What makes it different? – Archery Report – Bob O’Brien

What makes it different?

The BC Indoors was in Armstrong on Easter weekend, 133 archers.  I
am always intrigued at how different I feel shooting an event compared to
the regular shooting we do at the range.  The distance is the same,
targets, scoring, timing, all the same, the lighting is much better (see
photo of target lights) and it was even warm, and same as at the range,once you let go there is no getting it back…good or bad.

If you are interested in trying out shooting at events please let me know and I will pass on the information I have on what is coming up this summer (BC Outdoors will be hosted in Duncan on the Labour Day weekend).

Miranda Mail also shot in Armstrong.  She did very well , winning, setting a BC Indoor record, and most impressively shooting well enough to qualify for a FITA Target Award (Federation of International Target Archers). – Congratulations to Miranda for a great shoot.

May is the last month of indoor shooting, we will open again in
September.  There is outdoor shooting available at both the Henry and
Dorman ranges.
I would like to hear from the members of what they thought went well and what we could improve for the next season.  Please send me your comments directly to bobob@telus.net and we will see what we can accomplish next.

Shoot Strong
Bob O’Brien


2017 Dorman Range Schedule

Please find below a link to the 2017 Dorman Range Schedule.


Please note:


Hearing and Eye Protection must be worn while shooting Trap, Skeet and while on the Sporting Clays course.


Please plan on volunteering some of your time to maintain our range.  Set-up and after shoot clean-up as well as work parties need your participation.


To encourage young shooters, the Dorman Range has a program of discounts for shooters 16 and under.  This includes free introductory rounds and reduced costs for shells and targets.  Young shooters must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or by a family friend with a letter of permission.

Archery Report – May 2016

Arrowsmith Archers – May 2016

Archery has been busy this past month.  We have purchased about half of the epafoam for the new shooting wall.  We hope to purchase the second half early in the new year and then rebuild the indoor wall at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp as well as build some new out door butts with the salvaged epafoam from the existing wall.
Our indoor shooting will be coming to an end on June 15th, archers who have purchased a key to the Henry Range will be able to continue shooting through out the summer on the new outdoor archery range.  A work party is in the planning stages to get this new range ready for our outdoor target shooters.
We will be having an orientation and fun shoot at the Dorman range on Saturday May 7th.  This shoot will be a great way to introduce those who have never shot the bag course to the Dorman Range.
The 2015/2016 indoor target season was a very successful one for our club.  Many new faces and familiar friends have joined us this year.

And many of our archers were medal winners at different events.  Aiden Hare represented our zone at the BC Winter games and he brought home a silver and a gold medal!  5 of our archers attended the Canadian’s and won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal.

5 of our archers went to the BC’s in Armstrong, BC and all 5 won medals – 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze!  And most recently 3 of our junior archers attended the BC JOP at the Cowichan Bowmen Club and all 3 brought back medals – 2 gold and 1 silver!


Way to go everyone.  We are so very proud of our club!

Archery Update – December 2016

Archery has wrapped up for the remainder of 2015 taking a break to enjoy the holiday season.  We had our wrap up party on December 16 with a fun shoot where 36 shooters, including parents, siblings and coaches, competed in 12 different challenges!  A whole lot of fun was had by all.  Thanks to Coach Bob for setting up all of the challenges!  And thank you to everyone who brought goodies to share for the potluck and donations to our local food bank.

We will resume shooting on January 4, 2016.  In response to the increase in membership, we have extended our hours and archers are now welcome to shoot from 6pm to 7pm or from 7pm to 8pm.

Planning is underway for the annual Harry Tutton Memorial 3D shoot on February 21, 2016.  This will take place at the Dorman Range where we will welcome shooters from all over the island and the lower mainland.  For more information on the shoot or how to volunteer please contact arrowsmitharchers@shaw.ca.  We had 120 shooters last year and are looking forward to welcoming as many if not more this year!

We hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone back in January.

Archery Update

Hi  all,

I’m hoping everyone out there is staying warm and dry!  Just a quick few items to mention and remind everyone regarding archery.

First, our Christmas Potluck/Fun Shoot will be taking place next Wednesday Dec 16th.  Shooting to begin right at 7 pm, so if you could arrive a little bit earlier that would be great!

Please bring a dish to share (savoury, sweet, whatever you wish) and it will be added to our potluck table to enjoy once the shooting is complete.

