Section 14 – 1 of the Federal Firearms Regulations – Update

All Members. PQFG

August 9, 2017

Section 14 – 1 of the Federal Firearms Regulations – Update

All users of the Henry Range and restricted/prohibited firearms must possess a valid PAL or register their name and address for our files.

Rick Gammon has offered to check usurers of the range for this information.

All guests and visitors will need to sign in with either their PAL number (if they possess one) or name and address.

This is basically what we have currently.

Starting with 2018 membership renewals, all purchasers of a range key for use of the range for restricted or prohibited firearms must supply their membership number as well as their PAL number.  The club will record this but it is for our files only and to meet the regulations of the Act.  It will not be shared with other organizations, such as the BCWF, or any commercial entity but be retained within our club.  This information will be kept for a period of 6 years as required by the regulations.

If the range user states he or she will not be using the range for restricted or prohibited firearms then the PAL will not be recorded.

If a member does decide to use it, they will be considered a visitor/guest until they register with our volunteer range person.

Rick will continue to spot check users but will have a list, by membership number, of those having registered their PAL.  There would be no need to show it again at our range.

The procedures for guests and visitors will remain the same requiring the PAL from those possessing one or name and address for our records.

Richard Thompson – PQFG President


Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

Proposed Change to Firearms Marking Regulations Bill C-10A

If this is something you are concerned about, here is a printable letter to send to the Minister of Public Safety.

RSSCLetter to Minister March 2017

Link here to Victoria Fish and Game’s Call to Action /



Henry Range Report – March 2017

Henry Range Report

I am writing this report on the first day of spring and although it is not hot, the weather conditions are   better than what we have encountered for the past three or four months particularly as it affected our various shooting events. Two of the organized events were cancelled due to snow, a first in my memory over the past twenty years. Some of the military shoots were all shot from the covered firing line due to heavy rain conditions and a lot of whining and sniveling, ( some of these Military wannabes aren’t as tough as they look).lol  However, participation at all of the organized and casual shoots continues to increase. Range pass keys sales are brisk and 364 have been purchased to date.

Donations for the upcoming PQFG Gun Show Club Table

We are requesting donations from the PQFG members for the May gun show club table. If you have any thing  lying around which is surplus to your needs such as firearms parts, reloading stuff, fishing or hunting related items or anything else we could sell at the table, we would love to have it.

If you would like us to sell a firearm for you at the table, we would take a commission of $15. for a firearm up to $200. and $20. For a firearm over  $200. All money from this sale will go directly to the club.

Lets make this event a success, we would really appreciate your donation. Call Alex at 250 752-1875 for pickup or drop off your donation at Henry Range trailer, see Richard or call him at 250 734-3335.


Shooting Results

Military Match –January                              February                             March

1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 246              1st. John Will 309

2nd. Lee B 243                      2nd.Clive C 243                2nd. Lee B 302

3rd . Bob P 239                  3rd.Lee B 238                       3rd. Mike S 289


Sniper                  1st. Clive C 98                     1st Clive C 99                      1st. Clive C 98, Grant M 98 (tie)

2 nd Bruno K 95                 .2nd. Grant M 95                2nd.Bob P 93

3rd. John Will 85                3rd. Bruno K 92                 3rd. Bruno K 88

Scores from other events will be published in the next news letter.


50 Yard Range Update.

All of the necessary paper work has been submitted to the Chief Firearms Officer, but there has been no response to date. We have recently received an additional few loads of fill and when the material dries out, final grading of the range base can be completed. Hopefully we will be able to use this range soon.

Range Maintenance

This is to advise that our Range Warden, Richard Gammon is currently dealing with some fairly serious medical conditions and will have difficulty carrying out some of his normal range maintenance duties. It will be appreciated if all range users clean up their shooting area, return target stands, place cardboard in the appropriate racks and place garbage in the garbage receptacles provided after your shooting session. Rick is scheduled to have surgery in early May. We wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery. 

Note: If God wanted us to be Vegetarians he would have made kale and broccoli more fun to shoot!!

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph 250 468-1551   e-mail

Henry Range Report – January 2017

Henry Range Report – submitted January 2017

2016 turned out to be an extremely active year at the range. 561 range pass keys were purchased by renewing and new members. All of the weekend organized shoots were well attended with a lot of new members participating. Daily range activities continue to increase and this keeps our now officially appointed Range Warden, Richard busy. (Apparently interfering with his T.V. watching, nap time and dog walking).

Range rentals have generated about $3900.00 this past year and the R.C.M.P. have requested and been given additional exclusive time which is every Thursday morning. Just a note here: it is important to check the events calendar on the web site to verify range activities before proceeding to the range, particularly if you are not a frequent user. Range closures are normally always posted at the range and on the web site calendar with the exception of emergency Microwave Tower repairs.

We had the opportunity to host several students and teachers on three occasions from Ballenas Secondary school who were given a concentrated short course in firearms safety and handling by Firearms Safety Instructor Larry Blair and then they participated in a couple of hours of .22 rifle target shooting. Lots of good targets shot and plenty of smiles all around. A great way to give back to the community.

The construction of the new 50 yd. range is well under way. The berms have been constructed and the proper elevations for the range floor will be established when dryer conditions occur in the spring. The local R.C.M.P. are anxious to have this range in operation as soon as possible to accommodate practice drills with their new carbine firearms.

