Henry Range Report – February 2016

Henry  Range  Report – February 2016.

Activities continue to increase at both ranges. I am advised that over three hundred range pass  keys  have been purchased already this year.

We have recently received a substantial quantity of fill suitable for constructing  berms, so when we have some dryer weather, more construction on the new 50 yd. range will probably take place. We certainly need another handgun/.22 rifle facility.

On Feb. 16th. we hosted a large group (33) of students from Ballenas Secondary School along with several teachers and parents for a day of .22 rifle shooting. We had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. Both groups including the teachers and parents were given a comprehensive mini course on firearms safety and range rules, by Larry Blair, Firearms Safety Instructor and Qualified Range Officer prior to the shooting events. The participants shot at paper targets and at reactive steel target at our handgun facility. I am sure it was a valuable learning experience for all of them, in the safe handling and use of firearms and the skill required to hit the intended target. They all left smiling and took home some pretty impressive targets. We had a real good turnout of volunteers to help and give instruction on a one on one basis. Thanks to all. !!

Shoot Results

.22 Pistol Fun Shoot – Jan. 31st.

The shoot was held under dreary skies, however the cheeriness of the shooters made it seem like a summer day. It was the largest turnout I recall with 16 plus shooters. Instead of shooting individually we decided to team up. We even had to go and pickup more cookies. It was a really enjoyable time for all the shooters and spectators. It was great to see all of the new shooters come out and participate.


1st. Lee & Colin 133;  2nd. Wynn& Grant 119;  3rd. John& Olive 97.

Note: The next shoot will be held on Sunday Feb. 28th. at 10:00 am.   (Submitted by Rick and John)

Black Powder Shoots:

Jan.30th. Results.   1st. Grant M. 180;  2nd. Bob P. 169;  3rd. Walter R. 153.

Feb. 13th. Results  1st. Larry B. 39;  2nd.( Tie) Don H. & Grant M. 37;  3rd. Gerry E. 28.

.22 Rifle Fun Shoot: Feb 6th.

The shoot had a large turnout again this month, with over22 shooters. Everyone had a great time and at the halfway point all enjoyed another beautiful and delicious birthday cake to celebrate Olive`s 39th. birthday. Alex had the place toasty and warm and made another great pot of coffee, actually had to make two pots.

Results: 1st. John Will. & Dave 417; 2nd. (tie) Alex & Gerald “the dynamic duo” and Andrew, Graham and Nigel 411;  3rd. Jim & Clayton 370.

We are looking forward to the next shoot which will be held on Sat. March 5th., see you there. (Submitted by Rick)

.22 Precision Shoot: Feb 13th.

Aperture: 1st. Fritz  800;  2nd.(tie) John Will. & Rick 799;  3rd. John W. 750.

Scope: 1st. Tammy 799;  2nd. Dave 797;  3rd. Alex 792.

.22 precision shoot

(.22 precision match)

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551  e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca


Henry Range – January 2016 Update

Henry Range Report – January 2016.

Happy New Year to you all and don`t forget it`s time to renew your membership and purchase your new range key. The locks on the access gates were changed at the first of the year. To date we have sold over 200 keys which indicates that we are going to have another busy year at the range.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on February 23rd. This is the most important meeting of the year where the new Executive and Directors are elected for the coming year(s) and the Operating and Capital Budgets are approved for the fiscal year. There are several Director and Executive positions to be filled, and it is important that we have good representation from Henry Range so please consider letting your name stand for election to one of these positions.

Shooting Results.

.22 Rifle Fun Shoot:

The first shoot of the 2016 was held in conjunction with a Happy Birthday bash for Pam. We had a huge cake with pink roses (Pam`s favorite color).lol It was a cold day but thanks to Alex looking after the hot coffee and roaring fire, made it all worth while. We all had a great time. There were 15 shooters.

1st. John Will. & Pam 287(but we think that was fixed); 2nd. Alex & Gerald (the switcheroo`s) 271; 3rd. Crystal & Bob 260. The next shoot is Feb. 06 @ 10:00 am   (Submitted by Rick)

Bench Rest:

Scope: 1st. Dave 798;  2nd (Tie) Tammy& Andrew 796;  3rd. (Tie) Alex & Frank 788;

Aperture:  1st. John Will. 799;  2nd.Richard  797;  3rd.  James 795;  Next shoot is Feb. 13th.


1st. John Will 256;  2nd.  Gord  252;  3rd. Clive 251;

Sniper: 1st. (Tie) Clive & Frank 96;  2nd. Bruno 95;  3rd. Graham 85;

The next Military Shoot will be held on Feb.20th. and there will be a handgun stage included. Next shoot is Feb. 20th.

