.22 Rifle Skills Match

Henry Range – PISTOL Range – Tuesday, 18 Sep @ 10 a.m.


The Shoot consists of 7 different Firing Stations (FS) occupied by individual shooters, each firing 10 shots in 5 minutes.

Paper targets are used. Shooting positions involve standing and sitting (on a stump) – both unsupported as well as supported – bench and prone.

Shooting Fee:  $2


Point Of Contact: Bob Lake, lakers1138@shaw.ca

BCWF’s Wetland Education Program is coming to Parksville

The BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program (WEP) helps build the capacity of British Columbian citizens to determine their backyard wetland assets, and increase their community’s environmental health using this knowledge.
WEP activities result in habitat restoration, enhancement & conservation through the collaboration of communities, BCWF clubs/members, NGOs, naturalist groups & First Nations.

There are a few free places available to PQFG members – please email info@pqfg.org for more info or to register.

Parksville WK poster

Dorman Range Report – February 2016

Dorman Range Report – Feb 2016

Dorman 1 Feb 2016

Well, we have had lots of rain lately but, as I always say, it’s not white.  And the flowers are starting to raise their little heads.  Welcome to Spring.

Our range has been quite busy since the New Year.  On Sundays we have had from 40 to 50 shooters shooting both skeet and trap.  Even-dated Wednesdays have been quite busy as well and we have opened both trap fields for both days.

There have been long line-ups occasionally and it is noted that only a few people have been trying to keep the shooting moving along efficiently.  Please, shooters, volunteers are desperately required to keep the range operating at an efficient schedule.  Tasks involve setting up equipment, although that is usually done by several volunteers prior to shooting, loading birds into the trap machines (after every 3 rounds), marking the score sheets, picking up empty shell casings, putting away the equipment after the shoot is over, and picking up the unbroken birds.  The first shooter on the score sheet should take it upon him/herself to see that the rest of the squad is ready as soon as a range is available.  If you are not familiar with these activities, please ask and we will be happy to give you a quick rundown.

Dorman 1


Photo 1 – For those not familiar with our facilities, the Clubhouse (with the caretaker’s residence in the background).  Concrete for “handicap” stations, for positions from 16 yards to 27 yards, for Range 3, is shown in the foreground.

Photo 2 – The Skeet facilities include a warming hut, and stations for “5-Stand” (white brackets).  The skeet “low” house is shown on the extreme left.

Dorman 2


Photo 3 – The skeet facilities shown from the opposite side.  The “house” in front contains a clay pigeon machine that is used for sporting clays and/or “5-Stand”.

Photo 4 – The skeet field showing the “high” house.

A question was asked why we keep scores for Trap shooting when many, if not most, other Clubs do not.  There are several reasons for this.  Keeping score sheets insures that everybody gets to shoot in turn and nobody jumps the queue.  It also provides a record of those shooting so that at the end of the day, their “bird” fees can be calculated.  It also gives each shooter a record of how their shooting has progressed; especially helpful for beginning/intermediate shooters.  One of the fun things that our Club does is to have shootoffs for people that end the round with the same scores.  The score sheet allows us to keep track as to who may be involved.

Recent Events:

We held a Sporting Clays on January 23 – we had nearly 90 shooters.  There were 12 to 15 shooters that got scores in the 90’s (out of 100)  Paul Hagel shot a 97, which is similar to winning a lottery.  The rest of the shooters had scores varying from the 20’s right through to the 80’s.  A delicious lunch, as normal, was available.

Dorman 3


Photo 1 – For sporting clays the portable throwing machines are all battery operated.  Here is a photo of the batteries being transported to Stations 4 to 10.   Photos 2 & 3 – The trap houses have to be loaded with clay pigeons.  Here, Andy Lemmon, Dave Vaton and Dave Upper are filling the house.

On Feb.7 we held a PITA Multiplex shoot.  PITA stands for Pacific International Trapshooting Association, and it entails States (and one province, BC) from California right through to Alaska.  It is a non-profit association and it was established in 1995.  Participants in the Association include California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska.  The shoots are comprised of 50 birds at 16 yards, 50 birds at a “handicap” distance, depending on the shooter’s previous scores, and 25 pairs of doubles.  There can be slight variations to these events.

Dorman 4


Photos show Dave Upper, Paul Bligh, Jim Walters and Bob (Rigger) Wilson shooting the “handicap” portion of the PITA event.

