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March 2020
Posted: Feb 8, 2021

Henry Ranges Access Policy

  • Henry Range

    Henry Range
Henry Range Gate Access Control Policy

At the request of the Henry Ranges Committee, the executive of Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association have implemented an updated access control policy for those ranges.

Membership in the PQFG is a privilege and the safety and security of the Henry Range users is obviously a top priority to us and should be for all members of the club. The Henry Ranges Committee has determined that we must be proactive in all aspects of safety and the first step is to screen potential range users.

To facilitate this, the control and issuance of a key is the only effective method and this policy has been in effect for some years. The updates to the policy are focused on additional steps in obtaining a key.

Going forward the procedure would be:

If you were not a member last year and wish to have access to the Henry Range for the use of firearms and obtain a key, you are required to abide by the following procedures:

1. New PQFG members requesting a key for the Henry Range gate access need to be sponsored by a Henry Range key holder or the Care Taker and produce a valid PAL.

2. New range users must receive a range orientation from the Care Taker.

3. Any unsafe acts or violations of posted range rules and etiquette will result in a loss of range privileges for a period of time.

Please direct any questions to Randy Monkman - Chair, Henry Ranges Committee.

2020 Annual General Meeting List of Directors and Officers

The Association held its 2020 Annual General Meeting on the 26th February 2020 where the below members were appointed to the board:

PRESIDENT: Richard Thompson

VICE PRES: Doug McMillan

TREASURER: Lynne Bonnell

SECRETARY: Rion Porteous

Graham Alexander

Bill Bell

Dan Hildebrant

Brian Lea

Bob Patterson

Peter Ronning

Rodney Wiebe

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