Duty Pistol:

The duty pistol match this month was expanded into a two section event and participants had the option to shoot in the modified 1500 PPC match or the usual 900 round match or both matches. This will be the norm for all future Duty Pistol Matches unless advised otherwise. There were 20 plus shooter including three new participants. John and Walter did a great job of organizing, laying out the course of fire and conducting the matches. There were lots of happy shooters and some impressive scores. Participants require 150 rounds of ammo for the 1500 match and 90 rounds for the 900 match or if you can`t do the math, 240 round for both matches.(lol) The next match will be on Feb. 27th. See you there.


900 Match.  1st. Wynn T:  2nd  Frank W:  3rd. Bruno K.

1500 Match.  1st. Clive C;  2nd.  Gord G;  3rd. Len F.

There will be a black powder shoot at the Henry rifle range commencing at 10:00am on Saturday, Jan. 30th.

There will also be a .22 handgun shoot on Jan. 31, commencing at 10:00 am. at the Henry Handgun range,  Everybody Welcome.

Submitted by Len Fong, Henry Range Committee Member. Ph. 250 468-1551;  e-mail  lenbar@shaw.ca





Dorman Range – January 2016 Update

January Newsletter – Dorman Range, by Ron Card,  roncard@shaw.ca

Hello everybody.  Well . . .  we have started the year off with a bang; in fact, many of them.

Our recent large events were the turkey shoots on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  These events were very popular, both for the winning of turkeys (and hams) and for the fun that everybody had.  There were a total of 225 turkeys and hams that were awarded.

The turkey shoots are set up with the idea that everybody should have a reasonable chance at winning a turkey.  There are 3 skill categories (novice, intermediate & open).  Anybody that wins 2 turkeys in one skill category is moved up into the next skill level.  The maximum that any shooter can win is 5 turkeys – this gives the not-so-skilled shooters a better chance to win a turkey on their own.

The turkey shoot on Boxing Day had a record or near-record number of shooters (and their families).  The number of squads that shot was 96.  With 5 people on a squad, this adds up to  480 individual rounds, each one paid $7.50 per round.  If we assume that each shooter shot 4 to 5 times, then the total number of shooters would have been in the order of 100 to 120 (plus a lot of family members that just came to watch).   The Club made over $1,900 from this event – these funds go towards running and maintaining the range/Club during the year.  A benefit like this helps to keep our Club membership fees at the lowest level on the Island (and even lower than Clubs farther afield).

DR 001 Jan16

Photo 1 – Bill Simpson conducting the “playing card” raffle.  Rigger Wilson looking on, saying “pick mine, pick mine”!    Photo 2 – Dave Vaton getting a fire going for the frosty New Year’s Day shoot.  Fortunately the day warmed up and the frost disappeared.   Photo 3 – Tina Wilson administering the “turkey boards”.  Her husband, Don, very successfully spread these “boards” around the community, all to benefit the Club.  A great “thanks” must be given to all these people.

As well as the turkey shoots we also had other various fun events.  The big one was the “Annie Oakley”.  For the “Annie Oakley” shooters line up in a row along the fence, which is about 28 or 29 yards from the trap house.  Then 3 shooters at a time take a shot at a “bird”.  If anybody misses and the next person hits it, then the first (or second) shooter gets knocked out.  (Also if the shooter shoots out of turn or shoots when the first person has broken the bird, he gets disqualified.)  The winner of the Boxing Day “Annie Oakley” was James Wicks and he walked away with $180.

Running a large event like the Turkey Shoot, to keep up with registration, maintaining the schedule board, awarding prizes, preparing & serving lunches, selling shells, etc. requires a large number of volunteers. We would like to offer our great thanks to the following people who made the Boxing Day Turkey Shoot a resounding success:  Andy Lemmon & Joanne, Rod & Lynne Wiebe, Don & Tina Wilson, Ray & Pete Zboyovsky, John O’Reagan, Don Yacovelli, Gord Brooks, Dan Marshall, Alec McCaul, Jim Walters, Randy Middlemass, Greg & Will, Dave & Diane Upper, Nigel Hurford, and apologies to those that helped but didn’t get their names mentioned.

The turkey shoot on New Year’s Day, equally successful although not as busy as Boxing Day, had 81 squads that shot.  Using the same concepts as listed above for the Boxing Day shoot, there were 405 individual rounds at $7.50 per round.  At 4 to 5 times per shooter, this would have totalled 80 to 100 shooters.  The Club made $1849 for this event.