A 5-Stand, which is open to all shooters, both Club members and non-Club members, was held on Feb.14.  It has been suggested that 5-Stand is a variation of Sporting Clays and Skeet.  A big thank you to those people that set up the course. There are “5-Stand” shoots held on the second Sunday of the month.  The next shoot will be March 13.

Our next upcoming shoot will be Sporting Clays on February 27.  This is strictly a fun event and it is highly regarded (and attended) by other Clubs up and down the Island.  You can shoot 50 “birds” in the morning or 50 “birds” in the afternoon, or 100 for the day.  Lunch will be available.

There have been several shoots at other Clubs on the Island – The Alberni and Courtenay Clubs held Sporting Clays shoots during February.  There is a PITA event on the weekend of Feb.21 at Cowichan.

The Dorman Range has been, or will be closed on Feb. 21 for the Harry Tutton archery shoot.

Notes to all members:

We will be putting an order together shortly for shells.  Please contact Ron to indicate your interest.

Also, if there are any items (or photographs) that you would like to see in the newsletter, please let Ron know (e-mail address at the top).  Thanks.

Non-shooting items – reliable sources have informed me that there are Springs being caught in the local waters (for those that can stand rain and wind).

Another item to watch for in the next few weeks is the herring spawn; it is a flurry of activity between seagulls, eagles, seals, sea lions, and commercial fishermen.

Historical Tidbits:  From the Historical Journal of the PQF&G Association

Continued from the November newsletter, of which the last paragraph had referred to the Retriever dog trials that had been held annually:

“Jack Britton, a pioneer who emigrated from England in 1903, was one of the founding members.  His grandson, Rick, told the writer that he, like Henry Estlin, was a marksman and won many trophies, some of which he possesses.  They lived on Allsbrook Road, like the Chattells, for whom the road was named in 1990.”

“During the decade from 1950 to 1960 the Parksville Fish and Game Club was not overly active as the Dog Trials had become history.  (March 1964 the Club had received a request from Parksville Chamber of Commerce suggesting Dog Trials be held.  The executive had considered the request but had to decline due to time, work and expense involved.)  In the mid 1950’s (May 1954 first mentioned) they put on an annual fishing derby and barbecue on the beach on the beach at French Creek which, as time went on, became bigger each year until it was held on Dr. Urie’s property (abutting the current French Creek Marina Harbour Commissioner’s Office complex) instead of the beach.  The barbecue committee consisted of Bill Kleaman, J.L.Stevens and Tom Lewis.”

“A prefabricated shack was erected to accommodate the workers for handling the food and drinks.  The derby and barbecue were held on Dr. Urie’s property in 1978 for the last time on that location.  In 1979 the Club decided to cancel the barbecue for that year due to, (among other things), the high price of salmon.”

“It was very fortunate they did because in that year there was a veritable plague of wasps in the area and any barbecue would have been well attended by swarms of yellow jackets contending with the customers for a salmon dinner.”

“The main reason, however, for cancelling the annual event, was a display of conscience.  It was eventually recognize that the largest fish being caught were being used for the barbecue, and that the surplus fish being caught were being sold (an illegal act under the Sports Fishing Act), incurring a definite abrogation of Club principles, ideals of conservation and ethical behaviour.”

-more to come in later newsletters.

Henry Range Report – February 2016

Henry  Range  Report – February 2016.

Activities continue to increase at both ranges. I am advised that over three hundred range pass  keys  have been purchased already this year.

We have recently received a substantial quantity of fill suitable for constructing  berms, so when we have some dryer weather, more construction on the new 50 yd. range will probably take place. We certainly need another handgun/.22 rifle facility.

On Feb. 16th. we hosted a large group (33) of students from Ballenas Secondary School along with several teachers and parents for a day of .22 rifle shooting. We had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. Both groups including the teachers and parents were given a comprehensive mini course on firearms safety and range rules, by Larry Blair, Firearms Safety Instructor and Qualified Range Officer prior to the shooting events. The participants shot at paper targets and at reactive steel target at our handgun facility. I am sure it was a valuable learning experience for all of them, in the safe handling and use of firearms and the skill required to hit the intended target. They all left smiling and took home some pretty impressive targets. We had a real good turnout of volunteers to help and give instruction on a one on one basis. Thanks to all. !!

