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Newsletter to PQFG Volunteers - Henry Ranges
Posted: May 20, 2021

Newsletter to PQFG Volunteers - Henry Ranges - May 2021

Greetings volunteers and LISTEN UP, I need a bit of your time here!

Gun Show, Sunday 30 May

We need lots of bodies all day to help with parking, ticket booth, getting contact information for tracing, assist (remind) customers of Covid requirements, answer questions...

Please come to the meeting on Saturday, May 29, 1 pm, at the Pistol Range parking lot. This is where we will sort out the 'big picture' and try to get the volunteers the jobs that they feel the most comfortable with. My wife has already stuck her hand up as the washroom sanitizing queen.

In preparation for the gun show the 100-yard Range will be closed Monday, May 24th for 'cleaning'. Bodies are needed to beat back the blackberries and broom, remove old wood from vendor areas, and give the place a good raking. Please bring along the necessary guerrilla gardening tools, including cordless weed eaters, gloves, hearing protection...

Projects: Noise Abatement (100-yd range) & Increased Mobility Access (all ranges)

We have started picking away at the two big projects with tiny crews for now but will be putting out the call for more help as soon as the health guidelines relax.

Other Jobs

There are a variety of other jobs that can be done safely and within the current guidelines, take your pick from the list below.
  • Blackberries and broom are threatening to take over all ranges, some worse than others. Please work around members who are shooting or arrange for Rick to schedule a shutdown.
25-yard Range - Clubhouse fixup including:
  • Removal of remaining insulation and nails in the damaged ceiling
  • Proper wiring of lights
  • Wash and paint all inside walls (we have the paint)
  • Metal roof has issues - need someone with expertise to assess and come up with a plan.
100-yd Range
  • Hope to have most of the clean-up done this Monday
  • Reroof the target shed (we have the shingles)
  • Outstanding issue: clubhouse floor needs a paint job someday soon
Other Projects
  • Property fence line repairs: a few new fence posts, brush cutting & deadfall removal
  • Reroof and repairs to a couple of buildings in the caretaker area (we have the shingles)
  • Building a target shed at the 50-yard range (Len Fong has a plan). Materials have not been budgeted so some major scrounging will be needed
OR, if cutting, painting, roofing, or cleaning are not your thing, how about developing ideas that would be aimed at folks who might be 'gun curious'? We could use leaders who would be willing to develop and deliver things like "Introduction to Shooting", or "Have you ever wanted to Try Shooting?"

Does anyone want to take the lead on any of these projects? Please?

Questions? Suggestions? Contact me!

Colin Gillis

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