DR 002 Jan16

Photo 1 –  An early frosty morning, a squad lines up in preparation for the turkey shoot.    Photo 2 – The same frosty morning, looking towards the skeet field, with a jammed parking lot.  Photo 3 – A jammed parking area in the warehouse area.

There was an “Annie Oakley” that was also shot on New Year’s Day.  There were 30 shooters that participated.  (See the photo)  This “Annie Oakley” was won by Pete Ahrens from the Nanaimo Club.  He walked away with $160.

DR003 Jan16

Photo 1  –  3 Shooters taking their turn in the “Annie Oakley”.    Photos 2 & 3  –  Participants getting ready for a round of a turkey shoot, on Field #3.

For the successful fun day of a turkey shoot on New Year’s Day we thank the following volunteers that made it happen:  Don & Tina Wilson, Ron Card, Dave & Diane Upper, Rod & Lynne Wiebe, Andy Lemmon & Joanne, Gord Brooks, Jim Walters, Dave Vaton, Nigel Hurford, John O’Reagan, Don Yacovelli, Alec McCaul, Bill Simpson, Steve Kennedy, Ray & Pete Zboyovsky, and again, apologies to others that helped out but didn’t get their names mentioned.  These events happen successfully when there are plenty of volunteers.

DR 004 Jan16

Photo 1  –  Part of the scrumptious lunch that was provided on each of Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  Photo 2  –  The registration desk as very aptly run by Diane Upper and Lynne Wiebe.  (The turkey boards still waiting to be filled out.)  Photo 3  –  A squad shooting on Field #2

DR 005 Jan16

Photo 1  –  At the end of the day there are thousands of empty shell casings that had to be picked up and bagged for disposal.   Photos 2 & 3  –  Last month I included a photo from a previous year, warning that winter was not over.  And recently, we did have to contend with a little bit of snow, but it didn’t slow down the shooters.


Aside from setting up and running events, the range requires on-going maintenance.  In the last week or two our water well pump failed.  Thanks to the fast action of Justin Horsman (Vancouver Island Pump Service) and several other people, the pump was quickly brought back into service.  Jason is a member of our Club and he has donated his services with a request that if the Club agrees, he would like to see a benefit or award set aside for young shooters.  Extreme thanks, Justin, and the Club will be doing something to develop young shooters.

As well as Justin, I would like to thank the following people for participating in a several-day work party:  John O’Regan, Reg Ross, Randy Flanagan, Andy Lemmon, Bob Davenport, Don & Tina Wilson, Phil Nozum, and myself.

DR 006 Jan16

DR007 Jan16

Photo 1 – Justin Horsman, just after winning yet another round.

Photo 2 – Nigel Hurford, keeping us all organized and on track. Thanks for volunteering!

Photo 3 – Mackenzie Crossley.  Great to see our youth participating and with great scores! Well done

Photo 4 – Diane Upper (right) and Lynne Wiebe (left). Without these 2 wonderful ladies, none of this would be possible.

 Upcoming shoots

Sporting Clays Jan.23 (fourth Saturday).  If you wish to try a different venue for sporting clays, the Alberni Club is holding a “sporting clays” on January 30.  There are “5-Stand” held on the second Sunday of the month.  A 5-Stand was held on Jan. 10.  This event was difficult; even the good shooters were in the 16 out of 25 range.  The next 5-Stand will be on February 14.  For the set-up guys – please have a heart!

Henry Range Update – December 2016

A comprehensive year-end report regarding the activities, financial status and proposed future projects and activities will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in February. However as most members do not attend the AGM, this is a brief report for the past year regarding Henry Range.

General range use, organized shooting events, range rentals and volunteer participation at various work parties far exceeded all expectations. Approximately 600 members purchased range passes and access keys. (Our total club membership is about 800). Work was started and is well under way for the construction of a new 50 yd. handgun range. In association with this project the existing archery range was relocated and upgraded. The rifle range buildings were enhanced with a new coat of paint. The washroom in the rifle range club house has now been upgraded to physically challenged standards. Projects that will be included in the 2016 budget will be: the completion of the 50 yd range, hopefully, depending on getting more free fill ; the painting of the rifle range shooting structure inside; painting of the handgun range building and an addition to the present wood shed.

A volunteer appreciation pot luck dinner was held on Nov. 27 at the rifle range club house attended by most of the people who always show up for the work parties held during the year and who do other things required to help provide a pleasant, safe environment for our membership. John Willson, Henry Range Committee Chairman, presented fleece vests displaying the club crest to Alex Stoimans, Bruno Kraft and Rick Gammon in appreciation for their extra effort.

