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Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association

Henry Ranges

Henry Rifle Range

50 Yard Multi Purpose Range

The initial planning and construction details were initiated by Henry Range Committee Chairman John Wilson. The construction of the project was carried out and completed by Henry Range volunteer members over a five year period. Special mention goes to club member Kevin Kivela for his contribution of free earth moving equipment time and labour towards this project.

The range is open to the use of handguns, rim fire and centre fire rifles up to but not including 50 caliber, black powder rifles and pistols and shotguns (Bird Shot Only). No clay target shooting allowed

Range Access

  • Rifle range access is acquired by the purchasing of a membership. After that is obtained, you must purchase a key for $35 for the calendar year (Jan 1st-Dec 31st) that will give you access to all ranges.
  • New PQFG members requesting a key for the Henry Range gate access need to be sponsored by a Henry Range key holder or the Care Taker and produce a valid PAL.
  • New range users must receive a range orientation from the the Care Taker.
  • For those members that purchase a key, non-member guests may accompany them and are required to purchase a day range pass for $20.
  • A day range pass for members without the range access key is $10.00. Members can gain access to the range by seeing the caretaker or by a member on site allowing access. A member must have a membership card to produce.
  • Range passes with instructions should be on the range, if none are present, please attend the residence (mobile home) on site to purchase them.

Range schedule

Winter Hours

September 14 to March 31
9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Summer Hours

April 1st to September 15
9:00 am to 8:00 pm.


  • Easter Sunday
  • Remembrance Day November 11
  • Christmas Day
  • 1st Thursday of month from 9 am to noon the rifle range is closed for work parties and regular maintenance.
Always check the calendar for sudden and unplanned closures before setting out. We aim to get this information posted as soon as possible.

Rifle range rules and etiquette - Revised 2017

  • All shooters must sign in the log book.
  • No alcohol or drugs.
  • Obey range officer. The first person on the range shall be the range officer. When they depart a new person shall be delegated.
  • Eye & Ear protection is mandatory.
  • No handguns.
  • All firearms behind firing line to be cased or unloaded with actions open.
  • During a cease-fire, all shooters must stay behind the YELLOW line, except for setting up or checking targets
  • No handling any firearm when anyone is forward of the firing line.
  • All firearms on firing line will have actions open and be made safe when anyone is ahead of the firing line.
  • No firearms ahead of the firing line.
  • Use proper targets - no glass, garbage, cans, plastic, shotshells, and rocks.
  • Steel targets must stay inside steel pit.
  • Do not affix targets to the ground baffles or directly onto structural components of our target frames.
  • Staple targets onto cardboard, then affix the cardboard between target frame uprights.
  • No exploding targets (Tannerite, etc.)
  • No steel-core ammunition (Typically found in military surplus ammunition)
  • Respect the range property and clean up after yourself.
  • All firearms on firing line must be pointed down range.
  • Shot Guns - slug only.
  • No sustained rapid fire.
  • Guests must sign the log book with their day pass number.
  • No .50 cal centre fire.
  • Any unsafe acts or violations of posted range rules and etiquette will result in a loss of range privileges for a period of time.


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