Please also bring an item or two for donation to our local food bank….every little bit helps!

This will also be our last night of shooting until January, so if a few of you could stick around after to help with clean up, it would be very much appreciated!

Our date for our annual Harry Tutton Memorial 3D shoot, has been set for Sunday Feb 21 2016.  This is our biggest yearly fundraiser and we hope that the majority of you can help out.  Either in set up on the Saturday, final set up Sunday morning, helping in the concession, with score tallying, baking goods, soliciting for prizes….we NEED your help!  Please see Brandy or myself for this and let us know where you think you can help…it seems far away but really it’s just around the corner!  We had over 120 archers last year and hope to have as many if not more again this year!

We welcome all the new faces that have recently joined archery and we hope you are enjoying the club thus far.  Thank you to everyone for their patience as we adjust to the new numbers and figure out how things are going to go in the New Year.   Please see Brandy’s email about the time/schedule options.

Lastly, I wish to thank Coach Bob, Coach John, Terry, Don, Mike, Imke and Brandy for the great help they have been throughout the year…we couldn’t have done it without you!

See you all on the 16th!



Archery Update – November 2015

Archery is continuing to grow with new memberships still coming in. The open house on November 21st at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp was a great success. This open house was part of ParticipACTION’s National Sports Day. We were hoping to be able to share what we do with all ages to encourage people to become members and be more active and I believe we definitely succeeded.

We would also like to share the news that our coach Bob O’Brien placed second in the World Senior Games in Utah! Congratulations Bob!!

We will be hosting more user groups coming up this month – Cub Scouts have been confirmed for the 17th and we are waiting on date confirmation from a couple more groups. We had a great time sharing our sport with the Blade Runners group that came down a couple of weeks ago.
Our last day of shooting will be on December 16. We will be having a potluck fun shoot and again we encourage any interested members of the PQFG to join us at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp from 7-8PM.

Please feel free to contact us at arrowsmitharchers@shaw.ca with any questions.

Jace Glendinning of Qualicum Beach,5, gets some help from his dad, Adam Der, as he tries a bow for the first time during the Arrowsmith Archers’ open house in Nanoose Bay Saturday.
— Image Credit: J.R. Rardon Photo

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Archery Open House Success






​After nocking his arrow with single-minded deliberation, Oliver Landry raised his bow, sighted down-range to the distant target, and drew back until his fingertips rested against his right cheek.
Taking a steadying pause, Landry released the bowstring and watched intently as the arrow struck the floor and skittered in the general direction of the target stands.

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ParticipACTION 2015: National Day Of Sport Across Canada!





A note from the Arrowsmith Archers:

This is just a brief email to invite you and your family and friends from the Oceanside area to try your hand at archery!

We are offering an Open House on Saturday, November 21 2015 at the Nanoose Pentacostal Camp to drop in the gym from 12-4 pm…

We welcome all those who have ever wanted to try archery, are interested in participating more in the sport, or even curious about joining the club (Membership forms will be available)

We do have a limited amount of equipment to share about, with experienced coaches to help get you started!

Please pass this on to others that may be interested, and if possible, can this be put in the school newsletters as well.  It would be much appreciated!


Click on the link above to see further information about our local archery club participating in the National Day of Sport!

Check the PQB News on Nov 12 and Nov 19 for additional details!

Hope to see you there

Arrowsmith Archers

Archery Update – October 2015

We had our first night of archery on October 5th with about 50 people attending.  Lots of returning members and lots of new faces as well.  Our shooting will be the same nights, times and location as last year, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm for both youth and adult archers in the gym of the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp.    We have found that both groups really enjoy having the input and interaction from each other and that families really enjoy being able to shoot together.  We welcome any members who would like to give archery a try to come down and check it out.

We are planning lots of fun activities for the group and our coach Bob O’Brien is looking forward to working closely with the youth who are interested in participating in the BC Winter Games!  He is currently in Utah competing at the Huntsman World Senior Games.  We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see the results and hear all about it.

Outside user groups have already began booking with us.  We have Blade Runners coming later in October and Cub Scouts booked in mid November.  We would like to extend a big thank you to our volunteers who have already stepped up to welcome these groups and show them what archery is all about.

For more information about archery please feel free to contact us at arrowsmitharchers@shaw.ca