Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association

Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association

Conservation1 Club member and past president Len Fong presenting a cheque for $1000.00 to Tim Clermont, the Wetlands manager for the Nature Trust of British Columbia. This PQFG donation will be used to help pay down the Nature Trust debt related to the purchase of the block 602 land.

Greater Georgia Basin Steelhead Recovery Plan

The Steelhead recovery plan was initiated in 2001 by the MWLAP together with the BC Conservation Foundation and funded by the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. One objective is to increase nutrient levels in streams and rivers where logging, clearing of vegetation and absence of wildlife have reduced the runoff of nutrients into the water to almost zero. These nutrients are the food for the survival of the whole ecosystem in the stream, from algae to insects to fish.

Club member volunteers take Chum salmon which have died naturally after spawning in the Big and Little Qualicum Rivers and deliver them to the riparian areas of less viable parts of local streams. As these fish decay, they release valuable nutrients into the water in the most natural way possible, thus helping these partially dead areas come back to life.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

The bridge above was built with major contributions from B.C.Hydro, The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund and The Nature Trust, plus support from local businesses. Club member volunteers supplied the labour to put it all together. It crosses Craig Creek and makes the Peace Abide nature trust wheelchair accessible. This is an 8-acre natural park full of wildlife and 100-year-old trees, with Craig Creek running through it. The club has been custodian of the park for over 20 years.

Salmon Hatchery on French Creek.

Salmon Fry feeding programs on French Creek, Morningstar Creek and ponds.

The club participates in the National Pitch-in Program. This is the largest conservation program in Canada in which more than 1.5 million Canadians unite annually to clean up recreation areas in their local neighbourhoods.

Two local students receive bursaries to help further their education in studies related to the environment.

The club is now proposing to the authorities, a major recovery project for the Dudley Marsh, an extensive local wetland, which is a rearing area for Coho fry and a holding area for French Creek water.

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