Accolades go to our perennial group of faithful volunteers who continue to look after all of the grunt work required to maintain the smooth operation of the rifle and handgun ranges and also to those who organize and conduct the various shooting events.

Did You Know !! -Henry Range was originally called Chattell Range. It sits on approximately 14 acres which was purchased from the Village of Parksville for the sum of $2,342.55 in 1969. This was all due to the efforts of Henry Estlin who was a provincial judge and ardent rifle and hand gun shooter who wanted to establish an officially, recognized and controlled range. In 1999 the name of the range was officially changed to the ”Henry Range” as a tribute to its founding member.

-Rifle shooting and handgun shooting both took place at the same time at the existing rifle range until 2001.

-Financing for the start of construction in 2000 of the existing handgun facility was from donations of $100.00 each from about a dozen or so enthusiastic handgun shooters.
Many hours of volunteer labour and donated material and equipment time did the rest. Completion 2001. (Source: Historical Journal PQFGA)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551, e-mail

Henry Range Report – October 2016

Henry Range Report (Summer 2016)
Activities at Henry Range continue to increase largely due to the number of new members and the number of range pass keys that have been purchase to date this year. Range pass keys sold to date is 554 keys which have generated $16620.00 in revenue for the range coffers.

All weekend organized shoots are well attended and have attracted some new participants. Accolades are in order to the various people who faithfully continue who organize, coordinate and ensure the safety disciplines required for these events. Mid August saw the start of a fairly heavy influx of the hunting fraternity sighting in new and “old faithful” rifles and developing and testing new hand loads for the upcoming hunting season, and this activity still going on now.

Range rentals by the R.C.M.P., Brinks Armoured Car Service, the Provincial Parks Service and the C.O. Service also continues to generate revenue for our cause. All members are advised to carefully check our website calendar and or the range notice boards for range closure times and dates.

There were several organized work parties held this summer which included: removing the three sheds that were located on the Hydro right-of way, one was salvaged and relocated to our property and the other two which were in a lot of distress were dismantled and disposed of; the building of another wood shed; two sessions of cutting ,splitting and stacking fire wood (approx 6 or 7 cords); general range cleanup and repairs.
Construction of the new 50 yd. handgun range is still work in progress, but is nearing completion as far as berm construction and the range floor is concerned. There is still some grader work required on the range floor to establish the required elevations. The required documentation and approvals from the Chief Firearms Officer are now being addressed. In conjunction with the new range construction we were able to establish an improved setup and parking area to the archery range.
Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551; e-mail

Henry Range Report – May 2016

Henry Range Report

There is apparently some concern and confusion regarding when and why the rifle and hand gun ranges are closed to the general membership to all firearm shooting activities.

The ranges are closed on occasion for the following reasons: Microwave tower maintenance and repair by Telus; RCMP qualifying and training; Brinks Armoured Car personnel training: BC Parks personnel training; ( all of the preceding agencies pay a $200.00 daily range rental fee); range work parties and some special occasion events.

The closures are always posted in advance on our web site calendar and on the notice boards and entrance gates at the ranges. (Emergency repairs to the microwave tower may be an exception)

The recently posted revised “Range Use Hours” was considered a pro active measure to minimise some of the noise for the adjacent residents and to create a definite range closure time.

The closure of the rifle or the handgun ranges and the recently revised posted ”Range Use Hours” do not apply to the use of the archery facility adjacent to the hand gun range. Archers are welcome to carry out their activities as they see fit.


Shooting Results:

Duty Pistol (March)
900 Match: 1st. Wynn; 2nd. Jay, 3rd. Walter.
1500 Match: 1st. Wynn, 2nd. Clive, 3rd. Len.
Duty Pistol (April).
900 Match: 1st. Len; 2nd. Graham; 3rd Jay.
1500 Match: 1st. Wynn: 2nd. Clive; 3rd Gord.
Bench rest (April)
Scope: 1st. Andrew 785; 2nd. Frank 779; 3rd. (Tie) Pam, Gerry, Alex 777.
Aperture: 1st. Rick 796; 2nd. Ken 795; 3rd John Will.794.
Military: (April)
1st. Graham 244; 2nd. Bruno 241; 3rd. Bob P. 238.
Sniper: 1st. Grant 97; 2nd John Will. 96; 3rd. Clive 95.
.22 Hand Gun (Submitted by Bob) (April)

The weather Gawds took pity on the last half of the shoot today. No attendance records were set(6 shooters). John did very well considering his shooting –eye cataract troubles. Olive provided healthy munchies. Unfortunately, I bought 2 dozen donuts based on last months turnout (16 shooters) , and the majority of the fat pills were not consumed by the present shooters. Win some – loose some.


Scores attained (Max possible 140)

Bob Lake 136
John Whitby 102
Olive Whitby 86
Gord Gebhardt 65
Rick Gammon 61
Peter Wartislav 60

Rick handed over monies ($39.60) collected over the period of my wintering in Arizona. This will help defray costs of today`s and future shoots. Whomever painted the silhouettes (Ken? Rick?)did a good job. I thank them.

Cheers, Bob.


Organized activities at both ranges continue to be well attended and daily casual shooting is definitely on the increase due to the increase in new members. To date, 420 range pass key have been purchased.

Submitted by Len Fong, Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551.