Shooting Results
Precision .22 Shoot.(Nov.)  Scope – 1st  Pam, Andrew (tie) 792; 2nd Frank 788; 3rd Alex 785.
Iron –    1st John Will 800; 2nd James 798; 3rd Rick 797.

Precision .22  Shoot – Medal Awards. High Scores for Six Rounds.
Scope – 1st  Dave 4764; 2nd  Frank 4740;  3rd  Tammy 4702.
Scope – Ladies.  Pam 4719
Prone – Andrew 3689
Iron – 1st John Will  4790; 2nd  James  4769; 3rd  John W.  4745.

Military Match (Nov). 1st. Larry; 2nd Graham; 3rd Mike.
Sniper – 1st John Will;  2nd Clive;  3rd Bob.
Military Match (Dec). 1st John Will; 2nd Don; 3rd Gord.
Sniper: 1st Grant 97; 2nd Clive 96; 3rd Frank 95.
Military Match Annual Awards: Overall Annual High Score: Clive 3079; John Will 2974; Dana 2813.
Rifle by Class Average Scores: Pre 1900: Graham 252; WW1:
Ken 285;  WW2: John Will 262;  Sniper: Clive 96.

Duty Pistol (Nov)  1st Gord; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Black Powder Shoot (Nov) Rifle – 1st Grant 70; 2nd Bob 60; 3rd Gerry 52;  Pistol – Walter 25

.22 Fun Shoot (Dec)     1st Pam & John Will 219;  2nd Gerald & Alex 195; 3rd Lee & John J. 180.
Rainy windy day and only one round was shot. This was followed by a            great lunch of all sorts of goodies and good coffee in the warmth of the club house.

Notice: It is time to renew your membership, pay for your range pass and be issued a new gate key for 2016. You can renew your membership online on our website or at the trailer office at the range. Please note that the gate keys are only issued from the trailer office. New gate keys will be required commencing on the morning of January 04, 2016.

The Annual General Meeting is to be held in February 2016. There will be opportunity to step up and offer your service to become a board member for a one or two-year term and it is important that we have  good representation from Henry Range on the board. Remember, “things get done by those who show up”.

From the Range Committee to you and yours, “Merry Christmas and may all of your shots be in the 10 ring in the New Year”

Submitted by Leonard Fong, Henry Range Committee Member.
Ph. 250 468 -1551;   e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca

Henry Range Update – November 2015

Business as usual at both facilities.  We are still looking for good clean fill for the new 50 yd. range, so if anybody out there in membership land has contact with people in the dirt moving business let them know we have a good free dumpsite. The renovation work to bring the washroom facility in the rifle range club house up to standards for physically challenged members and guests is presently underway and should be completed soon. A new outside security light was recently installed on the rifle range clubhouse, thanks to Bruno.

Shooting Results
Military Match- Oct.
1st. Clive 308; 2nd. Tie, Graham & Alex 301; 3rd. Tie, Lee & Len 300.  Sniper: 1st, Frank 98; 2nd, Tie Graham & Clive 92; 3rd, Bob P 91.
Duty Pistol – Oct.
1st, Gord  859; 2nd, Clive 858; 3rd, Len 855.
.22 Hand Gun – Oct.
1st, Bob L  139; 2nd, Lee C  129; 3rd, Olive W,  108  (Note: Best possible score in this event is 140)
.22 Plinker Shoot – Nov.
1st, Bruno & John Wil.  418;  2nd, Bob & Warren (the Gabriola Guys) 399; 3rd, Ken, John & Rick (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) not necessarily in that order, 385.

Notice: At the next Military Match on November 21st, there will be a table set up where members can place items for buy sell or trade. Bring your unwanted shooting , reloading, optics, guns, knives and all other assorted treasures you might want to part with. Please mark your items with your asking price.

Submitted by:
Len Fong, Range Committee Member.
Ph 250 468-1551; e-mail lenbar@shaw.ca

Archery Update – November 2015

Archery is continuing to grow with new memberships still coming in. The open house on November 21st at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp was a great success. This open house was part of ParticipACTION’s National Sports Day. We were hoping to be able to share what we do with all ages to encourage people to become members and be more active and I believe we definitely succeeded.

We would also like to share the news that our coach Bob O’Brien placed second in the World Senior Games in Utah! Congratulations Bob!!

We will be hosting more user groups coming up this month – Cub Scouts have been confirmed for the 17th and we are waiting on date confirmation from a couple more groups. We had a great time sharing our sport with the Blade Runners group that came down a couple of weeks ago.
Our last day of shooting will be on December 16. We will be having a potluck fun shoot and again we encourage any interested members of the PQFG to join us at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp from 7-8PM.

