Marion Baker Hatchery Report – April 2018

Marion Baker Hatchery Report

Our Chum (estimated at 100,000) and Coho (estimated at 35,000) fry are packing on the weight (actually grams) as they compete for the tasty, nutritious fish food morsels that we toss into their tanks three times a day. We’re estimating that by the end of April, the Chum will have grown enough (approximately 1 gram in size) to be released into the French Creek. The Chum will then proceed directly out to the ocean.

The Coho fry will have their adipose fin clipped to identify them as hatchery reared fish sometime in June prior to their release. If you are available to help with the fin clip or would like to drop by and see what the process entails or take part in the fry transport to various locations up French Creek please call or send an e-mail to Don at It is an interesting experience with a wide assortment of jobs and a devoted and fun group of volunteers. Coffee, donuts and lunch are provided.

Pete Redford (volunteer boss man) 250-752-6388 

Don Jordan  250-586-0761