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Election Information

Election Information

Nominations and Election Policy

The Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Association is a not for profit society governed by the Societies Act of British Columbia.

Purpose – The reason a Nominations and Election Policy, hereinafter referred to as “the Policy” has been developed is to provide a consistent, fair and accessible process for the nominations and election of Directors and Officers at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Committee chair – The Nominations and Committee chair will be the immediate Past President of the Association.

Members – The Hatchery Committee, Archery Committee, Dorman Rd Range Committee and Henry Range Committee shall each designate a representative to sit as members on the Nominations and Election Committee.


  1. Nominations will be made through any member of the Nominations and Election Committee.
  2. Nominations must be made using the PQF&G Assn Director Nominations Form.
  3. Nominations Forms are to be completed, reviewed and signed off by a Committee member.
  4. All nominees will complete the Interests, Skills & Experience Form to be submitted along with their Nomination Form.
  5. Completed Nomination Forms and Interests, Skills & Experience Forms will be submitted to the Committee chair.
  6. All Nominations Form contact information will be kept in confidence by the Committee.
  7. Only the information contained in the Interests, Skills, & Experience form will be distributed to the membership on the club website and newsletter.
  8. All nominations received by the deadline will be brought to the AGM for election.
  9. Nominations for elections will open Dec 1 of each year and the deadline for nominations shall be 21 days prior to the AGM after which no further nominations will be accepted.
  10. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor.
  11. If less than the number of Directors allowed under the Associations Bylaws are elected the Board may appoint further Directors for the upcoming year.
  12. If an Officer position remains unelected the Board may appoint the officer.
  13. The term for appointed Directors or Officers shall expire the day of the next AGM.


The election of Directors and Officers at the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be facilitated by the Nominations and Election Committee chair, or his alternate, who will act as the Elections Chairperson.

  1. The Nominations and Elections Committee chair will ensure all preparations are ready for the AGM in December.
    1. Prepare all ballots for the positions up for election, a ballot box, counting sheets, flip chart and other materials necessary and
    2. Ensure Nominations Forms have all been properly filled out and signed by all candidates.
  2. The Membership Chairperson will have available a current list of members in good standing.
  3. Members must register before the start of the AGM to receive their ballots.
  4. An accurate count of members registering will be kept to ensure that the number of ballots can be compared to the vote count.
  5. The President, after confirming there is a quorum present, will call the AGM to order and, as set out in the AGM Agenda, call the chair of the Nominations Committee, or his alternate, to act as the Elections Chairperson to proceed with the elections.
  6. The Elections Chairperson will present the names of all nominated candidates for the position under discussion for all members to see.
  7. Each candidate(s) will be provided three minutes to speak to the members. After the candidates have spoken the Election Chairperson will call the election.
  8. A candidate that is not elected to a position may be nominated for a lesser position.
  9. The order of voting will be:
    1. President
    2. Vice-President(s)
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Director(s).
  10. A nominee for President must have completed a minimum of two years of service on the Board of Directors of the Association.
  11. Ballots must be placed in the ballot box by the individual casting the vote.
  12. If a member leaves the Hall before all the elections are concluded, they must turn in all their remaining ballots to the Chairperson or the person assigned to the door.
  13. If the vote count is higher than the ballots issued, there will be a new vote.
  14. After every member has voted the ballot box will be taken into a separate room for counting.
    1. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall act as or appoint scrutineers for the counting of ballots.
    2. One person will be designated by the Committee Chairperson to count the ballots.
    3. No other person may touch the ballots.
    4. The designated counter shall empty the ballots onto a table and show the ballot box to the scrutineers to confirm that it is empty.
    5. The scrutineers will have a counting sheet to record the count as the designated counter calls out the name of the candidate on the ballet and shows the ballot to the scrutineers.
    6. The scrutineers will confirm that the count is correct.
  15. If all don’t agree, that candidate’s votes will be re-counted.
  16. The candidate(s) with the highest vote count will be declared elected.
  17. At the end of the count the designated counter will pass the results to the Elections Chairperson for announcement to the AGM.
  18. The candidate(s) with the higher vote count will fill each Director position until all positions are filled.
  19. After all positions are filled the Election Chairperson will list the names of all elected Candidates on a board for all members to see.
  20. The Elections Chairperson will ask the members for a motion to destroy the ballots.
  21. The Elections Chairperson will ensure that all elected members have read and signed the Consent to Serve Form.
  22. During the elections the Elections Chairperson’s decisions on all related matters are final.
  23. The Elections Chairperson will turn the meeting back to the President.
  24. At the conclusion of the AGM there will be a swearing in ceremony where all the incumbent and newly elected Directors will warrant and pledge to uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.


“Officers” are the President, Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Association, and
“Directors” are the remaining eight members of the Board.
“Qualifications” include those listed in the BC Societies Act, and any others deemed necessary to fill specific roles such as Treasurer. Potential candidates may not be qualified unless they have been members in the Association for the prior year and understand and are committed to its Constitutional Purposes and Bylaws.
If any part of this document conflicts with the Societies Act of BC or the regulations under the Act, the Act or regulations prevail.

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