Please feel free to contact us at arrowsmitharchers@shaw.ca with any questions.

Jace Glendinning of Qualicum Beach,5, gets some help from his dad, Adam Der, as he tries a bow for the first time during the Arrowsmith Archers’ open house in Nanoose Bay Saturday.
— Image Credit: J.R. Rardon Photo

To read the full article – click here


Henry Range Report – Summer 2015

Activities at the range continue to be increasing and the organized weekend shoots are well attended and have even attracted some new participants, probably due to the increase of new club members. Due to the extreme dry conditions this summer, Black Powder firearms were not allowed to be used and this restriction has now been lifted, otherwise it was shooting as usual. The new 50yd. range is still a “work in progress” project and we have been fortunate to get a lot of free clean fill recently. The rifle range buildings have recently received a new coat of paint thanks to the always faithful Henry range maintenance crew volunteers. The recent second of the year “Gun Show” that was held at the Coombs Agricultural Fair Grounds was another resounding success. Show co-ordinator Graham Alexander, reports a profit of approximately $2200.00 which all goes into the Henry Range coffers. On behalf of all of the Henry Range users, I extend our “THANKS” to Graham and his group of volunteers.

Shooting Results:

Military (June) 1st Clive 310; 2nd Graham 297; 3rd Rion 296.
Military (July)  1st Lee 257; 2nd Bob 253; 3rd  Clive 252.
Military (Aug.) 1st Clive 247; 2nd Lee 238; 3rd John Will. 230.
Military (Sept) 1st Clive 254; 2nd Bruno 242; 3rd Alex 240.

Duty Pistol (June) 1st Clive; 2nd Gord; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (July) 1st Crystal; 2nd Clive; 3rd Len.
Duty Pistol (Aug) 1st Jay; 2nd Graham; 3rd John.
Duty Pistol (Sept) 1st Graham; 2nd Clive; 3rd Crystal.

Bench Rest Scope (July) 1st Tammy 796 (more x`s) 2nd Dave 796; 3rd Andrew 794.
Bench Rest Aperture (July) 1st John Will. 796; 2nd Nigel 785; James 778.
Bench Rest Scope (Aug) 1st Dave795; 2nd Tammy 793; 3rd Gerry 788.
Bench Rest Aperture (Aug) 1st James 800; 2nd John Wht 797; 3rd John Will 796.
Bench Rest Scope (Sept) 1st Frank 788; 2nd Alex 782; 3rd Pam 782.
Bench Rest Aperture (Sept) 1st John Will. 800 (more x`s) 2nd Wayne 800; 3rd Chris 799.

.22 Fun Shoot (July) 1st John& Len 312; 2nd Andrew & Nigel 310; 3rd Lee & Bob P. 299.
.22 Fun Shoot (Aug) 1st Gord & Frank 251, (Team Mossberg); 2nd Warren & Bob 241, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Alex & Andrew 217, (Team Remington).
.22 Fun Shoot (Sept) 1st Alex & Gerry 444, (the Dynamic Duo); 2nd Barry & Ken 416; 3rd John Will. & Bob 402.
.22 Fun Shoot (Oct)  1st Olive & Alex 444, (Team Ruger); 2nd Ken & Bob 416, (Team Gabriola); 3rd Pam & Bob 344,(Team Unknown)

.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot ( June) 1st Bob L. 137; 2nd John Will 114; 3rd Lee 113.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (July)Trial shoot with clay pigeons. Top score Lee 130; 8 other shooter average score 99.
.22 Handgun Silhouette Shoot (Sept) 1st Bob L. 138; 2nd Grant B. 115; 3rd John Wh. 82.

 VISL Rifle Shoot:
This is not a PQFG organized shoot, however some of our members compete in this shoot regularly and the annual Championship Match was recently held at the Nanaimo Range. Some scores out of a possible 600 attained by our members are as follows:
Bench rest: 1st Dave 600; 2nd Frank 599; 3rd Tammy  598; 4th Dave 595; 5th John 592.
Prone: 1st Clive 596; 3rd Andrew 563.
Note: I am advised that this group is looking for more competitors to participate in this shoot. For further information regarding this shoot please contact me as indicated at the end of his report.

Black Powder (Sept) 1st Don 95; 2nd Barry 66; 3rd Ken 63;   Note: Don put 9 shots from his muzzle loader in the same hole at 25 yds. The tenth shot was not far away. A tremendous effort with a muzzle loader.

To all of the hunters out there, I hope you all have had or will have a safe, successful hunting experience this year.

Submitted by: Len Fong (Henry Range Committee Member)
Ph:250 468-1551. E-mail: lenbar@shaw. ca