Dorman Range – April/May 2017

Welcome to Spring.  We are still waiting for some extended periods of sunshine.  I guess the flowers and trees appreciate the frequent rainfalls but at least we haven’t had any snow for a while now, and the temperature has warmed up.

This report is a little lengthy as it goes back to the March 25 Sporting Clays.  That event was dedicated to the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  We had a record (or near record) turnout for the shoot, with 102 shooters.  The lunch for this event was prepared by the ladies of the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  They had also prepared the lunch for the February Sporting Clays.  Thanks very much, ladies; the lunches were delicious.

We were able to donate $2,865 to their program.

As in all our Sporting Clays shoots, the shooters are placed in various classes; Class A for the good shooters, right through to Class E for the novice shooters.  For the March 25 Sporting Clays, the high Class A shooters were Brian Royan with an 89, James Wicks with an 87, Jared Earthy with an 86, Ron Stubbings with an 81 and Tom Dawes with an 80.  For Class B, the high shooters were Bill McNeilly with an 84, Dane Hryhoryshen and Jack Morgan with 81’s, and Darren Perrens (our caretaker) with an 80.  All together there were 11 people in the 80’s and 12 people in the 70’s.  The average score was 59.

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Kids Camp – Update

Kid’s Camp

It’s time for the annual Kid’s Camp registration in preparation for the camp.

This year the camp is again being held at the Courtenay Fish and Game site on Comox Lake.

The dates are July  17th to 20. Ages are 10 – 14.

This is a free event.  You supply the sleeping bag and personal items, we supply everything else.

What happens at camp?  Under the supervision of experienced club members, youth will do hiking, fly tying and fishing in the lake, archery, hand gun, shot gun and long gun under one on one supervision and an old fashion swim in the lake.  We even throw in a DVD movie night and story telling.

For more information contact Larry Blair at  Larry can pass on any further information and will be receiving all applications.  Cutoff date is May 31, 2017.

I can also be contacted at and 604 880 3393.

Enjoy the outdoors..

Richard Thompson

President, PQFG

Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

If this is something you are concerned about, here is a printable letter to send to the Minister of Public Safety.

RSSCLetter to Minister March 2017

Link here to Victoria Fish and Game’s Call to Action /



HELP requested – Dorman Range

Dear membership,

Help is requested to provide lunch at our Sporting Clays events.  These occur on the 4th Saturday of each month beginning with April 22nd.

Details:   We need people to step forward and volunteer to buy, prepare and serve lunch for 40 to 90 guests.  We will provide lots of support including menu suggestions.

It would be best if we could get a crew that can work together and which can provide lunches when one or more are unavailable.  Volunteers should contact Bob Davenport by email  or if they do not have email then call 250 752 0562 or alternatively they can visit the range during shooting hours to discuss the job.

The ladies from the Stroke Recovery Society did the lunches for January through March and did a great job and had a lot of fun.  This is the type of crew we need….. THANK YOU




$15k from MLA Michelle Stillwell

Receiving $15 K check from MLA Stillwell for Seniors project at Dorman. – Doug Kitts.

Michelle Stillwell presented our club with a Grant of $ 15,000 from the Province of BC to fulfill the grant request to have a mobility unit for Dorman range’s 36 acre outdoor recreation property for health/mobility restricted seniors to continue their outdoor recreation of choice of trap, skeet, sporting clays, archery.  Our thanks for this wonderful support.


BCWF Report – March 2017 submitted by Rod Wiebe

BCWF Report

Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Assn

March, 23, 2017

Most of you will have heard the news announced by MFLNRO Minister Steve Thompson about the creation of a new Provincial agency for conservation and management of wildlife.  For years the BCWF has advocated for fishing and hunting license revenues to be directed to those purposes.  It appears that this has happened, at least in part.  The Province plans to invest $5 million in start up costs for the yet to be named agency to begin operating by this fall with hunting license revenues to be added.  That’s an additional $9 – 10 million annually.

