Dorman Range – April/May 2017

Welcome to Spring.  We are still waiting for some extended periods of sunshine.  I guess the flowers and trees appreciate the frequent rainfalls but at least we haven’t had any snow for a while now, and the temperature has warmed up.

This report is a little lengthy as it goes back to the March 25 Sporting Clays.  That event was dedicated to the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  We had a record (or near record) turnout for the shoot, with 102 shooters.  The lunch for this event was prepared by the ladies of the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society.  They had also prepared the lunch for the February Sporting Clays.  Thanks very much, ladies; the lunches were delicious.

We were able to donate $2,865 to their program.

As in all our Sporting Clays shoots, the shooters are placed in various classes; Class A for the good shooters, right through to Class E for the novice shooters.  For the March 25 Sporting Clays, the high Class A shooters were Brian Royan with an 89, James Wicks with an 87, Jared Earthy with an 86, Ron Stubbings with an 81 and Tom Dawes with an 80.  For Class B, the high shooters were Bill McNeilly with an 84, Dane Hryhoryshen and Jack Morgan with 81’s, and Darren Perrens (our caretaker) with an 80.  All together there were 11 people in the 80’s and 12 people in the 70’s.  The average score was 59.

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HELP requested – Dorman Range

Dear membership,

Help is requested to provide lunch at our Sporting Clays events.  These occur on the 4th Saturday of each month beginning with April 22nd.

Details:   We need people to step forward and volunteer to buy, prepare and serve lunch for 40 to 90 guests.  We will provide lots of support including menu suggestions.

It would be best if we could get a crew that can work together and which can provide lunches when one or more are unavailable.  Volunteers should contact Bob Davenport by email  or if they do not have email then call 250 752 0562 or alternatively they can visit the range during shooting hours to discuss the job.

The ladies from the Stroke Recovery Society did the lunches for January through March and did a great job and had a lot of fun.  This is the type of crew we need….. THANK YOU




2017 Dorman Range Schedule

Please find below a link to the 2017 Dorman Range Schedule.


Please note:


Hearing and Eye Protection must be worn while shooting Trap, Skeet and while on the Sporting Clays course.


Please plan on volunteering some of your time to maintain our range.  Set-up and after shoot clean-up as well as work parties need your participation.


To encourage young shooters, the Dorman Range has a program of discounts for shooters 16 and under.  This includes free introductory rounds and reduced costs for shells and targets.  Young shooters must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or by a family friend with a letter of permission.

Dorman Range Report – December 2016

Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us. Where did that year go?

We have had lots of activity at the range since the last newsletter. I will highlight some of the events. The photographs will give you a good view of what went on.

Please click the link below to read the full the Dorman Range Update for December 2016.


Dorman Range – Sporting Clays (Aug 27th)

 There is Sporting Clays on Saturday, August 27, this being the 4th Saturday of the month at the Dorman Range facility.
You can shoot either the morning (50 birds+a few extras), or the afternoon (50 birds+a few extras) or both.
Price is $12.50 for a single session, or $25.00 for the whole day.
(If you want to just shoot the lower 5 stations due to walking problems, that can be arranged.)
Registration will start at 9:00, Shooting starts at 10:00
Lunch will be available for $5.00
12ga and 20ga shells are available.
Pass this message on to your fellow shooters as my e-mail address list is not very complete, especially for other Clubs on the Island.
We welcome new shooters that have never shot sporting clays before, and we will help them as much as possible.
If you don’t have a shooting group, we will arrange to put you onto a squad that can guide you through the process.
We want you to have fun; never mind the score!!  And we have “Muligans”, if you miss it, you get to shoot it over again.
New shell order –
We will be submitting an order for shells to Prairie Shot (Score) about the last week in September.
The price for ALL sizes and speeds (12ga and 20ga) will be $64 per case (10 boxes per case) plus 5% GST, plus shipping directly to our range (estimated to be $3.60 per case), for a total cost of approximately $71.00 per case (taxes all in, delivered to the range).  Delivery can be 1 to 3 weeks (depending on whether we have a custom order) after the order is placed.
This price is about $4 per case cheaper than our order in April.
We will need your money before the order is placed (cash or cheque; cheque will be held until the invoice is submitted to us) AND your contact phone number or your e-mail address.  We will have the sign-up list at the range every shooting day, or you can respond to this e-mail.
Cheers to our shooting fraternity.