ArcheryArrowsmith Archers – A division of Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association

The Parksville-Qualicum Fish and Game Association has an active archery club known as Arrowsmith Archers. The club is affiliated with the British Columbia Archery Association (BCAA) and is involved in the Junior Olympic program (JOP). The club welcomes archers of all ages, both youth and adult.

The first drop in session is free, however after the first session, membership of the Parksville-Qualicum Fish and Game Club is required.

Archery meets on Monday & Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 7pm & 7pm-8pm in the gym of the Nanoose Pentecostal Camp, entrance via the back door (#414).  The season runs from end of September until mid May indoors.  During June, July and August archers are encouraged to use the outdoor range at either the Henry or Dorman Ranges.

For our youth there is also an opportunity to join the BC Archery Association and to participate in the Junior Olympian Program (JOP).   Typically JOP archery is for ages 9 –18 years for both boys and girls, and most of our youth choose to participate in this program.  Youth archers who join the BC Archery Association use the JOP categories, shooting rules, scoring system and can qualify for certificates of achievement at various levels as they develop their skills. Many compete in provincial indoor and outdoor championships.  We have had many of our youth archers place well in competitions both provincially and nationally. Parental involvement is required not only for scorekeeping, but also to help with the overall running of the club.

There is equipment to borrow on site for those just trying it out or for those needing to determine what bow and arrow size they should use.  However, the equipment is borrowed on a short term basis, is shared with other new members and is usually only available for a short time.  After this time, members usually purchase their own equipment as this allows them to compete, if they wish,  as well as to develop their skills with consistent equipment.

There are certified coaches on site to help develop basic archery skills as well as to help those who compete at higher levels.

Most archery nights involve target shooting, on 80cm, 60cm and 40cm targets, depending on skill level.  We try to hold an indoor 3D shoot once per month, however this is not a set schedule.  We also have an annual 3D shoot at the Dorman Range in February.  This shoot is called the Harry Tutton Memorial Shoot, named for one of our long time members.  The Harry Tutton shoot is open to archers province-wide.

Safety and respect are the main priorities of this club. Of course there is lots of fun to be had, but proper protocol of shooting must be adhered to all times.

Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

Fast Facts about PQFG:  Archery Division
Ages:  9-99  (Due to safety/size issues, children must be 9+yrs of age to shoot.)

Nanoose Pentecostal Camp during the above mentioned months (Access through back door of gym #414). See map below for the location.

Archery is year round at the Henry or Dorman Range.  You must be a paid member and have purchased a range key to obtain entry to the Henry Range. The Club schedule must be adhered to, please note other club events, the standard shooting schedule and activities by checking the web calendar. Maps to the Henry and Dorman locations can be found by clicking these links – Dorman / Henry.

Days and Times:
Youth (JOP-parent required)  & Adult – Mondays & Wednesdays from 6pm – 7pm and 7pm – 8pm.

Archery is a great sport to join, for all ages.  We have a lot of fun, host tournaments and all work together.  If this is something that you think you might enjoy, please join us!  Feel free to bring a friend, or join the friends already at the club!

See you there!

For further information, please drop in or email