It’s a start.  In many of the states to the south of us there is a surcharge on outdoor gear and tourism that brings huge support to conservation and management of fish, wildlife and habitat.  It is embarrassing that BC commits such paltry support, in comparison, for these purposes.  “Super Natural BC” is supposed to just happen on its own to be the expectation of government and a lot of the public too it seems.  First Nations are to be involved in the mix so that should be a positive,  There will be some kinks to work on the major one being getting politics out of management decisions.  Only the players in the agency itself could accomplish that so we will wait and see.  Overall though it is a good turn for wildlife in our Province and hopefully future opportunities for all British Columbians and visitors too.

Reprinted from the BCWF Website

Call to Action: Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation

On June 1, 2017 the “Marking of Imported Firearms (Bill C-10A) Regulations” will come into effect to implement the UN Firearm Marking protocol.

The regulations, as currently drafted, will have a negative impact on Canadians who rely on hunting to feed their families and sports shooters, by significantly increasing the cost of firearms and reducing choice. It is also likely that it will have a disastrous impact on the Canadian firearms industry and result in the loss of jobs. It could also hurt trading relationships with other countries.

The BC Wildlife Federation has written several letters to the Minister of Public Safety expressing our concerns regarding the regulation as drafted, and supporting the solution proposed by the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA).

It is now time for all members to get directly involved by writing to the Minister of Public Safety, with a carbon copy to your local Member of Parliament, requesting that the regulation be amended.

Please send a physical letter as they have more impact than emails or petitions.

The time to act is now!


As your secretary I will draft a letter of protest about this on behalf of our club


Respectfully submitted

Rod Wiebe – Past President PQF&G Assn 1992 – 1998

Land Values Threaten Gun Ranges

Land Values Threaten Gun Ranges

We are all aware that gun laws are under attack in this country but not many are aware that gun ranges are also under attack. Encroaching development and the resulting land value increases are the forces leading the assault.

The Salt Spring Island Rod and Gun Club (SSIR&G) is a small club putting up a big fight in this battle which will end up affecting all gun clubs in BC and across Canada. A litigious, wealthy, real estate speculator purchased property next to the Club and for four years, in an effort to stop Club activities, has filed multiple lawsuits and injunction attempts involving the Club, the Regional District and/or individuals. He has been instrumental in pressuring local government to close the club via noise bylaws and influenced the Ministry of Environment to force the club to do extensive and expensive testing; all in an effort to stop the activities the small 103 year old club. Last but not least he filed a personal pollution trespass lawsuit against all the Club directors,  insurance does not cover pollution based lawsuits.  Considerable environmental testing has shown that there is no migration of lead from the property.

The good news is that the Club is still active and the Club’s fight has already set a relevant legal precedent.  The BC Supreme Court has ruled that if you are properly zoned for what you do you cannot, by conflicting bylaw, be prohibited from using your property as zoned.  In other words, you cannot be bylawed out of business. This is a major victory in light of the many gun clubs that have been noise bylawed out of business.

Another resulting breakthrough, due largely to efforts by the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF), is that the Ministry of Environment (MOE) has changed the wording in their Contaminated Sites Regulation such that just because hazardous waste is on a property it does not automatically mean the property is designated a Hazardous Waste Site. This ‘uncoupling’ will likely result in other gun clubs not having to endure the extensive and expensive testing that the Salt Spring Island club has been subject to.

This has been a costly battle for the Club-over $400K in environmental study and legal costs.  Support for the Club has run very deep in the community but even with a membership that has grown from about 60 to around 200, the Club has had to mortgage its property and borrow extensively.

We need your help. BCWF has joined forces with SSIR&G to support the development and preservation of gun clubs and have set up a link so you can make a tax deductible donation to the SSIR&G. Follow link

In “Designation” drop box pick, Salt Spring Island Rod & Gun Club and please help us.

It’s time we make a stand together


John Foley

President Salt Spring Island Rod and Gun Club

Phone 250-537-0083

Cell 250-537-7983