking lot and when accessing the building. Access to the range will remain the one designated/marked door.  Archers should clear the door area as soon as possible to avoid crowding of others arriving or people trying to get out.  Archers will exit via a different, marked door.

Until further notice, no porous equipment such as arm guards, finger tabs, or gloves will be loaned.  Athletes will be responsible to provide their own.  The club will sell finger tabs and arm guards to beginner archers while quantities last.

Archers will be required to purchase targets at the range (80 cm $5.00, 60 cm $2.00, all others $1.00, please bring correct change).  Their target will be used by only that athlete while at the range.  Archers will identify their targets, take them from the range and return with them for subsequent visits. Archers are encouraged to provide their own target pins, club pins will be used similarly to target faces if athletes cannot provide their own.  Access to the equipment in the storage cabinets will be by designated club volunteers.


There is limited space at the range, 10 archers maximum for each shooting time period.  All shooting must be pre-booked by way of email to , no drop in shooters allowed at this time.  Shooting positions will be assigned prior to the start of shooting.  The number of shooters can be increased if there are folks shooting from a family or others living within a common Covid-19 bubble.  Bookings will be open on the Thursday the week before the scheduled shoot date.  If you are flexible in the time slot please indicate this in your request plus your preference.

All individuals entering the range including any volunteers, coaches, guardians, participants and officials will be screened for COVID-19. Screening will include visible and verbal checks of each individual and determining if the participants have travelled out of province or country within the last 14 days.

Archers name and contact information will be taken prior to shooting.  This information is collected and kept for the purpose of allowing swift contact tracing by Health Authorities in the event of an outbreak that involves individuals that have used the range.

The personal information will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed when no longer required, after 30 days.

There are more details in the attached document.  I ask for everyones patience as we work our way through these new procedures.

Have fun if you can….shoot strong

Bob O

Hi Again

Two points for clarification:

  • To pre-register just send email to this address ( )with day and time (early 6:00 until 7:00 or late 7:00 until 8:00)
  • When you arrive the gate will be closed, not locked.  Please open gate, drive through and shut gate.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Bob O


Range Bookings are no longer required. Covid-19 separation is still in effect.

  • RIFLE RANGE 100 yrd., now has a LIMIT OF 12 MEMBERS allowed in the building at any given time. This means no additional people can wait in the firing line building. Once someone leaves you may enter.
  • PISTOL RANGE now can accommodate 7 members, and the same conditions as above.
  • 50 YRD RANGE may now accommodate 5 members, and the same conditions as above.

The Range Committees and the Board of Directors are working continuously to ensure that we can get things back to normal operations, however we still must observe COVID-19 procedures and distancing recommendations.


Dorman Range

Limited Re-Opening – Social Distancing Guidelines

Submitted by Bob Davenport

The Dorman Range will be re-opened for Trap and Skeet on the regularly scheduled days: Sundays from 10 a.m. and even-dated Wednesdays from 11 am. The following Regulations are to be followed to maintain the health and safety of our members and volunteers:

  • Only current PQFG members will be allowed to shoot at this time.
  • The club house and toilets will remain closed.
  • Drive to the range in your own truck/car.
  • Guns stay with your truck/car. Do not use gun racks.
  • No shells will be sold.
  • A table will be set up on club veranda for sign up. One person will be dedicated for sign up.
  • On arriving at the club proceed to sign-in table while observing social distancing.
  • Give your name, membership number, and phone number (for future contact if needed).
  • You will be assigned to a squad. No picking and choosing whom you shoot with.
  • The squad sheet will stay at the sign in table for record-keeping purposes and post-shoot paperwork.
  • There will be no score keepers.
  • There will be no Mics. A push/call button will be used. Gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided for each push/call button volunteer. A receptacle will be provided for used gloves.
  • Only one person in trap house for filling trap machine. When leaving the house please wipe the control switches for the next volunteer. Gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided at the house for each volunteer. A receptacle will be provided for used gloves.
  • When your squad number is called, proceed to the designated trap observing social distancing.
  • Traveling from station 5 to station 1 use the 23 yard marker.
  • Please pick up your OWN shells.
  • After your shoot, you can go to the sign-in table and apply for another round and/or return to your truck/car.
  • Help the lines to keep moving by being ready when your squad number is called.
  • At the end of your shooting day, go to the sign in table and pay for your rounds.
  • A box will be provided for payment at the sign in table.
  • Exact cash is required i.e. $5.00 bills or personal cheque. No change will be given. This box will remain with the sign in person or in the safe until the next shoot then tallied with the squad sheets.
  • No punch cards will be accepted at this time.