Shoot Results

.22 Pistol Fun Shoot – Jan. 31st.

The shoot was held under dreary skies, however the cheeriness of the shooters made it seem like a summer day. It was the largest turnout I recall with 16 plus shooters. Instead of shooting individually we decided to team up. We even had to go and pickup more cookies. It was a really enjoyable time for all the shooters and spectators. It was great to see all of the new shooters come out and participate.


1st. Lee & Colin 133;  2nd. Wynn& Grant 119;  3rd. John& Olive 97.

Note: The next shoot will be held on Sunday Feb. 28th. at 10:00 am.   (Submitted by Rick and John)

Black Powder Shoots:

Jan.30th. Results.   1st. Grant M. 180;  2nd. Bob P. 169;  3rd. Walter R. 153.

Feb. 13th. Results  1st. Larry B. 39;  2nd.( Tie) Don H. & Grant M. 37;  3rd. Gerry E. 28.

.22 Rifle Fun Shoot: Feb 6th.

The shoot had a large turnout again this month, with over22 shooters. Everyone had a great time and at the halfway point all enjoyed another beautiful and delicious birthday cake to celebrate Olive`s 39th. birthday. Alex had the place toasty and warm and made another great pot of coffee, actually had to make two pots.

Results: 1st. John Will. & Dave 417; 2nd. (tie) Alex & Gerald “the dynamic duo” and Andrew, Graham and Nigel 411;  3rd. Jim & Clayton 370.

We are looking forward to the next shoot which will be held on Sat. March 5th., see you there. (Submitted by Rick)

.22 Precision Shoot: Feb 13th.

Aperture: 1st. Fritz  800;  2nd.(tie) John Will. & Rick 799;  3rd. John W. 750.

Scope: 1st. Tammy 799;  2nd. Dave 797;  3rd. Alex 792.

.22 precision shoot

(.22 precision match)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551  e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca


Membership & IT News Report

The new facility to take online payments launched successfully on December 1st and it seems to be pretty popular. For those accustomed to dealing in an online world, the facility to join or renew membership online is certainly a huge step forward in terms of convenience and the benefits include much faster processing of your application. On the back-end, using the online facility helps the club a great deal by reducing the considerable workload of the volunteers involved. Of course, you can still join the club using cash or cheque and the details of how and when to do that can be found here.

Over the holiday period, we will be migrating the website to a new hosting provider and platform which will provide far greater flexibility in how we use the site to engage with our members. In the initial phase we have added some commonly requested improvements including a new calendar and classified ads and there are further developments planned over 2016. Unfortunately, the website will experience some downtime while the Internet ‘updates its phonebook’ but this should be less than 24 hours for the majority of people. We will post notice of when this is likely to occur on the site itself and also on our Facebook page.

If you have content that you would like to see or you would like to submit an article for the site – maybe a report on your hunt or fishing trip – we would love to hear from you. Drop an email to info@pqfg.org

Seasons greetings to you all and a very happy new year!

Mark and Beth Hurst
​ info@pqfg.org

Archery Update

Hi  all,

I’m hoping everyone out there is staying warm and dry!  Just a quick few items to mention and remind everyone regarding archery.

First, our Christmas Potluck/Fun Shoot will be taking place next Wednesday Dec 16th.  Shooting to begin right at 7 pm, so if you could arrive a little bit earlier that would be great!

Please bring a dish to share (savoury, sweet, whatever you wish) and it will be added to our potluck table to enjoy once the shooting is complete.

Please also bring an item or two for donation to our local food bank….every little bit helps!

This will also be our last night of shooting until January, so if a few of you could stick around after to help with clean up, it would be very much appreciated!

Our date for our annual Harry Tutton Memorial 3D shoot, has been set for Sunday Feb 21 2016.  This is our biggest yearly fundraiser and we hope that the majority of you can help out.  Either in set up on the Saturday, final set up Sunday morning, helping in the concession, with score tallying, baking goods, soliciting for prizes….we NEED your help!  Please see Brandy or myself for this and let us know where you think you can help…it seems far away but really it’s just around the corner!  We had over 120 archers last year and hope to have as many if not more again this year!

We welcome all the new faces that have recently joined archery and we hope you are enjoying the club thus far.  Thank you to everyone for their patience as we adjust to the new numbers and figure out how things are going to go in the New Year.   Please see Brandy’s email about the time/schedule options.

