All members are encouraged to participate in any and all aspects of fishing.

  • Mentoring new fishers
  • Learning angler techniques of: Ocean, rivers and lakes
  • Fly, Bait, or Spinning Lures


We will be putting together meetings to address these and many other interesting HOW TO’s, in the following weeks.
We are very pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Share-a-boat’ scheme and have added to this a ‘Share-A-Hunt’ scheme. Owning a boat is an expensive endeavour and some will tell you that it is simply an acronym for Bring On Another Thousand! The scheme links boat owning anglers with non-owners who would like to get out on the ocean to fish and help share the costs of the outing from launch fees, gas etc. The ‘Share-A-Hunt’ scheme works in a similar way and connects interested hunters in order to share costs, knowledge or simply a strong back. We have many senior members that would welcome an extra pair of hands to assist in getting their animals out of the bush.

Both schemes can be accessed through our Classifieds page.


Useful Links

If you want to increase your chances of experiencing a great day of fishing, visit the websites below which will give you information on which lakes have been stocked and with which kind of fish. These sites are absolutely packed with information which will be invaluable to the island fisherman.

Gofish B.C.

Island Fisherman Magazine

Island Angler Magazine


Fishing reports for BC can be found via the following internet forums:



Smartphone users can also check out the excellent iFishBC app found here.