This is mainly written for Trap but can easily be interpreted for Skeet .

Please observe social distancing at all times while on club grounds, and please follow the above as these regulations are for our safety and shooting enjoyment. Failure to follow them may result in closure of the range. 


Dorman Range Committee.

Cancellations & Closures

Dorman Range Cancellations:

The Dorman Range Committee has made the decision to close the range for a few weeks to help our community slow the spread of the Corona virus.  “The Memorial” Sporting Clays is postponed.  The plan going forward is to review the situation and make an announcement on April 20th regarding Sporting Clays scheduled for April 25th.  For those of you that participate in the VISL Trap Shoots, the Parksville-Qualicum event scheduled for March 29th will be postponed to a later date or cancelled as the VISL people decide.

There is one last trap and skeet shoot on Wednesday March 18 before the closure.

Good health to you all. Bob


Henry Range Cancellations:

Message from the President of the PQFGA, Richard Thompson,

The troubling times with the COVID-19 pandemic have been a concern with the current open status of our Henry Range.  The board of directors have voted to close the range at this time for the protection of all of our members and staff. The range closure status will be continuously reviewed throughout the next few months and will be re-opened by Board of Directors as soon as practicable.

The Henry range will be closed until the PQF&G Board of Directors approve it to be re-opened.


Archery Cancellations:

Indoor archery at the Nanoose Range will be suspended immediately.  This will include our regular Monday and Wednesday evenings and all Classes and lessons. The news on this virus and the responses being implemented are becoming more aggressive on an hourly basis.  This step is to put us closer to the front of the curve rather than being on the back end of the curve.  We will continue to monitor the advice and recommendations of the BC Ministry of Health and follow the actions of our local school boards and other recreational facilities.

This is being done out of a sense of caution and although we will miss the regular meeting, the fun of shooting and being able to connect with our friends it is better for us to be over cautious rather than later on looking back and regretting not acting earlier.

As changes for our archery group happen I will be updating with emails.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through this email address

I hope that you all keep well.  Bob O’Brien


Meeting Cancellations:

The next General Meeting on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at the Parksville Community Centre has been cancelled.



Meeting Dates

General Meeting on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 7 PM at the Parksville Community Centre.  Speaker Doug Bancroft, chair of the BCWF Recreational Shooting Sports Committee will speak on remediation for shooting ranges.


General Meeting on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 7 PM at the Parksville Community Centre, followed by the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.

Dorman Range Turkey Shoots

Boxing Day Turkey Shoot, December 26, 2019, start 10 AM.  Meat Prizes, Regular trap ($8 per shooter, 5 shooters per squad, 10 shots each) and Shotgun games – Bushwacker, etc, Annie Oakley Shoot at 2 pm.  Everyone welcome, lunch available.


New Year’s Day Turkey Shoot, January 1, 2020, start 10 AM.  Meat Prizes, Regular trap ($8 per shooter, 5 shooters per squad, 10 shots each) and Shotgun games – Bushwacker, etc, Annie Oakley Shoot at 2 pm.  Everyone welcome, lunch available.

General Meeting/Christmas Social – December 4, 2019

All club members and their spouses are welcome to attend the Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association’s General Meeting and Christmas Social to be held on Wednesday, December 4th @ 7 pm at the Parksville Community Centre. A brief General Meeting is to be followed by our annual Potluck Social. Please bring something tasty to share and join us in wishing your friends and fellow members a very Merry Christmas! “

PQFGA .22 Rifle Field Shoot

PQFGA   .22 Rifle Field Shoot – Rules of Engagement

(Henry Range – RIFLE Range – Thursday, 29 August 2019 @ 10 a.m.)