Lastly, I wish to thank Coach Bob, Coach John, Terry, Don, Mike, Imke and Brandy for the great help they have been throughout the year…we couldn’t have done it without you!

See you all on the 16th!



Presidents Message – November 2015

Presidents Report
The fall weather has started to replenish local streams and rivers.  This year has shown how delicate the balance is here on the Island between drought and precipitation.  Many rivers have had late runs of salmon and the return of Coho has been poor in a number of rivers.  The proposed new water supply on the Englishman River will need to be monitored carefully.  We are facing a possible reduction in flow even after this year’s drought has shown how precarious this source is.
As conservationists we need to monitor the effects of actions of government within the community if we are to retain the environment we have today for our children and our grandchildren in the future.

Our annual banquet is set to take place on March 5th.  This is a major source of funding for the club.  Last year we raised over $13000 for new equipment and upgrades to the ranges.
Our problem is that we need someone to Chair the Banquet Committee, any takers?  We have the infrastructure, we have the hall and we have volunteers. What we do not have is someone to manage the big picture, to make sure we are on time and on task.
Emma and Jean did an amazing job for 2015 and we sincerely thank them for all their efforts but we need to find someone for 2016.  It can be a shared arrangement, whatever works best for you.
Should you wish to take on the task, please email me at rt50@shaw.ca

A brief general meeting on Tuesday December 1st will be followed by our annual social.  I sincerely hope to see you there at 7.00 pm at the legion hall in Qualicum.  In the spirit of potluck, please fetch an appy, salad or a sweet treat for everyone to share.  We will provide some drinks and something tasty.  All members welcome!

​Richard Thompson, President PQFG.

Henry Range Update – November 2015

Business as usual at both facilities.  We are still looking for good clean fill for the new 50 yd. range, so if anybody out there in membership land has contact with people in the dirt moving business let them know we have a good free dumpsite. The renovation work to bring the washroom facility in the rifle range club house up to standards for physically challenged members and guests is presently underway and should be completed soon. A new outside security light was recently installed on the rifle range clubhouse, thanks to Bruno.

Shooting Results
Military Match- Oct.
1st. Clive 308; 2nd. Tie, Graham & Alex 301; 3rd. Tie, Lee & Len 300.  Sniper: 1st, Frank 98; 2nd, Tie Graham & Clive 92; 3rd, Bob P 91.
Duty Pistol – Oct.
1st, Gord  859; 2nd, Clive 858; 3rd, Len 855.
.22 Hand Gun – Oct.
1st, Bob L  139; 2nd, Lee C  129; 3rd, Olive W,  108  (Note: Best possible score in this event is 140)
.22 Plinker Shoot – Nov.
1st, Bruno & John Wil.  418;  2nd, Bob & Warren (the Gabriola Guys) 399; 3rd, Ken, John & Rick (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) not necessarily in that order, 385.

Notice: At the next Military Match on November 21st, there will be a table set up where members can place items for buy sell or trade. Bring your unwanted shooting , reloading, optics, guns, knives and all other assorted treasures you might want to part with. Please mark your items with your asking price.

Submitted by:
Len Fong, Range Committee Member.
Ph 250 468-1551; e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca

Archery Update – November 2015

Archery is continuing to grow with new memberships still coming in. The open house on November 21st at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp was a great success. This open house was part of ParticipACTION’s National Sports Day. We were hoping to be able to share what we do with all ages to encourage people to become members and be more active and I believe we definitely succeeded.

We would also like to share the news that our coach Bob O’Brien placed second in the World Senior Games in Utah! Congratulations Bob!!

We will be hosting more user groups coming up this month – Cub Scouts have been confirmed for the 17th and we are waiting on date confirmation from a couple more groups. We had a great time sharing our sport with the Blade Runners group that came down a couple of weeks ago.
Our last day of shooting will be on December 16. We will be having a potluck fun shoot and again we encourage any interested members of the PQFG to join us at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp from 7-8PM.

Please feel free to contact us at arrowsmitharchers@shaw.ca with any questions.

Jace Glendinning of Qualicum Beach,5, gets some help from his dad, Adam Der, as he tries a bow for the first time during the Arrowsmith Archers’ open house in Nanoose Bay Saturday.
— Image Credit: J.R. Rardon Photo

To read the full article – click here