The intent of this Shoot is to practice “in-the-FieldUnsupported and Supported shooting on paper animal targets set at varying distances. Any sight can be used. No owner-supplied rifle rests plus no slings, no bipods (they can be attached to the rifle, but not used when shooting). Field binoculars can be used on any Firing Station (FS). Dedicated spotting scopes can only be used in Firing Stations (FS) #5-6-7-8. No Spotter/Observer/Coach to be used.

Each FS will be occupied by a single shooter.  10 shots to be fired in 5 minutes at each FS. Shooters will rotate through all 8 FSs to complete the Shoot. The Shoot is to be completed with only one rifle. In the event of a rifle malfunction, a ‘loaner’ rifle can be used (i.e. owned by someone else, not you) to complete the Shoot. No dedicated sighting-in of the loaner is permitted . . .  deduce your new sight holds by the Points Of Impact on your next target.


1/5 scale small-bore rifle animal paper silhouette targets are used, in the downrange order of (closest-to-furthest) Chicken, Pig, Turkey, Ram (akin to silhouette rifle shooting on metal targets).



#1 FS – 25 yards – Shooter is Standing  UNSUPPORTED.

#2 FS– 25 yards – Shooter is Standing  SUPPORTED by Organizer-supplied shooting sticks (X-profile).

#3 FS – 50 yards – Shooter is Sitting  UNSUPPORTED on an Organizer-supplied stump.  Both feet on ground.

#4 FS – 50 yards – Shooter is Sitting  on an Organizer-supplied stump and SUPPORTED by Organizer-supplied shooting sticks.

#5 FS – 75 yards – Shooter is sitting primarily UNSUPPORTED at a shooting bench (no rest, no slings, no bipods)  holding the rifle with both elbows on the bench top (forearms must be vertical – not horizontal, nor touching the bench top) .  Spotting scopes can be used (Beware: peeking cuts into your 5 minutes shooting time).

#6 FS – 75 yards – Shooter is sitting at a bench SUPPORTED by an Organizer-supplied rifle rest . . .  but no slings, no bipods). Spotting scopes can be used (Beware: peeking cuts into your 5 minutes).

#7 FS – 100 yards – Shooter is sitting primarily UNSUPPORTED at a shooting bench (no rest, no slings, no bipods)  holding the rifle with both elbows on the bench top (forearms must be vertical – not horizontal, nor touching the bench top) .  Spotting scopes can be used (Beware: peeking cuts into your 5 minutes).

#8 FS – 100 yards – Shooter is sitting at a bench SUPPORTED by an Organizer-supplied rifle rest . . .  but no slings, no bipods).  Spotting scopes can be used (Beware: peeking cuts into your 5 minutes).

NOTE:  All rifles will be racked upon completion of each FS shooting event.


Each target has a maximum potential attainable score of 10 points/HITs.

Any bullet hole cutting the target animal outline or within the body is a HIT (worth 1 point score). Outside the animal is a MISS (worth 0).  A bullet gauge is available to solve any HIT/MISS quandaries.

Shooters have 5 minutes to shoot 10 rounds at each FS. A “1-Minute-To-Go” call will be made before the Cease Fire call.

  • In the event that shooters do not fire all 10 shots in the time allotted, unfired rounds are forfeited.
  • If a shooter cross-fires onto a wrong target, he/she does NOT get replacement rounds. The aggrieved target shooter will count all HITs first (up to maximum of 10).
  • If a shooter loses round count and shoots more than 10 shots at his/her target, only 10 shots will be counted, starting with all MISS’es firstly (MISSes + HITs to be no more than 10);
  • Shooters will be grouped into Categories for ranking of scores: Scopes (S), Dots (D), Open (O) and Aperture (A).

Shooter Responsibilities:

  • Arrive at Rifle Range not later than 9:30 a.m. to help with the set-up and/or conduct administrative duties.
  • Bring a minimum of 80 rounds.
  • Pay $2 Shoot Fee to cover target costs.
  • Provide Shoot Organizer with your e-mail address (if you wish to receive written final results following scores verification).
  • BYOS: Bring Your Own Snacks (none provided)